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Yay, a new M50(X) fan! I hope you enjoy them! Sorry I didn't have any advice for you. I still need to get the 'X' version. What do you think of the sound? Is it similar at all to Beats headphones?(Some say it sounds like the Beats Studios.)
My brother and I sighted and subsequently annoyed a man sporting a Vmoda XS at Starbucks. That orange cable really gives it a "Halloweeny" kinda look, eh?
Reading all day? How about listening to music all day with a side of reading? It's all thanks to Schiit.   Here, I'm going to add more Schiit to this post.    Is there anyone else who uses the screw in the volume knob to tell where their listening volume is? It's super helpful, especially in the dark. And the blindingly bright LED shines right on it! With my X2, the screw stays around 1:00-2:00. Q701, 3:00.
You can't give up! You have to be strong! The X2 is too amazing to leave behind!
Listening to the X2 for a little while sometimes causes my left ear to kind of "clip." I think it's how the driver interfaces with my inner ear. That ear does have a problem though, so it's not the X2's fault. As for weight, the X2 is quite light(thanks to Philips making the cans look more beefy than they actually are.) But eventually, they make my neck kinda tired. All ya need is a chair with neck support^^. If you want lighter cans, you'll lose the amazingness that is...
 What a coincidence! I'm listening to lower fidelity music on my X2 and totally loving it! Not just loving it because it's low-fidelity music, mind you, haha.I'm blasting my ears with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ6SJd9NgMs And I find the mids to be smooth and natural. I actually love the X2's mids!Maybe I should try getting used to my Q701 again and see what I find.
Ooh, a coworker of mine has a Klipsch S3. She was a little bit freaked out that I was able to recognize it. Apparently she randomly got it for $20 =O! It's funny because my dad also has a Klipsch S3. Maybe that's why I recognized it so readily.
That is a killer deal for the Q701! But Amazon says they're "Unavailable" now. Does it mean they sold out already, or are they just doing maintenance? o.O I need to force my brother-in-law to get them.
Welcome to Head-Fi. Your wallet, let it go..let it go.   You know, I wanna see some abusive burn-in on the Yggy. Could you imagine if it took less than a week to warm up?
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