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all my sorrows
Well, lemme ask you some quiz questions.1)Is your head big? I have a dolichocephalic(tall&big) head, and it barely fits in the X2 headband. If I got an X1, my head would really be squeezed in there. I use my M50 with 4 clicks on either side and my Q701 really presses against the top of my head, if that helps.2)How would you like replaceable ear pads? Might be a big deal 4 years down the line.And that's about all I've got. Who knows? Maybe you'll love the X1/X2 so much that...
is to live
Just add a Sennheiser Surrounder, and you are good to go, with actual 5.1 surround! And we all know how good the Sennheiser Surrounder looks, right? ;3
Horizon, from FF8
like Harry Mason
Now that's what I'm talking about. You're getting a new one, so you don't even have to worry about it being damaged^^. Win-win.   Sheesh, I'm liking my X2 more and more every time I listen to it. The bass doesn't seem overpowering at all anymore. And I hardly perceive any of the dips in its frequency response. It's really rivaling my Q701 now, which I never expected it to do.
Hey, I know of some people at the Hifiman He-400i thread who would like that!^^ You just have to get a special exo suit that allows your neck to support 250lbs! (Actually, just put a subwoofer in a backpack and wear that around.)
That's it, I want a headphone that has a horn-loaded tweeter inside. Now that would be huge.
You know, I'd actually be more attracted to the $200.34 Used - Very Good (Damaged Packaging) ones. I got my Q701 for $150 like that, and it was brand new. The box just had a little ding. What a deal! But if you're afraid of damage, it's understandable.   Edit: I agree with the post under this one. Like New (Damaged Packaging) is even better!
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