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After about 4 Month never heard My Alo RS 3 B and My Cypher Labs Class -dB Tonight i have tried This set Up With My JH Roxanne CF Source : iPhone 4 S Dac : Cypher Labs Class - dB Amp : Alo RX 3 B Attenauthor : Wagnus PAD Evoluzione to reduce the hiss from Alo Rx 3 B CIEM : JH Roxanne CF Cable : Moon Audiio USB to mini USB IC Crystal Cable Standard Diamond from Alo Rx 3 B > Wagnus Pad Evoluzione> jh Roxanne CF Cypher Labs Balance Cable RSA to RSA Soumd Qiality : is still...
I am very Happy that you and Zach like Wagnus set UpThats Mean our taste more or less are The same
Very Nice write Up Mike
Yes i Bought Whiplash cable twag twcu v2 for My jh 16 pro old version , No One from FP version can beat bass on My jh 16 pro old / Classic
We have same habbits Dont like to sell our audio gearsMy always complain if you want buy New gears please sell Your old gearsWhat for you keep It ?I keep quiet , Dont say Yes or No hahaha Silent is golden
Very nice ultra portable set upCan you please share The sound character about Wagnus Voskhod IC ?What is the SQ different between stock silver or silver / gold from 1+2 compare to your Wagnus Progress Bootsy cable ?Thank you
To minimalism hahaha
Thank you two of you Nazrin ,How is your new Lab 1 ?
My Sunday morning set up Source : Sony ZX 1 Amp : Duet copper Iem : JH Roxanne in full black Carbon Fiber Cable : Sony lod > Crystal Cable Dream line Music : RACHEL PODGER JS BACH ALBUM Sound quality : like I hear in big concert hall , Bach cello sound so natural , it is excellent SQ IMO
Now many head if friends like Crystal Cable like me hahahaha
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