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You are welcome AL
Thank you Currawong For Your SharingI just got explanation from My diy Friend as follow :your lightning is Mod from third party cck 󾮗just tell them it do have cck chip but take note this cable cannot work with Cypher Labs , Sony and Venture Craft DAC
Brief impression between Dita Truth Gold Edition TRRS and DITA truth black Edition in single ended cable Source : AK 240 Stock Iems : DITA Truth black single ended cable DITA Truth Gold TRRS cable High : DITA black SE : less open and extended than Gold TRRS DITA Gold TRRS : is more open and detail and has better transparancy and better Presentation Mid : DITA black SE : is sweet but less clarity and pronounce , mid a bit Laid back DITA Gold TRRS : is more thicker mid...
Hi HadiOffcourse i remember youPlease Share Your impression HereAll are waiting on Your impression Hadi
You are welcome TruongSo is friend for to help each other
I am agree With yougmahler2uCL Class solo original With Ko Jo km 01 is really excellent set Up
Thank you RichardLater i Show you One more Ipod Classic 60 GB tooThe rest Ipod Classic i Bought second is not that Good condition like i Bought from New BINB hahaha
Congrats TruongYour set Up is hot. Set Up like Your name hotfever Ibasso HDP R10 is One Best DAP until now , thats why since 2 years i keep My HDP R10Slower UI not a big problem , as long The SQ is excellentIMO
Oh okay George
Thank you George for Your SharingPlease ask seeteeyou why his cable and My Friend cable works With Hugo ?He is our expert
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