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No, you're not in! Get out so I can win! Jk
The mod is in this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/588703/audio-technica-ad700-bass-monster-in-disguise And it looks like this:          It seems to make them darn linear in the bass. But to my ears, they become super boomy and a bit congested. So they lose the magic =\.
silly, little game
Put the plastic wrap mod on the AD700, Music Alchemist! You know you wanna! We're talking almost M50 levels of bass. (Actually, even better, what you need is something leather-like just around the outer perimeter of the earpad. That'll give an acoustic seal.)   I like the bass-light aspect of the AD700. It not only makes the bass less distracting, but it makes you focus on everything else instead =3. I used to be perfectly happy with a +3db bass boost from my Sony...
Psh, you're only using the 10-foot cord with your smartphone? I use the, like, 60-foot long one for my portable setup. Just kidding, hahaha. That thing is RIDICULOUSLY long! Through my Galaxy S3, the Q701 is, well, fine. Not too special. But not bad either o.O. Only annoyance is that I have to turn the volume up above 50%. I suppose you could try the Q701 without a standalone amp to see if you like it overall. And if you do like it, then get an amp to make it even better^^.
Hey, Ali-A plays FPS on console, so it's the best. Just kidding >.>. (Ali-A's a popular Call of Duty player)
Aw, thanks for the Viel Glück! I know I'll win because of it. 福!
   Yeahh, the X2 is a can for basshead audiophiles. And I guess basshead audiophiles want less bass than regular bassheads...so they can actually hear the rest of the music. Actually, it's weird because the X2 has more mid-bass quantity than the M50, yet it has less recessed mids. I wonder how much bass it would take to really bury the other frequencies.    Just don't forget that this is an open, dynamic headphone. It has much more bass than almost all of the competition!...
Or could it?
best things that
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