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Thank you NicoI have posted my out the box pictures above
Yesterday Noon my brand New Chord Black Hugo and Chord Hugo Black leather case just Arrived at Jaben Store STC Jakarta . I would like to say Thank you to Jonathan Chord Indonesia and Alvon and Nico Jaben STC to let their First Batch shipment Black Chord Hugo For Me . In between 2 Hours 9 pcs Black Chord Hugo was sold out, It is unbelievable I would like to Share some pictures below
Last week on Wednesday was Mini meet With 5 friends I would like to Share some pictutres
Thank you zorin For Your Sharing
Yes NociYou missed this IHEAC show 2014 , It was much better than IHEAC 2013
Thank you Hugoboss for sharing I went not on this Vermouth booth
I think all of you have seen flying Alien / UFO. Have you seen Flying Shozy Magic Dac Amp? Please take a look close up my pictures shown flying Shozy Magic . No Wonder this Shozy Dac Amp has the name MAGIC. Source : AK 240 DAC / Amp : Shozy MAGIC use Amp section Iem : JVC HA FX 850 Ortofom EQ 8 Cable : IC Wagnus Ice Sword Sound Quality is really BLACK MAGIC from so small body can produce very clean detail sound .with very sweet mid and very good bass impact.very...
JH Roxanne AKR 03 is universal IEMs special tuning for AK DAPsI am agreed with Yono JH Roxanne universal AKR 03 has better SQ than JH Roxanne universal
This set Up is as One of the Best set Up on the market to date
i would like to share my 3 days old new toys : Source : Shozy DAP Alien Dac / Amp : Shozy Magic little amp so big like hippo lighter IEM's : Aurisonic Rocket JVC HA FX 850 SQ : These Two Iems pair direct With My Shozy Alien SQ is Very Good Alien + Magic Dac Amp SQ is excelent from This little amp IMO
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