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still available
For sale, my very well cared for Cowon J3 32gb In excellent condition, never really left the living room.  We just had our first child, so time to downsize the head fi gear. No problems with it at all, will include player and charging/usb cord   $200 shipped and paypal'd   will include my 32gb microsd card for $25   can supply pics on request.   thanks
Thinking about selling my Miles Davis Tributes - Just had our first child and I don't see much IEM listening in my near(and not so near) future. These are in excellent condition and have all  the box materials...supertip bags are unopened.  Also, I purchased these from another head-fi'er (who purchased directly from Monster, so legit) who never registered them and I have the original receipt, so you should still be able to register them for the lifetime warranty...
I have the triple fi's and the phonak pfe 012 and I would say take a look at the pfe's more comfortable, cheaper and good sound...not as good as the triple fi's but very good sound.
how does it compare to the e7?  if you have one handy of course
thanks for the recs...I've been listening to the prodigy and chemical brothers as well...should help me pedal faster :)  
I have the pfe 012's and bought some black filters for them.  I want to try the grey filters too, but don't want to order a whole set.  Anyone want to trade 2 sets(or one set) of grey filters for Black filters?  let me know...thanks  
my cowon j3 drives them just fine and sounds great  
ok, based on another thread I listened to some crystal method - tweekend...heck yeah, that will do nicely.  Also listened to some five finger death punch...kind of entertaining.  My search for new gym stuff is turning into a full on musical journey ;)    
maza, thanks for the rec...I'll check that album out  
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