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Hi Head Fi Friends I would like to share our first Mini meet on 15 January 2015 at Jaben STC Jakarta Today i have spontan Audio meet with my friend from Ujung Pandang and than i called 5 friends to joint this Audio meet at Jaben STC jakarta. Hadi Horas want try My Wagnus Epsilon S and Aurender Flow . Below are the Audio Gears: Daps : AK 100 Gold Japan Edition AK 100 diy mod AK 240 IBasso HDPR 10 Japan Edition Cayin Cn6 Dac / Amp : Aurender Flow Chord Hugo Amps...
Aurender Flow best set up : Source : IBasso HDPR10 Dac / Amp : Aurender Flow as pure DAC Amp : Wagnus Epsilon S Iem : JH Roxanne AKR 03 Cable : Optical Cable : Sys Concept Mini to Mini : Crystal Cable Music File : Hi Res 24 / 192 Sound Quality : High : Very clear and vivid High with rich of detail and crystal clear. The best cymblas i ever heard on my JH Roxanne AKR 03 so far Mid : Very sweet and clear with very good pronounce I love to hear classical cello .sound so...
Hi Sean Did you have experiance with your Aurender Flow: During playback with file 24/192 from AK 100 or ak 240 .sometimes can lock sometimes can not lock so properly? If i connect to Sony DAP ZX 1.i used Sony Lod and USB 3 stock .it can not play ? Please advise.thank you
HiKaede and JVC FX 1100 share the same characteristics where they have wide and deep soundstage like open headphones. Kaede focus more on resonance, decay and clarity in upper registers, bass is more raw. 1100 has polite and sweet treble, wide soundstage, lots of texture bassThey are not the same but they are great in their own qualities
I bought from Japan JVC FX 1100 about $ 520 USD including shipping from japan to IndonesiaYou need friend from Japan , that help you to buy from japan shop
Hi vegasf1Overall For heavy Metal and hard Rock is JVC HA FX 1100 ( Japan Edition ) or HA FX 1200 ( International Edition )Because :Metal , Heavy Metal and Hard Rock are like Rock Concert big soundstage , tall and thick attack with bass and guitarAnd Drums dead center .As Very convincing live showIMO
Look like this is the answer from Audeze upcoming model LCD Z 1200 ohmMaybe Hi Fi Man HE 1000 is 1000 ohm ?
My new Toys on 29 December 2014 : IEM : JVC HA FX 1100 wood
Like Aladine set up
Please buy Phantom Coaxial cable mini 3,5 mm to RCA like mine They have variable length from 1,5 foot up
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