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I guess it is out of the norm, but just want to do some research if I go down the capless mod path.
How can you tell if an amp can handle a 2v DC offset? What should I look for in the spec sheet?
Since you just got it, assume you got the bigger chassis with the vent holes? How warm would you say it gets? Curious because other people on the forum mentioned that the vents really resolved any heating issue.
That pretty much seals the deal. I think I am sending an email to them to pull the trigger. Thanks for the responses.
Naw, just put a small computer fan on top of the vent hole to exhaust some heat.
Reading through this thread, it looks like the newer version comes in a bigger chassis with vent holes, both which will help with the heat issue. I will consider adding a fan now that there are vents in the case.
I really wanted to get the NFB-15,but reviews like this really make me hesitant. Had anyone tried putting some great sinks on the unit? Do all the units run hot?
Upgraded to Lollipop, flashed Hellscore kernel from Play Store, as well as the kernel manager. Did this mostly for the sound control. Turned Gain down to around -10, maxed the PowerAmp. Noise is barely noticeable, which is very nice. I am sure I could get better results from bottoming out the gain and using an external amp. In any case, for the phone itself, this is great.
Has Inearz historically offered any Black Friday deals?
Better than Beats~
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