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Lol JeffMaybe micro iDSD
chord HugoDX 90 > coaxisl out > chord HUGO > coaxial in > HO
^^^ Hi Zach I am agree with your opinion , that's your set up is one of the best portable set up in the world Please at in between HUGO , than would be the best set up in the world for portable / transportable set up and use DHC COAXIAL cable between your Go Dap dd 1 LE to Hugo .
I would like to share my wooden iem JVC HA FX - 850 witb Duet Balance Amp Source : AK 240 Amp : Cypher Labs Duet IEM : JVC HA FX - 850 Cable : Duet line In : AK 240 Balance TRRS Adapter / RSA female from DHC > RSA male to RSA male from Tralucent UBER Sound Quality : High : sparkle with rich in detail Mid : is very clear has a bit sibilance on Chinese Songs Bass : very good bass impact .Duet can improve Bloomy bass from JVC HA FX 850 to very tight and detail...
Hi SeanI like AYA too with better clariy than my MH 335 DW SRAYA is not source revealing like my MH 335 DW SRBut one I got synergy my MH 335 DW SR shine more than AYA
Hi Head Fi Friends I would like to Share our mini meet With My Friend Robby , This meet we Talk compare about our Wagnus Amps and ICs and many Other ICs from My collection like from Crystal Cable ,Venture Craft , UBER cable and DIY IC and Double Helix a Chaperone 3 copper and Chaperone 4 prototype . Yesterday i have mini meet at Pancious Resto Plaza Indonesia With My Friend Robby , Robby was Last week In Osaka Japan For Seminar and In his Free Time he visit Tokyo Fujiya...
I am agree With You LFC _SLJVC FX 850 need bright and fast sounding DAC / Amp like Hugo and TheoremThan it shine the sound quality to their maxSound quality so analog and organic , for owner Altman Tera will like JVC fx 850 very muchBut I am not sure pair direct with Altman Tera , because analog / organic + analog / organic = ?Please share the Altman Tera owner
Thank you PaulI heard my friend JVC FX 850Sq so analog , it has very sweet and intimate mid , high is not sparkle , bass is a little bit bloomy in mid bass region , pair with AK 100 goldJVC FX 850 need to pair with bright and Fast sounding Amps like Witt Mass Ko Bo 395 and Wagnus Epsilon S , than you will like it moreRemain me on my Vynil time , high is more open , mid more clear but the sweetness and intimate still there , bass no more bloomy in mid bassIt his really...
Out The Box JVC FX 850 Wooden IEM
Please Share Your impression between This 2 Top Tiers CiEMsThink you and looks Cool Your Red K 10
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