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Im not sure K271s are the answer.  Granted I'm not especially pleased with the durability of the 840s, I still think they would be a better bet than K271s.
they are spectacular... they just dont fit my specific needs.   If I were going to buy open eared, fixed cable earphones... then that would be a different story.  Closed headphone, detachable cable, portable is what I need right now.   Frankly its between   AiAiAi TMAs (need some convincing in their comfort, audio coloring, and portability) ATH M50s (need to be convinced not to care about cord detachability) Shure 840s (need to be convinced that they are...
Just looked them up   ...not to be shallow, but I do plan on wearing them in public, and those are just way to big to walking around with.   EDIT: How comfortable & portable are the AiAiAi TMAs (as compared to say the m50s and Shur 840s)
bump for re-cabling question...   (also really starting to warm up to the AiAiAis, could someone comment on their experience with their portability as compared to others...)
Suddenly I'm intrigued...  this calls for more research (you know, sometimes I actually wish I didn't care so much)   Any tips on the recable would be valuable.  Im thinking I could wire an 1/8'' female termination, should I be weary of doing this?
If the price drops to or below 200, you'll have a buyer here.
I've been looking more into the Ultrasone line... any help in narrowing them down?  580 seems to have a lot of hype, any input would be appreciated.
Right now it looks like the benchmark is the shure 840. Exactly why should I get the TMAs or Sennheiser HD 25s over them?
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