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Hmm, the clunking just won't go away, eh? That's odd. I hope the hinge itself is okay, not grinding against anything. Does the affected side feel a little bit stiffer than the other when you rotate them?
I hear that the M40x doesn't have the bass emphasis of the M50x, thus making it more neutral. I suppose this might give it less of the "in your face" sound as well.
I've got a budget ASUS laptop that just adds annoying levels of bass to everything, even through WASAPI USB somehow. I don't even like it with my Q701, let alone my X2. However, I do still like the gentle bass boost that my Sony receivers give to the Q701^^. The Q701 with just a bit of bass boost is still the most "transparent" audio setup I've heard. (I haven't heard much, but still).
   For a year or so, I didn't take my M50 out into the world very much. It remained in perfect condition. Man, it was beautiful.    After 3 years of owning it, I got newer cans and finally decided to stop taking it easy. I'd put it into a laptop bag with my netbook, taking it on flights and such. I accidentally kinda stepped on it once or twice >.>, and it still held up well. At this point, the earpads were seriously drying out. I wanted to replace them back then, but...
Thanks for the report, orcus286! I don't know how they did it, but Gibson seems to finally be releasing X2s without the build issues! Such a relief, now I'll be able to recommend X2s to people again. I'm just wondering, though; Do they sound muddy or funky to you at all? PS: Oh man, I'm looking forward to people quoting your post with all the pictures and such.
Whoaa..that would trip everyone out. Have you ever tried the G-Force visualization pack? I loved it back in the day!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI4R6tUJQBg Warning: Video may hurt your ears..and eyes. With a display like this, you could even turn your headphone into woodies, metallies, or plasticies! ..Except it's fake.
My mom would love the diamond-encrusted Beats/Souls/[Insert Rapper Sponsored Can Here]. She loves jewelry and diamonds! You know what would be really cool? Beats Diamond Tears made out of solid diamond O.O.   But really, I'm with mayner here. I looove the ATH-3000ANV. It's a work of art itself!   I just had a thought; Are there cans that have LCD displays on the earcups? You could have animated designs =O!
Toshiba? What are youuu doing here? You know, I actually admire those aesthetics! That shiny metal is perty, and it gives the impression of strength. The grille is simple, but it doesn't have to be super ornate. The cans have an almost unassuming kind of beauty, where you have to look closer to see where they shine, so to speak.
 Yay, I'm glad you're enjoying your M50x! The M50 sounds fantastic out of portable devices, I have to say. The best I've ever heard it play was out of a Sansa Fuze. (M50x is basically the same).Just watch out for the M50(x) haters out there, man. They grow in numbers by the day. But then again, so do the fans.
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