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I love mah turbine^^. You know, I wish I could identify IEMs I see out and about. But they're so low profile! I have seen Linus from LinusTechTips wearing an RHA T10 many times though. And maybe a Vsonic GR07? There are a lot of good headphones you'll see on that show; V-MODA M100, Beyer COP, K70X, M50, and many others that I can't remember.
Lol at the flux capacitor idea. I mean wouldn't it be hilarious if Schiit invented time travel and sold it at the lowest prices possible? ...What if they actually are? As for the Quantum Nuclear DAC... You could create x-rays with it! Well, any kind of ray for that matter! Wait. This is most ingenious! A nuclear-powered DAC/Amp that allows you to share the extra headroom with your friends(and an entire city!)
Oh, man. I'll just kinda forget that the older Abyss exists. Or maybe I'll still call it the Abyss =P. All I can say is; Please don't be ugly! From the picture, it does look a lot different than the [Squinting eyes] AB-1266. It seems to look like the Superlux Evo. Possibly because it's white. (Oops, actually meant to send this as a PM to Music Alchemist. But it still works here. Darn smartphone!)
I don't know if I'd like a Schiit remote. It would be uncomfortable using a sharp-edged, rectangular, 110 degree Celsius control. But it would be nice to gain control of my Schiit. It would make my Schiit more.. regular, if you will.
I'm at an airport, it's 4:20AM, I saw some Beats Studios 2 with the cable connected, and I'm sleepy. ..Must find..better cans... -_- Edit: I saw some of those silly SOL Republic cans, and they looked humongous on a guy wearing them. Edit2:I sighted a Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear. Now that's classy.
   I find the treble of the X2 to be quite fickle, or variable, if you will. This is because the earpads have lots of space which lets you move the cans all around. When I scoot the X2 backward on my head, the treble becomes more laid back and smooth. And when I scoot the X2 forward, the treble comes forward; mostly upper treble. So I get to choose how much treble I get!    The Q701 is kinda similar with its circular earcups, but not as extreme. I guess it must have...
   As much as I like to hate on and joke around about Beats, I'm going to support them for once.      Credible(and awesome) headphone reviewer Lachlanlikesathing made a video negating that article. He indicates that the metal is used in the most sensitive part of the headphone, the hinge, which is necessary for the headphone's durability. The plastic, however, is used because it is lightweight and doesn't compromise the durability of the Beats 2.0 series headphones.
As they always say; Schiit in, Schiit out.
It could be possible that she just likes the forward, energetic sound of the M50. What if I put the X2 on her ears and she says they're no good? I don't know if I could take that kind of..rejection. Actually, she has to love the X2. I think of it as an open M50 on steroids(the kind of steroids that fix every flaw.) But why stop at cans? I'm thinking about inviting her over to my pad, and letting her hear my stereo setup. It will blow her away!
Yay, my friend didn't just say the M50 is good, but she said she loves them! Now I have to ask what she specifically loves about the sound. ..But it might be confusing for a non-audiophile to describe sound.
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