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Pm sent
pm sent
Thanks for your help. I ended up placing the order for the R1 - worst comes to worst i figure it out then . Im looking forward to listening to them.
thats the standard tyoe of comply, but i would like to know the size for example the turbines use T-400 size thanks
Wow - I just ordered the astrotec am90 from amazon yesterday- i guess ill be returning those when i get them. these seem like an incredible value and even more so for a backup/ cheap pair of IEMs to back up my reshelled TF10s and turbine coppers(and to replace them when i send them out to be recabled). does anyone know what size comply tips fit with these? much thanks
Pm sent.
Pm sent.
Also, what is the consensus of everyone regarding the compatibility of a 256gb ssd zif to work in a 7th gen ipod classic? I love the thinness of it and I would rather not have to use the 240gb thick ipod back  thanks
I wonder due to the crazy prices of 256GB ssd zif drives, if there is any room in the ipod to fit this microsata to zif adapter http://www.amazon.com/1-8-Micro-SATA-Female-Adapter/dp/B004FD5B9I in and just get a reg microsata 256gb ssd(approx $280) or is it just impossible and maybe the adapter wont even work for the drive. Im just speculating here thanks
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