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Noo!  That's why having dual-sided cable entry is better. No need to worry about funky stuff going on with the cables in your headband. You know, I wanna see a Q701 modded to have bilateral mini-XLR ports. It would give a bulky Hifiman look.
The worst thing is when the headache makes you adjust the cans, forming indentations on another part of your head. Grr! I'm thinking of giving my Q701 to my brother so he can feel the torture.   Thanks! Have you checked out the spinning x-ray gif I made of the Q701? It's pretty cool too . Yes, this is true! The cable goes right through the rod. It's hollow, yet it is still very strong! Audio Technica uses the same idea with their AD(X) headphones, ya know^^.
Oh, the indentations that the torture bumps make on my head..It's horrible. But I don't want to cut them off, and I'm too lazy to apply cushioning material. I think that the bumps affect me so much because I have a tall skull, which leads to the headband exerting more pressure on my head.
Every day, as I walk through the corridors of the Veterans' Affairs hospital that I rotate to, I say hi to everyone, no matter what. However, at my college, I'm more refined. It's less professional there, thus more awkward.
Looks like it was a pretty cool meet, with some pretty cool stuff; High-end Schiit, Dharmas, Ethers, crazy tube amps.. -Ermagersh, Zeos was there! Flipping awesome! Now I'm jealous. I'd have gone just to see Zeos. (Well, not really. Too far away. But still.)
Those higher-end models have built-in transformers, which means no more wall-wart! That's one reason to go for them.
I hear there's something very immersive about hearing the outside world mixed in with your music. I've been tempted to bring my Q701 or X2 outside just for laughs. I'm going to get a bluetooth dongle for the X2, so I don't have to worry about the cable when I'm out and about .
One of my coworkers has a Beats Studio 2.0, which he wears after work every day. =\.... It's not bad, but still.. And he wears it on his head. Oh, and I saw a Skullcandy Aviator on a pedestrian. They still exist!
New Posts  All Forums: