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 I hesitate to answer since it is off topic, but since you quoted me... Because "poor people" (your words) can not afford a headphone setup that would take more than 1,000 hours of labor at the federal minimum wage. However, I did not make a judgement about if the OP can afford the BHSE. I only said that I would not go into debt for it. I think that is reasonable advice. Having been a broke audiophile when I was in my 20s (now almost 50), I spoke from personal experience....
Got my invoice today. Ordered July 2015.
 Short answer: I wouldn't. The difference between the BHSE and other much less expensive energizers is much smaller than depicted on this forum, though real and meaningful. Get something within your budget and start saving.Philosophical answer: Don't fall into the trap of trying to keep up with people who have more money than you. You will always be unhappy. Find a way to be satisfied with what you have and get joy from it. It is how almost all of us start in this hobby...
I'll be there. Very happy this event is returning to a location accessible by public transit from NYC.
Even without virtualization, I'd pay $1500 for the ability to measure my headphones, edit EQ curves with the web interface, and have them applied by the box for all my different sources. Virtualization will be the icing on the cake for me. (I know there are less expensive ways to do two channel EQ, but I like to keep things simple because I spend my work life with computers all day.)
I have been wanting an A8 for several years, but the complexity of integrating it into my two channel TV setup kept me away. I don't have a pre-pro and various HDMI switches I've tried always have issues. I'm very excited for the A16! However, I do have some concerns:   - A wired remote and a web interface are mentioned, but nothing about a wireless remote or IR codes for programming a universal remote. (Edit: Found a reference to a IR remote.)   - The form factor is...
 Kingsound, Hifiman, and Mr. Speaker all are using STAX bias and connectors. Others might not.
 I have the King Sound. It is good and gives a nice taste of the electrostatic-type sound. However, it is not in the same league as the 007. Probably the STAX L700 is better (and maybe even the L500), but i have not heard it yet. I don't use my King Sound much anymore and would be happy to sell it, if anyone wants to try it out. It has a smooth tube-amp-like sound. Lacking at the extremes, but makes up for it with a transparent mid-range and fat bass (which does not go...
 It is not release yet. 10K is the "special" introductory price.  Without the amp. Makes the 009 a great value; especially since the 009 bests it in build quality (by ALL accounts) and has equal or better sound quality (by most accounts). I've seen a few reports that say the Hifiman is better than the 009, but most say it is not as good or just different. I'd still like to hear for myself.
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