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My favorite headphone that doesn't need extreme amplification is the Phillips Fidelio X2. But strangely, my AKG Q701 loves amplification, yet it still sounds nice driven by my old Galaxy S3.
Getting a chance to listen to the AD900x again, I'm really appreciating the "bite" that its mids have. Vocals, strings, and even cowbells really stand out with these cans.
I took a flight today. You know what cans I saw. Well, I also saw some Ultimate Ears IEMs.
I'm surprised that people aren't bothered by the bumps =O. I guess I'm just very sensitive.
I'm totally willing to pay the price. The bumps have been so cruel, keeping me from listening to these amazing cans. I'll take the ugliest hack-job rather than suffer through them. -Maybe I over-exaggerate a bit, but the bumps really suck. If worst comes to worst, a custom headband might actually be pretty nice^^. I could find something soft and pliable.
Curses! The headband bumps become headband pits. =P But it looks like they aren't very noticeable with the layer of felt. Okay, I'm definitely going to butcher mine now. This is going to be..interesting. Thanks for the motivation!
Thanks for the tips!^^ I think I'm going to go for it. When you cut away the bumps, do they leave behind circular impressions in the headband?
If you're worrIed about the cans sinking on your head, I would definitely advise the Fidelio X1 over the X2. The X2 headband is significantly larger for fitting huge heads like mine. The X2 fits my head perfectly while the Q701 is just too small.
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