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I'm going to give you an old school suggestion from 7 years back. Go with the Superlux HD 668B or even THE HD 681.Both sound very similar with the 668B being a tad bit better. Efficiency wise both are easy to drive and are loud from portable mobile devicrs but they benefit from amplification too.
I expect the RE00s to arrive by the next week, considering they got shipped a couple of days back. During the drop I had considered this as a casual use IEM for portable use, but after getting the Surround Co Donguri Shizuku, things have become rather interesting.   I will be doing critical A-B listening of both the RE 00 and the Co- Donguri Shizuku as both are Sub $50 IEMs which have a high performance to low price ratio. the CDS are very hard to beat, I hope the RE00...
Co Donguri's  are pretty small actually, the housing for the regular Donguri's e.g. Syou & Raku are quite big. Co donguri should easily fit small ears. They are available at CD Japan & E Earphone. 
Got these in today. After hour or so of listening, I can say with confidence that they sound like a pair of detailed reference headphones. Yes headphones, the sound stage is that big!!!!                
Thanks for the detailed first impressions post. I myself want to audition it before even trying to consider it for purchase, as I will be comparing it with the MDR CD 3000s, as compared to the HD 800, I give the CD3Ks a little bit of an edge. But certainly your thoughts about the bass and highs is making it an interesting proposition. Utopia is not even on the table, especially considering the premium price is based out of market forces, which are aiming at individuals who...
Where does it stand in comparison to the Final Hope VI, SQ and overall presentation wise? 
If anyone has a spare 2 Pin IEM replacement cable for sale in India, do let me know. Thanks. 
So after using FW 1.07 for a few days, I have again gone back to FW 1.02. FW1.07 is the most feature packed FW in the 5 updates done so far, but sonically FW1.02 is still my favourite. This is kind of a personal opinion but FW 1.02 sounds a tad bit better compared to the FW 1.07, but the DAC functionality is pretty awesome for folks who don't have portable DAC to use with laptops and phones. 
Okay. But comfort is a factor, which earphones can't win me over. I have several pairs of VE Monk Plus and they are quite good for unplugged music, western classical and big band jazz but that's about it. I listen to so many types of music which I also found them terrible with in terms of pairing. Any way I'm glad that you enjoy ear buds, but they have their fair share of Pros and Cons. 
I don't find Ear Buds comfortable or suitable to my preference for portable use. For home use I prefer full sized headphones of every driver technology possible and the Ocharaku Nami.
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