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 So...is the E18 out?
Hey have any of you guys heard anything on the Nexus 5 and if it'll have a built in DAC like the G2, also made by LG?
Yeah I hate it...   What's worse is it's not modular...   But damn they sound good...
Hey guys...   Sennheiser RS 170's up for grabs. The box has been opened but they have never been used. They belong to a buddy of mine who got them thinking he could use them for gaming but he decided to go with a dedicated headset instead. I'm posting this for him  since I have the head-fi account.   $190 shipped anywhere within the lower 48 and Canada.    I'll invoice through Paypal and can get out same day.    Thanks for your interest. 
I'd put money on the fact that that it'll be able to output 24/192 from the 3.5 headphone jack. LG has to think about the average consumer here and how to best market to them. WE may be willing to buy/run an external DAC but the majority of consumers would not.I couldn't be happier with S4. I've been running with Samsung ever since the Epic Touch 4G back in 2009. But this G2 looks interesting.Sent from Beanstown, USA.
That's great news! With only 16GB/32GB of storage I wonder how well the chip in this would handle streaming music from say, Spotify or Google Music? 
So guys... What's the best bet right now for the GS4? Just wait for the E18? Sent from Beanstown, USA.
I just got these in a few days back thanks to a reference made to them in another thread and I am blown away. I was coming from a pair of IE80's that got lifted out of my center console by a valet. I didn't want to come out of pocket for another $400 pair of IEMs at the moment and these have been a perfect replacement pair for my needs.
Wait, what! What are these???   EDIT: http://www.head-fi.org/t/663709/vsonic-vsd1-vsd1s-reviews-impression-thread/645   Just answered my own question...  
James...do you guys have an ETA for this thing to hit the market? 
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