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This song + vmoda m-80 = the worst bass headache I've ever had!
Ooh, I see that you're warming up your IEMs, tamleo. (Get it? Because the Magni2Uber is really warm. =P) I'm glad that you're enjoying your Schiit stack. I've never used IEMs with the Magni2Uber because of that same fear, but it actually seems like a great idea after all. Wait, you aren't using high gain with in-ears, are you?
I don't know about the M40x, even with custom earpads. Dat headband, you know? If the Sony XB1000 still existed, I'd suggest it. Well, it was a bass cannon, though.
I'm 25, believe it or not, haha. And yeah, it's flipping crazy to think that we lived so close, but might as well have been just as far away from each other as we are now. Life is weird, man. It seems that physical distance doesn't even matter.
All I can say is YOLO, Nordkapp! Blast your hearing like I do! Wait, no wonder my hearing sucks. Wanna know what's weirdest about growing up for me? As a kid, I was taught to be well-mannered and call everyone sir or ma'am. But now, people call me sir! Agh! It sucks.
Looking good while bald takes a style to pull off. Gotta have the cool goatee. By the way, this thread reminds me of this song. Just had to say.
Gyyorgeouss! 💘I have a receding hairline, thanks to my dad. But I've shaved my head bald before and didn't hate it too much. I can just wear a wig if I want hair.Oh, and my hearing? It's going downhill fast. =/ I'm growing up too quickly physically, but not at all mentally.
I twist and shout. Because it hurts sometimes!   Hmm... Lemme tell you. Nothing cleans your ears better than an Etymotic triple-flange eartip. Ever tried it?
Everyone who reads your signature will say, "He must have so much gear that he can't even list it all!" You know, you could shorten your signature even more. How about DAP>Cans? I mean, who cares about all this silly, single-tasking audio gear? I knew you were an android, or something invented by someone!
Ew, gross, Music Alchemist! Just kidding. I do that too, sometimes. Do you ever kinda turn your finger so that the top of the fingernail is facing anterior, allowing you to get that really deep earwax?
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