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Aurender FLOW has 3 Functional Feature : Line Out has 3 Funtion: VARIABLE 2.00 VRMS 5.00 VRMS Sound Character Function : PCM 0 = Bright as Default PCM 1 = Warm PCM 2 = Warmer PCM 3 = Warmest DSD setting : DSD 1 = bright as Default DSD 2 = Warm DSD 3 = Warnest These 3 Function can do by pressing MENU knob 5 second : PCM - DSD - VARIABLE At each Function PCM or DSD or Line Out we can adjust to 1.2 or 3
Thank you Sean for your very good and easy to understand review
Thank you Kiat for your sharing on WAThis afternoon I have tried with all 3 OTG and 3 USB 3 also still can not worked .
Thank you KiatI will try again tomorrow withTH 900Today I paired with ATH ESW 11 LTD sound quality also very goodAnd now I pairing with Bayerdynamic T5p SQ is excellent
Please read the impression from Anak Chan about Aurender Flow :
Congrats Sean for your new Aurender Flow
After i upgraded my Sony ZX1 with mew Fw 1.1.3 .now i have more problem with the pairing between Sony ZX 1 and my Aurender Flow . I have tried 2 OTG Cable , one OTG is genuine Samsung and the other one is No Brand from Ebay .and Genuine Sony USB to LOD .i have used 3 genuine USB 3 from Aurender .Sony and WD . All can bot works now Any body has experiance like me ? Please share here Thank you
Thank you 2 of youLook like front loading washing mashine hahahahaBut sound very good hahahaha
Tonite i have tried pair my Aurender FLOW with low impedance Headphone : Source : AK 100 Gold Japan Edition Dac / Amp : Aurender Flow Headphone : Fostex TH 900 LCD XC Cable : Sys Concept 5 mm diameter SAA Endorphin for LCD XC Sound Quality TH 900 is very good only . It is not like pair with Iem has excellent SQ , bass a bit boomy not so tight LCD XC is excellent , look like Aurender Flow has better Synergy to LCD XC Than to TH900 I hope after burn in improve the sound...
Thank you Sean for more information about SSD for Aurender Flow
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