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Congrats you choose to the right ones
I have stax SR 007 mk Ii and SR 009 and AbyssIf you like the SQ from your Stax SR 007 mk Ii , than you have only two choices :1. Go for Stax SR 009 with Stax amp SRM 727 mk Ii + pre ampIf you have pre amp from your home , you can use itStax Srm 727 mk Ii as power amp .2. Go for Abyss + Balance amp Mass Ko Bo 394As source you can use your home CD player / transport + your home DACThese two are best headphones in the worldIMO
What i Mean The Ear cup is to vacum , No air Go Insite , i sweat more than i use LCD XC . This i feel uncofortabls .If you Mean The weight is right LCD XC is heavier than Alpha Dog
6. The Abyss AB-1266... interesting.. I want sure if it was some type of ancient torture device, antique electric chair head piece or some type of old medical traction device for the skull. I wasn't sure what to think about the sound. While I listened to ACDC on a the Woo Audio sounded nice, just not 5495$ nice. I don't think I got a good enough seal to hear the bass. However my wife thought these were fantastic headphones...even for the price. Abyss – I...
Abyss - First time I heard it was at NYC Audio Show last February. I hated it. I heard it last year at the winter meet, and I loved em. This time, I didn't like them. I think it may have been a fit issue, because I really just can't get a read on these. They are interesting sonically, but I just can't get a read. I think I like them a lot, I just need to spend more time getting a better fit Please read The intruction manual from Abyss : Hi Rudi, Thank you for purchasing...
Hi MichelsIsolation : Alpha Dog is better than LCD XCComfortable : LCD XC is more comfortSound Quality : LCD XC is better than Alpha Dog
Wow you Bought so cheap , it is half price than i Bought from Venture Craft Muse 02 cost $ 100 USD
Hi AmosThank you
Thank you AmosI saw in your pictures . That you have both LCD X and XC. Please share your impression here.My friend has heard his LCD X below 20 hours . Today the whole day i burn in with songs that can improve their high and detail.Tonorrow i will compare with my friend LCD X.he has already more than 1 month .i want to find out how the LCD X after more than 200 hours burn in and i will post here again
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