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dude...hit up Brian over at Razor Dog Deals, Tell him Craig sent ya. 
    If you want shoot me a PM and I can let you guys know of a trusted authorized dealer here in the states that has these.   
I don't know man...$800 is just what I heard so far...could be less. The pricing I'm still not 100% sure on; I didn't really ask nor did I care to. But the IE10's are coming. That's a fact. Should be this January. 
Put it this way...I'm the OP of this thread and nobody believed me that there was going to be an IE80...and as things turned out there was. I'm a "new" member, don't get on here a whole bunch, and have almost no posts - but believe you me...there is an IE10 coming this January and it's going to be beastly; which it better be for a msrp of around $800. I have a good friend who happens to be in the business, specializing in Sennheiser and am somewhat privy to some inside...
Dang guys...you don't mess around over here at Head Fi! 34 pages of posts since I last checked this thread, wow. Just decided I'm going with the IE10's that come out in Jan. not the IE80's. Stoked to say the least! 
Thank you Sir!
  It's all good I totally understand. Was kind of kidding anyways...     I don't know but either way it doesn't matter because it's not like I'm giving their name out...  
See, and you guys didn't believe me!    I'm going to be getting a pair of these when they come out in a month or so and haven't put the time reading through the million or so posts in the IE8 appreciation thread but wondered since you guys have infinite amounts of knowledge and experience with these things...   How do they sound unamped...running off of just an iPod?      
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