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I wouls like to share out the box EM Custom IEM from Shanghai China. EM Audio is new Custom IEm company and they make great Custom IEM for China Market and now slowly but sure they serve also international market. Our website: www.emaudio.com.cn and our Taobao online shop is: https://shop159730793.taobao.com/ I would like to say thank you to EM founder Joey Chow for sending me EM2 and EM5 For review The price list are show as below: EM-2 Universal: ...
AAW new flagship model w900 will be launching in December 2016 It is 8 + 1 hybrid Beryllium Drivers AAW Flagship will be launching in December 2016 W 900 Is 8 + 1 drivers and made from...
Please joint us at 5th Indonesia High End Audio Club Show Date: 17 - 20 November 2016 Menara Peninsula Hotel Jakarta Since 2015 they have also Portable Audio Gears
Work of Art in Portable Audio World These two are my best looking set up Source: AK 380 Copper made in Korea Amp: AK 380 Amp Copper IEM: Kumikate Trio Silver Sterling made in Japan Music: Zubin Mehta Wiener Philharmoniker Mahler symphony Nr2 This set up is high end set up in Portable Audio. I can not imagine 10 Years ago that portable set up can sound so excellent. Sofar AK 380+AK 380 Amp pair with Kumikate Trio silver sterling has grear synergy. Note: If you...
If you buy Kumikate Trio, this screw driver is included
Lol hahaha
Until now even in Japan no Price confirm
I would like to share from Kaita Suyama San Facebook page his new Model   Fit Ear TITAN   It is Hybrid IEM and the Housing made from Titanium Custom Shell   Look so amazing   At the Moment only for Japan Market first. For International will be serve later    More info will update soon
I would like to share new High End Brand Universal and Custom IEMS from Shanghai Eternal Melody At the moment they have 3 Models: 2BA: 2 cross over with 2 tubes 3BA: 2 cross over with 2 tubes 5BA: 3 cross over with 3 tubes The Aluminium Case look so beautiful and colorful Please see on Taobao for more detail: https://shop159730793.taobao.com/
I have tried Chord Dave possibility pair with my portable source / Daps Source : Iphone 5 s Sony ZX2 VentureCraft Valog SounDroid dac Amp : Chord Dave Sound Quality : the best SQ use Valog Use: Optical it can play 24 / 192KHz on Valog is the same on Chord Dave the second Best Iphone 5 S Use USB wav 16 /44,1 KHz surprisingly play in high rate 353,8 KHz third Best Sony ZX2 Use USB i play Native DSD on Dave show only 176,8 KHz Anyone can help me please Why on iphone...
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