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My mom noticed the Jotunheim as I was watching the video, and she asked, "What's that box-looking thing?" XP
In real life, I've only seen cheap on-ears so far. But I just started watching some of Markiplier's videos, and it looks like he has a Sennheiser HD 558, which I thought was a 598 Anniversary Edition. You know, I miss the 555 and 595.
Ohh, of course. It's not tarnishing, it's oxidizing. Tarnish has a different color shift appearance and applies to other metals. I'll try cleaning it now and then to keep up its aesthetics. Thanks for the tip^^
It must just be my sweaty hands. D=
Say, have you guys noticed any tarnishing on your Schiit at all? My Magni 2 Uber's volume knob is getting a bit tarnished from me fiddling with it all the time.
The funniest music video ever. HAHA! Hopefully you're no stranger to it.   And here's Friday...Because it's friggin' Friday! (The song, not the day).
Yeah, when you go to Hell, Doom 3 does get pretty, shall I say, hectic? But it still focuses a little bit more on atmosphere rather than sheer action, at least until you get to one of the crazy parts where enemies are spawning in all over the place.    A lot of people hate the slow pacing, especially with audio logs and PDAs being placed into the game. (It's weird how Doom became a bit like System Shock, its competitor). But you don't have to read or listen to those...
; P
   That kind of reminds me of an issue I had! I tried playing Quake 4 on my modern PC, and I noticed that textures just didn't seem to look as good as they used to. I was worried that modern Windows was unable to play the game properly. So I brought out my ancient PC from, like, 12 years ago, installed Quake 4, booted it up, and...the textures looked the same. And it was whether I was running the game at 16:9 or 4:3. So weird! Maybe I'm just used to textures in modern...
New Posts  All Forums: