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One of my coworkers has a Beats Studio 2.0, which he wears after work every day. =\.... It's not bad, but still.. And he wears it on his head. Oh, and I saw a Skullcandy Aviator on a pedestrian. They still exist!
I think that you would really love this videogame because it's all about eating: Oh, the euphoric look on his face as he swallows a pepper dispenser whole. He certainly has higher brain functionality.      Sorta trolling aside, it is kinda weird to think about how animals think of good food. I've always had dogs around, and they'll eat dog food just fine. But once I had human food, they'd go crazy for it. They know it's good. But they still don't mind eating dog...
Yeah, and with emojis, you are always winner. 🎰 I just wish more Head-fiers would use them! I guess they're not cool enough 🗿
🎧🚮 🔊💑 It's on now 🙇
Audio Technica AD900X with the Playstation 4 USB sound card..thing. (Visiting my brother.) I miss my setup!
I wanna see the colorz! Oh wait, I already have, because Head-Fi indeed does support color signatures! Awesome! Oh, and I'm still using Windows 8.1, and I see the color =P. You know, I'd color up my signature, but most(if not all) of my cans are black..
Massdrop Username: NuclearPowerofAttorney   -V-Moda Crossfade Wireless: It seems quite interesting, however it hasn't caught on quite yet. Perhaps a drop will change that. You could even put a custom 3D Massdrop logo on it! -Philips Fidelio X2: A very popular can, yet I don't believe it has been dropped! The X1 was dropped, but people wanted the X2 instead. Drop it! -Schiit... You've gotta drop something from them. A simple Schiit stack(Modi2Uber+Magni2Uber) would be...
Spotted the girl I have a crush on with my monster turbines. She seems to like them. It's still a sighting(though they are mine).
Hey, liraop, are you getting better sound because you're using optical now, or is it the Xonar DX itself improving the sound? Or maybe both? o.O
This is more of a headphone hearing than sighting..o.O Well, hearing of. I x-rayed a patient who is a DJ, and said he uses AKGs. He then went on to say that AKGs are good for gaming. So he must certainly know about quality cans =O!
New Posts  All Forums: