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I totally agree that the X2 is less balanced and more forgiving, thus making it a more of an all-rounder. Just like the M50, it's an all-rounder that's fantastic with electronic music.   I got the X2 to give more oomph to the songs that really need bass, and it has exceeded my expectation. It also has such a deep soundstage and pleasant mids. So now I'm listening to it more than my beloved Q701! But at least the Q701 is better with a number of genres^^.
The launch of this headphone is going to be a car wreck!
or Julien K
never say never
way too happy
Reefer and weed !
OTL tube amplifiers
The engineers had to work hard...to create the "b" on the side of the headphones. (Pic stolen from Music818) Beats: When good sound is not an option.   All-in-all, I'm kidding when I hate on the Beats. I don't mind their presence anymore, now that they released the 2.0 models. I just don't get how they're supposed to look good, apart from the aluminum on the Pro. I personally don't like the Fisher Price look.
Head-Fi's strangest rumors
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