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Great review as always, have bought a couple of IEMs myself based on your reviews e.g Monoprice 8320 and Rockitsound R50. But I was wondering when are you going to add the Ocharaku line up to your list of reviews, you should at least do the Kaede and Kuro.    Thanks 
Bump.  Sent you a PM. 
Just a personal question David. What is your favorite closed circumaural Sennheiser headphone?  I personally like the HD250 Linear II . Have you heard them at all?
Currently possessing   AKG K141 (600ohms) ( Mid Range Prone, Clean and Transparent Sound) AKG K301 (100ohms) ( Overall Neutral Sound, Excellent Mids when properly amped, Non harsh Highs) AKG K340 ( Bass shy, Cleanest sound among all AKGs I have, Flat Mid Range, Sparkly Highs)  AKG K501 ( Neutral king, Massive Sound stage, Clean Sound with Nice Tonality and Timbre, preferable for Classical and acoustic Jazz )
Good review. Hoping 1plus2 will also be added in the multi IEM review thread.
 Another app needs to be mentioned, Jet Audio. It has a very easy to use UI with multiple enhancment options similar to the Neutron Player but overall limited number of tweaks. Although compared to Power Amp , Jet Audio has more options in case of sound manipulation. Only one issue with the Jet Audio UI is the manual adjustment accuracy of EQ, which is not a problem with Power Amp.    In overall UI design these are my favorite apps in descending order.    1. Jet...
Enjoyed the combined reviews and the comparison. Portable amping is not always possible in the busy 21st century society so it is quite practical that you have not included amps for portable use. Were you using lossless files in the iPhone, and if yes were you using the App store FLAC player?
Album- Harrison Concerto in Slendro -Concerto for Violin and Percussion- Labyrinth No.3  Headphones- AKG K340, HIFIMAN HE5 AMP- HIFIMAN EF6 DAC- Dr DAC Dx 2 Taket BPP
Great read. Your article really points out every little detail about the subtle and vast differences in many top of the line headphones. I was wondering if you could do a comparison study in terms of where the AKG K340 ( which ever version) stands in comparison to the top 57 according to your preferences.    Thanks
Seems like the MDR 7506/ V6 pads might also work. 
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