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I can only describe this song as..sensational. It's flipping epic, especially when the saxophone comes in.
You guys are all playing these new-fangled 3D games with their graphics and such, and I've been playing Undertale. Well, not just playing it. I'm addicted. I might need help.
Hmm, the clunking just won't go away, eh? That's odd. I hope the hinge itself is okay, not grinding against anything. Does the affected side feel a little bit stiffer than the other when you rotate them?
I hear that the M40x doesn't have the bass emphasis of the M50x, thus making it more neutral. I suppose this might give it less of the "in your face" sound as well.
I've got a budget ASUS laptop that just adds annoying levels of bass to everything, even through WASAPI USB somehow. I don't even like it with my Q701, let alone my X2. However, I do still like the gentle bass boost that my Sony receivers give to the Q701^^. The Q701 with just a bit of bass boost is still the most "transparent" audio setup I've heard. (I haven't heard much, but still).
   For a year or so, I didn't take my M50 out into the world very much. It remained in perfect condition. Man, it was beautiful.    After 3 years of owning it, I got newer cans and finally decided to stop taking it easy. I'd put it into a laptop bag with my netbook, taking it on flights and such. I accidentally kinda stepped on it once or twice >.>, and it still held up well. At this point, the earpads were seriously drying out. I wanted to replace them back then, but...
Thanks for the report, orcus286! I don't know how they did it, but Gibson seems to finally be releasing X2s without the build issues! Such a relief, now I'll be able to recommend X2s to people again. I'm just wondering, though; Do they sound muddy or funky to you at all? PS: Oh man, I'm looking forward to people quoting your post with all the pictures and such.
Whoaa..that would trip everyone out. Have you ever tried the G-Force visualization pack? I loved it back in the day!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI4R6tUJQBg Warning: Video may hurt your ears..and eyes. With a display like this, you could even turn your headphone into woodies, metallies, or plasticies! ..Except it's fake.
My mom would love the diamond-encrusted Beats/Souls/[Insert Rapper Sponsored Can Here]. She loves jewelry and diamonds! You know what would be really cool? Beats Diamond Tears made out of solid diamond O.O.   But really, I'm with mayner here. I looove the ATH-3000ANV. It's a work of art itself!   I just had a thought; Are there cans that have LCD displays on the earcups? You could have animated designs =O!
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