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Road by Nick Drake.
I personally love my record player. My setup is a Music Hall mmf 5.1 into a Audio Technica PEQ3 Phono Preamp, into a Little Dot MK IV SE into Beyerdynamic 880 (600 ohm).  To my mind they sound much better than their digital counterparts if you put in the effort.  The number one thing that you can do is invest in a good cleaning system.  I usually do a two step process which gets them pretty clean.  Vacuum cleaners are pretty awesome but they do cost a lot.  My records...
It is a song about the serious life choices adolescents must make when deciding where to sit in a car.
Perhaps we do it because it is cathartic.  We are blasted by music everywhere we go and much of it may not be that good but because we live in a politically correct world, we are not allowed to voice our disgust.  We are only allowed to do so in certain settings and with certain people, otherwise we are labeled as uncouth or maybe even pretentious.  Here is such a setting were people can talk about their dislikes without such fears. By talking about it, we can expel the...
That sounds like fun.  Let us know how it sounds. 
Yeah that would be pretty loud. Those things are pretty big. You always worry about that you will drop it.
I know that a lot of people really like him, but I really don't like Jack Johnson.  I always felt that all of his songs sound exactly the same and I always get really irked anytime I hear somebody say that he is really good.
I think that Jerry Garcia get the creativity prize.
My preferred spot would be the balcony for pretty much the same reasons scompton.  You can see everything much better and the music generally has a better blend to it than sitting directly front and center.  I play in a community band and typically if the conductor wishes to get a better idea of the sound he will have us start playing and then he will go sit directly in the middle of the rehearsal hall so that he can get a better idea of the balance of the band.  I...
Hi guys, I am pretty excited since I just got my mash tun finished today.  That means that it is time to make the transition from extract brewing to all grain brewing.  I am probably going to start with a nut brown ale.  Then I think I am going to go with a New Glarus Spotted cow clone.  I already have way too much beer bottled to drink.
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