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Yo, Exit Pupil! It's been a few weeks and I'm wondering how the 650 is doing. Did the varimotion(what's Sennheiser's version called again) diaphragm survive? I'm hoping it made it through, and at least didn't start on fire or something. If this works out, it'll be a fantastic headphone!
Yesh, the X2 is a fantastic all-rounder headphone. I actually love how the X2 renders classical music, with its vast soundstage and all. The best thing is when you have electronic music, which the X2 does best at, with samples of classical stuff in it.
Getting a new Woox pair might be tricky. Perhaps you could find a used one in good condition here on Head-Fi. I got mine from a fellow Head-Fier. I believe that Gibson might be getting better at making X2s. Hopefully the issues will all be fixed soon^^.   The X2 doesn't require a lot of power, but standalone DACs and amps can still improve sound quality. It doesn't make a huge difference with these cans, but it just helps(mostly with music.) To be honest, I don't mind...
Just CALM DOWN! No reason to panic! AAHH! Oh, wait, you already did. Good. No problem. If you can get an X2 for $200USD or so, even if it's a Gibson, it will be a fantastic deal.   Do you have a standalone DAC or amplifier yet?
Oh, not at all. Everything sounds natural to me, even coming from my other cans. I can tell where every instrument and singer is. It's easy to tell if sounds are ever so slightly off-center in the song itself. The tonality of the mids is more natural than on the Q701, I'd say. And I love the Q701! But the Q701 has a peak at 4khz that makes vocals sound shouty or "plasticy." I recommend the X2 all the way! Attach a Vmoda Boompro microphone to it!
Don't worry about it, my friend. My X2 has fantastic imaging regardless of the little imbalance. I game with it all the time(Black Ops 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5), and it never lets me down. Directionality and depth are fantastic(X2 has even more depth than the AD700!)
I've got a Woox pair that was purchased around August last year. Using Sinegen, I found that the right channel is favored at around 5500hz +/- 100hz. The left channel is significantly quieter at those frequencies. I ran the same test on my Q701, and the imbalance wasn't there. I also tried different sources and wore the X2 backward to make sure I'm not going deaf.
Here, Amatak, lemme help you out. There's a neat, little program called SineGen that allows you to play any frequency of sound that you want. You can even sweep through them as well. I used it to find imbalances in my X2. Here's a link to it: http://sinegen.en.lo4d.com/
A mobile workstation in the emergency department at a hospital I'm rotating to has a KRK KNS 8400 hanging from it. Just hanging there! I wanna try it out . Meme: When a hospital has better headphones on display than almost any electronics store.   Edit: Mm..beefy.
Lazy Game Reviews just got some fancy, new headphones. No, not the M50, silly! A real whopper of a can, if you will. I hear they have beefy sound quality. And they come with a radio!
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