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Upgraded to Lollipop, flashed Hellscore kernel from Play Store, as well as the kernel manager. Did this mostly for the sound control. Turned Gain down to around -10, maxed the PowerAmp. Noise is barely noticeable, which is very nice. I am sure I could get better results from bottoming out the gain and using an external amp. In any case, for the phone itself, this is great.
Has Inearz historically offered any Black Friday deals?
Better than Beats~
Yeah, I just read their FAQ... does not look promising.
What is the difference between digital and analogue gain? Is the digital gain like the regular volume rockers on the side of the phone? And you want to lower the analogue gain correct to reduce the noise from the junky internal amp?   Also, has anyone tried to get some of the kernel sound controls working with Lollipop?
Just hold on to the Golds... you may as well have them fixed in a year and sell them 'like-new' at that time. And who knows, maybe the new versions will be better.
Are Turbine Pros still OOS? When I go to the Monster website, I can add them to my cart. The Miles Davis Tributes are there too.
The signal would still be going through the amp though right? Thus affecting the sound (however so slightly). This would be akin to maxing out the volume of an iPod and saying that that is a proper line-out from its DAC. I would like the option to have a straight DAC that feeds the signal to a dedicated external amp for further processing.  The Microstreamer seems to do that by having completely separate paths: a DAC only path (to be used with an external amp), and a DAC +...
Both the Dragonfly and Microstreamer have integrated amps that cannot be bypassed I believe, so it would be impossible to do a pure DAC to DAC comparison. Edit: The MS actually has a separate DAC only path, so a comparison could be made between those two.
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