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Thanks for the confirmation. Considering this for casual use with a mobile & a MacBook Air for listening to podcasts and watching movies. 
I have gone for a pair of RE00. I am assuming there will be less amount of hiss when using devices with higher OI looking at the numbers 64 ohms @100db (@ 1mW) 
Absolutely wonderful. It is indeed a luxury product. :.-)
For me the wheel became a lot smoother with the 1.05 update, but on the UI functionality part of the wheel, I had given some suggestions in the past which have not been implemented yet. E.G Alphabet Scrolling in segments like Artist, Albums, Songs for quicker navigation. 
That's great, but I'll wait and see what happens with the QP1R FW for now, they should concentrate on that first. After first announcement (CES 2015 Jan) I remember it took about 9 months and several shows before they could deliver the QP1/1R in the hands of consumers like me who were the first batch pre-ordering in May 2015.  I hope they reach a bigger crowd with the QP2, but they should also think about updating and therefore mitigating the existing bugs as well. My...
That's great. How's Spotify going? 
Hey, how are you? Its great if you post a review here and at YouTube. I know I can expect objectivity and criticism in your review. Will you be adding it to the QP1R headphone/IEM pairing thread to?
 Check it out. 
All audiophile cliches were referenced in the video. This type of review/product announcement videos doesn't make anything clear. Definitely someone like currawong should review this kind of gear as he has both the experience and a good YouTube channel.   
Frankly I don't like the idea of a balanced headphone out in DAPs, its not practical to me as IEMs are pretty efficient any way and balanced does not necessarily mean better although a lot of people think that and they should be subjected to blind testing before reaching such conclusions. And about the "QP2" rumour source, name your reference. 
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