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A lot of people are waiting like you. I have preordered on the 2nd Week of May. Let's wait for the CANJAM London to get over. Gary told me in mid-July that it will arrive in the US by 2nd Week of Aug, and additional delay might be there depending upon customs.  Please don't compare it with LH Labs, those guys don't even have the OS ready let alone the prototype. Questyle have been going to every audio show from the beginning of 2015 with the QP1 line. Since the reviews and...
Very detailed review indeed. Really appreciate the mention of Pandora Hope 6, as we had an earlier discussion about its SQ and you said you'll try to hear one.  Just wanted to know whether you tried FLAC, DSD and Vinyl Rip of same songs to judge distinguishing characteristics for better or worse?    Thanks 
Very Nice and detailed review indeed. Can't wait to get my hands on this. Hope it clears from Customs soon. 
Will be using the Pandora Hope 6, Aedle VK1 & Ocharaku Nami , Dunu DN.2000 with the QP1R for my review.
I once thought of getting the HE1000. But when the price was announced I backed off as it was over my budget. Taket H2+ is the best headphone I've heard till date and it would be interesting how it pairs up with the QP1R. 
Good Stuff. Hope one day the price falls and they become affordable for the masses. Getting back to the Hope 6, its been a few days and with just a phone am able to get performance as good as a desktop setup (EF6, Dr Dx 2 Dac & Amarra Symphony) of Sony CD 3000. The details conveyed by that headphone without any DAC or amp is simply unbelievable till one hears it. It is as good as HD800 in terms of detail reproduction, which is just insane, but somehow Final pulled it off....
Will be waiting for your impressions. Can't wait to pair the QP1R's with the Pandora Hope 6, as they sound marvellous even from an android device. 
People ordering to Questyle directly are getting a sweet deal in terms of fast shipping time. Hope guys like me who gave pre orders approximately 3 months back get it by the end of the 2nd week of August. 
Thanks a lot for the quick reply. 
@AxelCloris Had a few questions.    1. How is it handling DSD files, in terms of processing time and quick navigation to different points of time in a song ?     2. Is it able to play anything over DSD 128?    3. Is it capable of playing both sony DSD and philips DSDIFF files?    4. Is editing of tags possible in this player for all formats?    5. Does it support m3u, XSPF?    6. How can someone update the player?    7. Is copying files from one card to another or...
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