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Hi BryanWhich ic cable has the best SQ ?
Thank you AmosYou are right and I think AK headphone out and line out have the same voltage output , my friend told meThat's why if we use AK with other amps , the result is no distortion.If headphone out and pair with other amp for sure got Distortion, because of double amping .IMO
I am a bit disappointed that Hugo only make upgrade on their RCA not on their CoaxThe reason I sold , I can not used my home RCA and Coax cableNow no other choice for the coax I must use adapter
You are very young , still has big chance to own more than meAs I was in your age I owned only mono cassette recorder from Philips
I own Duet , rs 71 b and intruderRs 71 BHigh : more crisp than DuetDuetHas better mid and bassDuet is on par with IntruderSQ is more balance than Rs 71 bRs 71 b overall sound thiner compare Duet and IntruderIMO
Hi MoeI sold my Hugo first edition , I am waiting until my new Hugo with new Chassis by end of AprilI am sorry I can not compare yet
Congrats for your new Tralucent Dac / Amp One Than you need the other twin Tralucent Reference One
I have ALO sxc like yours haven't try to change the mini plug like yours with Rhodium plugShould make better clarity with Rhodium
Wow congrats audiofreakie for your new cable
Thank you for your wishes for meThis is on my pure hobby
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