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Thanks for the tips!^^ I think I'm going to go for it. When you cut away the bumps, do they leave behind circular impressions in the headband?
If you're worrIed about the cans sinking on your head, I would definitely advise the Fidelio X1 over the X2. The X2 headband is significantly larger for fitting huge heads like mine. The X2 fits my head perfectly while the Q701 is just too small.
I'm glad that modding has revitalized your Q701. The AKG has awakened! I still like the sound of mine, but the bumps are annoying me to no end. The indentations in my skull (soft tissue) seem to stay for days following a listening session. I am >|   |< this close to cutting the bumps off!
My ears are glued to the X2. How about that?
I bet that if the Jotunheim DAC module included optical and coaxial digital inputs, Modi 2 sales would decrease significantly. I wonder if that's one reason it only features USB input.
I tried to explain it to her, but it was just impossible. All I could think of was, "It's just a headphone..amplifier..thing." She must think I'm crazy. [[SPOILER]]
My mom noticed the Jotunheim as I was watching the video, and she asked, "What's that box-looking thing?" XP
In real life, I've only seen cheap on-ears so far. But I just started watching some of Markiplier's videos, and it looks like he has a Sennheiser HD 558, which I thought was a 598 Anniversary Edition. You know, I miss the 555 and 595.
Ohh, of course. It's not tarnishing, it's oxidizing. Tarnish has a different color shift appearance and applies to other metals. I'll try cleaning it now and then to keep up its aesthetics. Thanks for the tip^^
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