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Congrats for your new Mass Ko Bo 404
Thank you Frankie for sharIngNow I use Note 4 , i don't know how to post big pictures to Head Fi
I don't have Calyx MFrom memory calyx M is warm sounding DAP and soundstage is narrow and lack of clarityAfter you heard AK 240 SS is difficult to go back to other DAP at the moment .Imo
What happen the best DAP in the World AK 240 SS meet My Fit Ear MH 335 DW Studio Reference as my Best Custom Iem to date . The Result is amazing High End Sound Quality in your Hand. You never miss any your Favorite songs any where around the World you are travelling . This is really two Master of Art in Audio World melt together . I can not imagine before . Now i can enjoy my music without Amp and DAC so good . Normally i always use an amp and DAC. This time i am willing...
The demo unit was pre production unit the same circuit board , the final production Hugo TT is about 4 times than HUGO .It has different circuit board , different USB port with better isolation , better battery tooThats why I sold my hUGO to but Chord Hugo TTIf the different only 10 % I won't buy chord HUGO TT , it wasted my money .IMO
Hi Michael,I am sorry to make you hate this thread , after you get your ak 240 SS , I think you will love more
Hi Michael you are right thatLotoo Paw Gold has bigger Power than AK 240 SS for driving headphone .In term of Sound Quality AK 240 SS is one level above Lotoo Paw Gold , from the price different is a lot too .
The SQ different is noticeable Either i use AK 100 or AK 240 SS .If For you The different is not noticeable , than very lucky you No need to buy AK 240 SS as source
Thank youI Think AK 240 at The moment is already their TOTL DAPIn about One year They Made Only different Color and not change The material use DuraliumFrom Black > Gold > Blue For Blue Note EditionAnd now After One year AK change The material to Solid Stainless Steel and use The whole body as Ground now .The Result now AK 240 SS as The Best sounding from all AK 240 series .And i have compared With others High End DAPs , AK 240 SS so Far as bed DAP on The market to...
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