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when you're Asian
  One of the ugliest looking cans on one's head, let alone ugly feeling(Or so I've heard). I'm actually growing very partial to my Fidelio X2. It looks and feels so darn solid! So much metal..and leather.. I'm in love.At first, I didn't care that much for it. But having it in real life changed everything.
for bread puddin'!
crispy toasted dead(bread)
lembas bread bakery
No M50 velour pads for you! I've been thinking about getting M50X pads for my M50. But now I'm thinking that the velour pads would be even better. Too bad I missed them =\.
A headphone that conforms to the head is really important. That's why Pioneer headphones are so good-looking. And V-moda's got it down with the XS for sure. But my new X2..oh, man, I look dorky with it on! It looks even bigger once it's on my head! X3
Are you guys talking about the extra bass pads? I'm slightly curious about those.   Oh, and if you're going to get an X2, I just wanna tell you that much bass! I can see why Tyll calls them basshead cans for audiophiles.
more like cowhell
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