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Very nice rigs on the go and very nice shoots
My night time listening rigs Source : iPhone 4 s Dac : Venture Craft Go Dap DD 1 LE with op amp SM 627 Amp : Duet Headphone : loaner LCD X Cable : Norse Audio Reign 8 bride x 26 Awg in balance RSA Gain : low Music file : WAV SQ : excellent SQ even in low gain and low listening volume sound so full , with rich in detail and clarity , very thick and very good pronounce in the midrange , very good bass detail and impact . IMO
Yes I hope too ,with all I Devices was problem with BluetoothAnd chord Distro call John Franks , he said should be no problem with AndroidAs I have tested with my note 3 was no problemwith my ak 100 and ak 240 was no problem too
I am agree with you about chord Hugo
My best portable set up pair with Abyss :Source : iPhone 4 s / iPhone 5 sDac : cypher labs class solo originalAmp : ALO Rx 3 BCable : use balance 4 pin to RSA
Thank you for your impression
I have tried on Mook audio show , with note 3 was no problem , with my iPhone 5s and iPhone 4 s had problem so noise and crackledNow I am waiting my new Hugo with new chassis , I will try again after I receive my new Hugo in early May
Hi KiatsI saw the MQS is for windowI use Mac , can I use MQS ?Thank you
Hugo Bluetooth does not good pair with IDevice , a lot of noiseHugo Bluetooth can pair very good with android like note 3Hugo Bluetooth can pair very good with AK 100 / AK 120 and AK 240IMO
SQ is differentLCD X is Warm sounding Orthos With rich OF detailLCD XC is bright abad detail With better clarityIf you like Fostex TH 900 , I think you will like LCD XC more than LCD Z like me I have so many Amps , sometimes i miss Warm sounding headphone to pair With With bright AmpsHunan character In audio is never get enough For their set Up , always want something New and better than beforeThis is My bad habit , please Dont follow Me
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