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CM(me)KHAAW he keeps all of his music in FLAC, because it's like having the CD itself. Wait..but they're just regular CDs. Are regular CDs not lossy compared to SACDs? So I probably couldn't call you Alchemisty or Alchy, right? It would be too extreme.  Good one, but... YKYAAW you can only fit one song on your ipod due to its incredible file size.Or you don't use an ipod at all. Instead, you use this doohickey:
Now those will be useful. I'll see if I can put them in my profile
and I'm yawning
From scratch again
You kn-- you're a- aud---ile --en you don'- m-nd hav--g si-enc- put int- your m-si-, as long a- yo- g-t hi-her qu-li-y sou-d.Come back when you're a little..Mmm..richer. This post actually made me LMAO, Alchemist(may I call you that?) Hahaha
no more money(Yes, nice song reference)
but then the
there, so I
say? I don't
Just a bit!
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