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So THAT is what they mean when they use the term, "Audio Nirvana!"    
Has anyone ever gone through this? Here's something funny from while I was making above picture.
Awh, why, I am so humbled. I could not have done so much without my fellow Meme-Fiers. As winner of the interwebnets, I say we should make some more cool Andy pictures !   Or else Andy will get you! ..And make you listen to WeSC headphones!
Try checking out the for-sale section of this forum when you get a few more posts(I think it's about 50 posts before you can post there. I'm not sure.) And also, this thread might help. Oh, and I would recommend, which is basically a site that keeps price graphs and watches on Amazon's stock. The search function there is slightly annoying, though. Other good sites...
    My Justin Bieber picture thingy, that weirded out a couple of you, is actually based on a fellow Head-Fier that loves the DT-770 PRO 80. Good luck finding who it is!   Oh, man. The pictures based on audio as it changes quality..genius! I specifically loved the VBR one.
I saw 'Fight Club' for the first time about four days ago. ...And I am still completely blown away. I would have to give it a 9/10. If any of you Head-Fiers haven't seen it yet, you really should. Note: It's not just about fighting.  It is practically a dark, psychological thriller.
Oops. Thanks for correcting me on that! I forgot that clipping was actually just the reaction of audible peaks. I always referred to it as the cause, rather than the effect.
Here is one hot headphone!     This one was inspired by a post made in this thread long ago.     Haha, well done. He doesn't usually listen to cans. But when he does, he brings an electrostatic amplifier with him. It's weird, because he's using both the jecklin float stock cable and HE-90 stock cable. =P
I shall be the only person not buying an Apple product this year. And I am the only person in the world who has never bought or had an Apple product . Not that I don't like Apple or anything. I just already have everything I need. So my post is...useless. >.> Just saying.
I hope that it is the solo they are wearing backwards, because the studio would be ergonomically dreadful worn backwards, due to the angle of the earcups. Now that I think about it, can't the pro be worn backward with the cable still coming out of the left side, because of the ability to hook the cable into either the left or right side? It seems kind of like an ambidextrous can =O.   I wonder what kinds of changes happen to the soundstage if you wear a headphone...
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