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hope is dope
Why you no post at the "Pics of Headphones" thread? Such beautiful pictures! Amazing! But it got jpeg'd to crap =\. Is there a .png form, by chance? I know this is a "Photo"graphy thread. But is it okay if I post some Roentgenography instead?Here's a spinning skull X-ray gif I took with a classmate(not the classmate's skull!) It has 22 frames total.We took only 11 frames, half of the rotation, and mirrored them to complete the full circle.
there's still hope
It is a hunger, but it is not voracious.
it means everything
I just listened to my AD700 with my PC, and liked it. Muahaha! Edit: I just listened to my Q701 with my PC, and liked it. Muahaha!
must be something
Ya know, you're right. It is beautiful. So amazingly designed! That's why I have a K701 in the game IMVU. But the Q701 doesn't look good on, well, me, because I'm not perty.You should hear it. It sounds as fantastical as it looks! You might not like it though, because it's like a treble storm. And some say it sounds as plasticy as it looks, though I enjoy the forward upper mids.
Nope against nope!
Now that is an awesome sighting. He was probably wearing them for pure aesthetics. I should wear my Q701 around sometime..except it's not very comfy..or aesthetically pleasing to others X3.
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