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I'm in a market for new receiver and speakers that I intend to build around a new Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX820. My budget is probably around 2-3k total. I also intend to hook up a Wii, PS3, Sony XA-777ES, and ~2002 Headroom Max Senn HD600/Ety-ER4S. I intend to use it probably 50/50 music/HT. Any recommendations? Which sites are good for me to begin my research?
Ah, that explains it! I'm missing the pole. No wonder I couldn't figure out how to get it to work.
I've got a really lame question. My center currently sits on top of a 21" CRT, so it's like a foot above my head. How do you use the adjust thing in the back so that the center would point down?
I've read as many reviews on the A4 as I could. From what I can gather, the A2 was significantly better than the A1 in terms of sound quality. Given that many reviews say that A4 is better than A2 and nearly EMU in quality, I'm thus leaning more towards A4. The reviews also throw in the caveat that you've gotta have good stuff down the chain to hear the difference and I certainly do. I'd go with other cards for music listening but I already have a nice CD deck. I'm...
Hi, I'm definitely interested. Where in the Bay Area are you? How much are you asking for the Klipsch? Please PM me!
From my research, it seems that A4 is pretty good in terms of music playback. 3DSS concluded that it beat Revo 7.1 (A4>Revo 7.1>A2ZS). But then again, I use my XA-777ES for serious music listening . I guess I have this problem of getting the "near best" stuff as you can see from my gear. At the same time, I'm also quite the mizer.
EAX standars is not really relevant since Creative released EAX4 support drivers for all the Audigy family of cards. I'm really just looking at sound quality. The breakout box is nice, but not an absolute necessity. My other options are 1) do nothing 2) Audigy 2 ZS Gamers for $80 after rebate.
Hi all, I currently have an Athlon XP 1700+, 512MB PC2100 RAM, SB Audigy Platinum setup. I'm thinking about upgrading to the SB Audigy 4 since I can get it for $210 with rebates. I mainly use the PC for games (very little FPS, typically older EAX titles), DVDs, and occassional MP3s. I have my dedicated Sony XA-777ES for Redbook CDs. I use my HR Max+Cardas+HD600 with my PC and XA-777ES, with the dual input. Is it worth going from Audigy 1 Platnium to...
Thanks for all your suggestions. I did get her some cheapie speakers last year but they were unpowered and alas you can't hear anything out of them. I wasn't so much thinking so much about myself but it sure is true that speakers aren't exactly romantic. I guess I'll go with the cheapie speakers+others route. It's just that I hate to get low quality stuff !
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