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Hmm..let's take a look. The Q701s are dropping gradually in price. It seems that they are worth $230-240 new, and $175-$185 used. Whereas the K550: Is worth significantly more.   I hope you can find a good deal/trade!
My story is quite simple. Ever since I first heard my AD-700, using my home theater receiver as a DAC/amp, things just changed forever. I was finally hearing...everything. Every frequency seemed to reside at its own level, instead of mixing and muddling with others. And from then on, I wanted this level of clarity or nothing at all. ...And later on, I got my Klipsch speakers, which punched the AD-700 in the face.
My Audio Technica M50 fatigues my ears pretty quickly, after about 50 minutes of listening. Not only because of their more "forward" sound signature, but also because they are closed-back and seal pretty well, putting more pressure on my ears. My ears are quite sensitive to pressure . I still love my M50, even though it fatigues mah ears. Taking breaks after every hour during long music listening sessions helps.
At my local Starbucks, I sighted a guy walking with a pair of V-Moda M-80s around his neck. And in Baltimore, I saw someone wearing a Sony XB-500. So I had a good sighting, finally .   Oh, and I also saw what looked just like a black SkullCandy aviator, but the ear-pieces were circular instead of triangular. Maybe they decided to make them more ergonomic =P.
Nice ones! But what about the ominous, yet captivating and unique design of the MBL radialstrahler? Kind of an acquired taste, I suppose. My favorite speakers for aesthetics, though, are probably the Paradigm S8 and Klipsch P-39F. I just love how industrial the Paradigm signature series looks. And Klipsch's horn-loaded tweeters..... This has gone too far.
I started watching HifiGuy's unboxings just because I wanted to know what a few headphones he unboxed were like. Just to ask myself, "Would I want to have those in real life?" I like the way the unboxer(s) can discuss and show their first impressions while they experience them. Especially when it comes to build quality and materials used to build the headphones. Eventually, I just got to like HifiGuy's personality, and wanted to watch more of his videos because of...
I'm sort of starting to regret purchasing the AKG K518, because it just doesn't fit my head very well at all. The headband is too short, and not padded at all =\.
A very good review, indeed. But Quinn seems a little bit wishy-washy about some factors. For instance, he reviewed the M50 and stated that he thought they were very balanced and neutral sounding. However, in this review, he changed his mind and talked about it having a V-shaped sound signature. I guess his mind changed after hearing more neutral headphones. Also, in this review, he says that the M50 has a lot of sound leakage. And that is just false.   The Uptown...
What the heck? It so closely resembles the HD-25, with the split headband, swiveling earcup, etc. But the earcups themselves are weird. They look to be circumaural! I want some circumaural HD-25s!
 Wow, nice sightings. And with pictures, no less.  There is something about the pictures, though. Just the way they are black and white...It reminds me of an old-fashioned horror movie. As if those people with their headphones are going to be attacked or something . Just saying =P.  
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