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This is a niche segment in a niche hobby, so it will take time, but we already have the biggest common denominator so, there always is a chance for a new market to develop. 
Anytime Sir. 
Yeah, I'm yet to try one Final IEM. And yes, those triple flanges are really uncomfortable after a while, but then again they do the trick. But in terms of isolation, you will also agree that CIEM's are always better. 
535's Westone W3' (At the time), generally BA based IEM's have good to great isolation. But I'm yet to hear one UIEM, which totally isolates the listener from the outside environment. The only good universal example I can think of is the Etymotic ER4S with triple flange tips, followed by the Aursonics Rockets may be. 
Yes, but Bose still make good ANC headphones. The SQ is not the best in the class agreed, but the ANC application is really good. I always wanted complete isolation in flights, but also not at the cost of mundane SQ, so I got these. The whole delivery mechanism of this type of product is the key though as there are no barriers between you and the sound. 
Thanks. As I time has gone by isolation became an issue for portable use, so I got these. They are better than the ANC Bose models in a flight too.  
Yeah, that's why I said there was a clue in a photo. Yeah, they are the Heir Audio 8 driver variant, right? 
No, it's the CA Harmony 8.2, 4 way crossover. Wanted the silicon variant but my Concea was too small so Piotr recommended acrylic. The insides are suspended with silicone though. It has certain advantages over full hollow acrylic, in terms of sound delivery as per Piotr. 
Okay. Not a problem. These are made by Custom Art, a Polish custom IEM manufacturer. This is the Harmony 8.2. UE was one of the first companies to start this CIEM business, but today there are companies in the 100's who make these things. Pity no one makes them here.  
Do you recognize, which are these? Telling the variant will be difficult though as I told the manufacturer to not include the company logo, but can you name the company, as the clue lies in one of the photo's. 
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