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I had the MD Trib's and sold them in 2wks...I still have my standard Turbines though. (standard, not pro) The Turbine is on sale at Monster outlet for $49 for refurbs. Had the VModa Remix, not vibe. Gobs of bass, but artificial the s4's. Bleh.   Turbines are awesome for $49!!
I'd like to hear people's setup right off their heads and on to mine. It'd be interesting to hear what other people consider "good sound". I bet 50% of the population would listen to vandaven's setup and say it's too bass light. The other 50% would listen to mine and say it's bass-saturated. Different strokes for sure. My sound sig is perfect. (for me) It would make some vomit and some wiggle their hips.   This is why this site is nearly worthless for product reivew. I...
I tried Image One's and thought they sounded very fake and muffly. I tried the AKG q460's and loved everything about them except for a marked lack of bass. XB500's sound great on the low end, but mid's and highs sound artificial.   I'm totally in love with AKG k518LE's right now. They have a little less bass than a Monster Turbine. I think the Mid's and High's are well represented. A great all'rounder. I can finally listed to rock, hiphop, dj/club, whatever...w/o...
Yeah, I removed the foam too...moderate improvement over the already good sound.       Clamping force: I agree that initially, they were a bit tight. All I did was bend the metal part out just a tad on both ends where the metal is exposed. Now they're just as comfy as my PortaPro's. 
I purchased these against the recommendations of some of my homies, LOL...I just had to try them. I got the yellow ones from Amazon for $45.   As of late, I've been wanting a decent all-rounder that has a slight lean toward bass. Used to run a Dell Jukebox with Senn EH350's back in the day.   So I tried the MD Trib's and felt them to be too harsh on the top end. PortaPro's are pretty good, but lack some clarity and have a sloppy bottom end. Tried S4's, but...
Got 'em from Amazon.   I really like them so far. I'm getting much closer to what I'm really looking for after sifting through (buying/selling) MD Tribs, PortaPro, XB500, Turbine, q460, and a few others. They remind me of the Quincy Jones q460, but the bass is fuller. Not quite as detailed, but much more useable. For 45 bucks, they really rock! Good portable size, I don't mind wearing them to the store.    
I just got my 518's from UPS tonight. Paid a scant $45 for them! Sound good so far.
My standard Turbines do it. More on the L. than the R. I don't get what the big deal doesn't affect the sound on mine. Definitely make that little clicky / popping noise, but no volume reduction or frequency range issues.
Can you drop the highs with an eq a bit?
Yah man...that's what I've been doing, but it's more of a pain b/c I can search with WMP and sync all at once versus thumbing through every folder I want and dragging/dropping each one.   It definitely's just a pain in the hiney.
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