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I'd definitely be the wrong guy to ask but I remember one of the FIIO Reps named James talking about it in another thread around here somewhere. 
Hit the translate button if using a browser that supports that...   http://www.hifi-passion.de/FiiO/FiiO-E18.html
Noted. Thanks...I like your attitude. 
When you're out and about what are you using as your source? The reason I ask is cause I'm using my either my iPhone or iPod and neither feel like they do these IEM's justice. 
So stoked! Just got my free pair of IE80's in the mail yesterday that I won from Razordogs giveaway. If you haven't checked that out yet I highly recommend . So, fist impressions are very, very good...especially hooked up to my Auzentech HTHD X-Fi Soundcard on my PC. I've never had any high(er) end IEM's like this before so I don't really have anything to base it off of but the clarity of these are just amazing. I also couldn't get a good seal with any of the stock tips...
  Yeah I was looking at that cable from Zeroshoe as well, it looks like a nice cable. The Toxic Cable is over double the price although I doubt it'd really matter much considering I'm using an iPhone most of the time as my source a anyways (I spend a lot of time in the gym). This is kind of a dumb question...but I've noticed that for some reason, and maybe it's just me...but does music found better from an iPod than an iPhone? I just ordered an E11 so hopefully that'll...
Hey guys...I'm super pumped !!! I just found out that I was the winner for Razordogs headphone giveaway for this last month, for the IE 80's. I've been using some Klipsch S4's for the past year and am really excited to get into some quality IEM's.   I have a couple questions...for those of you who upgraded your cable...do you feel it was worth it? I was browsing the forums and the Toxic Cable definitely peeked my interest.    Also, what source are most of you...
  How do I go about buying one? 
Frank...   What lengths do these come in? Also, are the clear overmolds in? 
Hey guys...I know this thread is old as dirt but was wondering if someone could lend a quick hand in helping me determine what cutoff frequency I should be using in my Creative Software for my Auzentech HT HD Soundcard. I play music in Entertainment Mode & game in Game Mode - they do sound a little different. I have the bass set to 3.0dB on both settings and am not sure what the cutoff frequency should be? I looked online and found some very technical/confusing...
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