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Which ones is brighter and has more detail between AK 380 and AK 240 SSThank you
Hi Head Fi Friends I would like to share new upcoming universal iem from Fit Ear New upcoming in Sommer 2015 Fit Ear 222 Universal version. I have heard Fit Ear 222 Custom Version from friend . His ear canal is like mine Sound quality excellent for 2 drivers Very good in clarity and detail Wider soundstage and very good and clean bass detail too. Seeet and clear midrange It is very good for jazz .audiophile and classical music Imo
I am sorry for late reply mysonyI prefer AK 240 SS + Mass Kobo 404 the new portable balance ampThanAk 240 SS + HugoPair with your Iems Jh Roxanne and fit ear my 335 DWIMO
Saturday nite critical liatening with my Mass Ko Bo 394 full balance desktop Amp meet my first high end headphone Sennheiser HD 580 Precision from year 1996. Source : April Music CDA 500 as Transport Dac/Amp : Chord Hugo TT as DAC Desktop Amp : Mass Ko Bo 394 fully balance Amp Headphone : My first High End headphone in year 1996 is Sennheiser HD 580 Prexision first Edition Cable : RCA Shunyata USA Ztrone Phyton Digital Coax Shunyata USA Anaconda Sound Quality : My...
Today meet at Chill In Cafe STC Senayan with Sid Malhotra​ from Singapore . He brought a lot of the latest Audio Gear for us Headphone: Mad Dog TOTL Headphone Ether Oppo PM 03 Iem : Heir 8 Cypherlabs Amp and Dac Amp Oppo HA 2 Nuprime USB DAC Amp Bakoon HDA 5520 Dap : AK 240 SS And one Secret Weapon DAP No picture 󾌵 Ic Wagnus Ice Sword Many headphone cable for Mad Dog Erher
another pictures from Fit Ear To Go 335 335 DW SR Ti
Suyama San latest To Go Series To Go MH 335 DW Studio Reference in 2 types Ti = Titanium Gold Anyone want Fit Ear new To Go MH 335 DE SR Ti or Gold ?
Up for sale my Custom Art Harmony 8 Universal in Acrylic Version Just 1 month old and I am as the 2nd Owner This is the only one unit as Universal with Acrylic , The Custom Art production use silicon . With Acrylic the high is more detail and extended compare to Silicon and it last longer . Please read the specification here...
Hi Michael and Richard It is actually neither a design flaw nor manufacturing fault of iRiver. The problem here is a matter of the compatibility of the various trrs plugs with the AK240SS. There are certain plugs without this problem. Like your Beat Audio Cable trrs has no problem yet
I Met Alex An from Iriver Early This MonthHe explained to Me about The grouding problem With AK '240 SS as follow :On AK 240 SS now is The whole body as GroundThe problem some from TRRS at The End is as Ground tooThis Contact can Become imbalance sound on our AK 240 SSThe next step AK solution is :They make small sticker to Stick on our TRRS plug EndAK Will make Speciall TRRS plug For AK 240 SS .I would like to Share simple solution For This problem :For all new AK240 SS...
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