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Hahaha LOL
Me tooI must waiting totally more than 10 Month , from 1 November 2013 to 12 September 2014I must done 2 TIMES Ear impressionI didn't Know why 2 TIMES Ear impression .
Woow i am sorry to hear Your JH Roxanne caseTotally you can wait maybe longer than Me 10 MonthI SM lucky My JH Roxanne CF fit well to My Ears
So far i Know JH never done reshell or remouldEven from their own brand JH CiEM They never done reshell or remouldYou can do by Unique Melody Your Reshell or remouldIMO
Tonite i have done The comparison between My Two top Tier CIEMs Fit Ear MH. 335 DW Studio Reference Prototype vs JH Roxanne In Black Carbon Fiber Set Up : Source : iPhone 4 S DAC / Amp : Cypher Labs Theorem 720 Amp : Tube amp Fostex HP V1 Cable : IC is Crystal Cable Standard Dismond Moon Audio mini USB to 30 PIN Lod High : Fit Ear MH 335 DW SR : very smooth and natural sounding High With A Lot of presents Jh Roxanne CF : more extended High , it has better clarity , but...
More information about New pre amp and Power amp from Bakoon Japan Bakoon Japan launching Two New Amps : Pre amp :PRE-7610 MK3 ยท Power Amp : SCA-7511 MK3 Please read This Link For more information :
Thank you Nico For Sharing Bakoon New pre amp product
For The Best bass i have tried is Bakoon HDA 5520 and has the biggest Power In portable / transportable ampYou can drive from Low impedance to High impedance / hard to drive headphones like Abyss 1266Note : For iems is Over Power
You are right BI ampingAnother bi amping With Hugo : > Bakoon amp HDA 5520
I like to connect My Wagnus With My Hugo like My set Up belowSource : ibasso Hibino HDP R10Dac / Amp : Chord HugoAmp : Wagnus Epsilon SHeadphone : LCD X and LCD XCCable :Coax : Crystal cable Standard Dismond Hugo > HDP R10RCA to 3,5 mm : Alo audio Hugo > Wagnus Epsilon SIn My opinion thats improve The sound quality from My Hugo amp SectionI have Fuller sound and more analog sound
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