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HiAs I mentioned before , Hugo DAC is excellent and their amp is very goodI have tested Hugo output :2 mini plug HO and 1 6.3 mm plug HO are excellent because of their excellent DACEvery amps have their sound character / like Rob said coloration from their house sound character .If I add external amp :Source > Hugo > RCA to RCA > Bakoon Amp HDA 5520 >> the result is not coloration , Bakoon HDA 5520 make better improvement in the sound quality from Hugo build I'm ampIf your...
Work of art photography
Very nice CL set up tracyca:beerchug:
Congrats Nazrin for your new AK 240
Congrats Michael
My best transportable set up / battery operated desktop set up : Source : IPad Air Dac : Venture Craft Go Dap DD 1 LE with muse 02 as USB / SPDIF >> coax to Hugo Dac / Amp : Chord Hugo as pure DAC Amp : Bakoon HDA 5520 Sound quality : incredible sound quality IMO
Thank you NazrinI use a lot at home
My two favorite Cypher Labs DAC s for IDevice as pure DAC : Source : iPhone 4 S Dac : CL Class Solo Original mod CL Theorem 720 as DAC Amp : Bakoon HDA 5520 Headphone : Sennheiser HD 800 These two are my favorites DACs from Cypher Labs as pure DAC Until now my CL Class Solo Oroginal already exist since 4 years , exactly born in March 2010 , their sound quality is as first DAC for IDevice simplicity fenomenal. A lot of new DAC for Idevjce are born on the market , but the...
No , it can fit only half , that's works
Please try this Shunyata Anaconda Digital RCAYou will love more your Hugo with RWAK 120 B
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