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HI Head Fi Friends I would like to Share 4th IHEAC Show at Peninsula Hotel Jakarta Imdonesia from 2 - 4 October 2015 The Rising Star at The Show is Chord DAVE DAC Amp The Chord Dave is as The Best DAC Amp i Ever heard In Headphone World. The Sound Quality so absolutly Amazing , that My Hugo TT is like Boy Toy IMO
I lived in Germany for 11 years from 1976 to 1987. The first time i heard this stolen Orpheus story ? Is Germany now no more so safe ? I hope police can catch the person very soon.
Aloha Saraguie and jwbrentAK 380 win again my AK 240 SS about 15 % is quite big in audio worldThe sq different from AK 240 SS to AK 240 Duralium is about 20 % , it is very big spring too.AK 380 has best Micro detail and 3D soundstage compare to AK 240 SS and AK 240Ak 240 SS drive LCD 3 Fazor has about the same power like with AK 380 , In This case AK 380 has better micro detail and The bass reproduction Slightly more solid .AK 240 SS + Hugo Sound Quality is better than AK...
Congrats PM Bryan for your new Mass Ko Bo 404
My AK 380 burn in progress with and whithout Amp Source : AK 380 Amp : Mass Ko Bo 404 full balance amp Headphone : LCD 3 Fazor Cable : Trrs to trrs diy
Look Awesome PM BryanI like your leather pouch for your set up
Today is my second day of Ramadhan Holiday . I have more time to do comparison between my AK 240 ss more than 100 hours vs AK 380 just burn in 14 hour Source : Set up A : AK 240 SS Set up B : AK 380 Amp : Mass Ko Bo 404 Headphone : LCD 3 Fazor with AK Crystal Cable prototype Sound Quality : As pure DAPs : Set Up A : AK 240 SS High : Has better clarity and extended high than AK 380 Mid : Is not as sweet and natural and neutral than AK 380 Bass : Is faster and...
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