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They're testing a prototype at the moment. Not sure of any ETA.
Lots of people are liking Crack with their HD650s, but what DACs are ya'll using? Anyone waiting for the Bottlehead DAC?
Are there any more group buys these days?
Isn't this price drop quite ridiculous? I mean, people were talking about how $250 was a bit overpriced for what it did, but they were comparing it to the likes of the Schiit Stack/O2+ODAC combo. At $99, this should be the new King of budget builds.
I've heard mixed things about the DragonFly driving the HD650. Have you tried using the DF as a DAC only with a separate amp?
What is the sound quality of this mod in a 4th gen click wheel (just use some Elna caps for example) compared to some desktop DACs like the ODAC or Modi? Does anyone prefer their diyMod compared to a dedicated desktop DAC, or is this trying to get the best portable setup possible?
Really on the fence between the O2 + ODAC combo and the Audinst MX2, specifically for my HD650s. Anyone have any recommendations on this pair up?
Any more reviews of this unit? It's been a couple months so I'm assuming the units are well broken in?
Where is everyone getting their caps? I know that you should get different ones based on what sound signature you want, but is there a trustworthy website to get them from? All I can find are ones from China w/ shady websites.
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