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I am so sorry to hear Your RoxanneHow come Fed Ex so big company delivered to wrong person ? It is unbelievable caseI Hope you got It back , waiting is unhappyLike My case i am waiting about 10 Month to get My JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber , if My JH Roxanne get Lost like Your case .I Think i am speechless For waiting another 10 Months
Very Nice review AudiowoodMy opinion more or less like YourI prefer The bass from JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber at 8 - 9 o clock , 9 o clock = 0.00 dBBecause i like clarity and detailI have now 2 Roxanne , One Carbon Fiber Roxanne and The latest universal AKR 03 Roxanne special Tune to AK DAPsThese 2 Roxanne sound quality almost at the same tuningI Had before JH Roxanne and i sold It In 2 weeks Time , because The SQ is Slightly not The same like these 2 RoxannesIMO
Desktop Amps : Source : AK 100 Gold Edition AK 240 Desktop Amps : CREEK OBH 21 mk 2 Mass Ko Bo 394 CIEM : JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber Cable : Alo Copper RCA to mini DHC TRRS balance to 3 PIN balance AK 100 Gold + CREEK OBH 21 mk 2 > JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber : very Good AK 240 + Mass Ko Bo 394 > JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber : excellent sound quality , The Best sounding JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber i Ever heard pair With AK 240
Hi Joe-SiowI have my UM miracle since 2011This is unfair comparison from the price different , it is almost 3 times for MH 335 DW SR. , as I bought during UM Miracle launching in Indonesia cost about $ 900 USD
If you pair with X5 , would be no effectBetween Truth and answer it self have SQ differentDITA truth balance TRRS best sounding if you pair with DAP like AK 240 with balance TRRS tooBetween Truth SE vs Balamce TRRS the SQ improvement is noticable pair with AK 240I have heard FAD VII during USF show , for my personal taste I prefer DITA gold TRRS pair with AK 240
Very good news from DITA , they will launchimg their DITA TRUTH with TRRS balance cable in 2 color Black and Gold in November 2014 world wide
I would like to share USF 2014 Jakarta video on YouTube :
Very nice looking cable your DHC Complement 4
The cleanest balance portable set up use short adapter from Double Helix Cable Source : AK 240 Amp : Cypher Labs Duet balance amp CIEM : JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber Cable : Duet line in : DHC short adapter TRRS to RSA female > Cypher Labs RSA to RSA Duet HO : DHC super short TRRS to RSA prototype > TRRS balance cable JH Roxanne Sound Quality : incredible for clean full balance set up for on the go
My Full Balance Portable set up with Double Helix Cable : Source : AK 240 Amp : Cypher Labs Duet Balance Amp CIEM : JH Roxanne Carbon Fiber Cable : TRRS to RSA : from AK 240 to line in Duet Short Adapter Female TRRS to RSA Male : from JH Roxanne balance male TRRS to Duet Hp Out World first shortest adapter as prototype from DHC sound is amazing Comparison between short adapter and prototype shortest DHC adapter :
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