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If a headphone can't survive the burn-in, it shouldn't exist at all! Just kidding, actually. But it would be cool if headphones were that reliable. You know you're going hardcore if you are afraid that your cans will burst into flames, though.   I wonder if I could burn in my floorstanding speakers by putting them up to 100db all day... Nah, don't want my house to collapse/burn down/explode/etc.
Burn it..! Burn it as a can! I mean burn it in, of course. People should try burning their HD800s in with this method! It might fix the treble! Just kidding..too risky.   I had a fun time reading your impressions of the burn in. Are you going to buy any new cans to try it on?
I personally wouldn't recommend the Audio Technica M50(x). It's a little bit bassy, and only attenuates about 12 decibles of outside noise. ..And that's all the advice I have. Good luck with your search!
That was a great story, SovietJelly. It had me surprised. I read it out loud to my brother!   I had a nice walk around Boston today, which lead to some sightings. -iBuds on a really rich-looking fellow. (He left his real cans at home.) -Sony MDRX10 on a female. Very snazzy-looking! -Sennheiser HD280 Pro on a guy. They look flipping HUGE on the head! -Audio Technica M50..Pretty can on a pretty girl. I love the M50's looks! -Beats Pro..First time I've seen it in the...
I love mah turbine^^. You know, I wish I could identify IEMs I see out and about. But they're so low profile! I have seen Linus from LinusTechTips wearing an RHA T10 many times though. And maybe a Vsonic GR07? There are a lot of good headphones you'll see on that show; V-MODA M100, Beyer COP, K70X, M50, and many others that I can't remember.
Lol at the flux capacitor idea. I mean wouldn't it be hilarious if Schiit invented time travel and sold it at the lowest prices possible? ...What if they actually are? As for the Quantum Nuclear DAC... You could create x-rays with it! Well, any kind of ray for that matter! Wait. This is most ingenious! A nuclear-powered DAC/Amp that allows you to share the extra headroom with your friends(and an entire city!)
Oh, man. I'll just kinda forget that the older Abyss exists. Or maybe I'll still call it the Abyss =P. All I can say is; Please don't be ugly! From the picture, it does look a lot different than the [Squinting eyes] AB-1266. It seems to look like the Superlux Evo. Possibly because it's white. (Oops, actually meant to send this as a PM to Music Alchemist. But it still works here. Darn smartphone!)
I don't know if I'd like a Schiit remote. It would be uncomfortable using a sharp-edged, rectangular, 110 degree Celsius control. But it would be nice to gain control of my Schiit. It would make my Schiit more.. regular, if you will.
I'm at an airport, it's 4:20AM, I saw some Beats Studios 2 with the cable connected, and I'm sleepy. ..Must find..better cans... -_- Edit: I saw some of those silly SOL Republic cans, and they looked humongous on a guy wearing them. Edit2:I sighted a Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear. Now that's classy.
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