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   Yeah! Same with me. My philosophy is that albums are meant to be listened to all the way through. Especially ones that feature good transitions between songs. So it pisses me off when I get interrupted from listening to the whole thing.   Another thing that annoys me is my DAP. Right now, I'm using my Xbox 360 to play music, and it can't play .FLAC or .WAV files. It's kind of Schiity when it comes to playing music. Also, it runs loud and hot as Schiit.
   I say that they should overhaul the earpads entirely. More angle would definitely help, but they should also change the shape of the earpad, making it less donut-shaped behind the ears. Think of the HD800, how the earpad is less circular in the back. It really helps wearers get a better seal.
Yeah..I just need to get a real amp, I guess. I'm using a Sony home theater receiver from the 90's right now. I like it because it's really warm, but it's most likely hindering the Q701's soundstage and dynamics.    Mine doesn't creak while I'm wearing it, but it sure creaks when I hold it and kind of move the earpieces around. It's not a big deal, really.
  I could practically write books about every headphone..But I just don't have enough room in a forum post. So I'll probably end up writing little tidbits about the Q701 as time goes on. Eventually, when I get a better amp( a REAL headphone amplifier), I'll write a review. It'll be unbelievably long!    Yeah..I'm not sure if it's just the Q701s made in China(mine is.) It creaks, and the earpads are firm as heck. In addition, the plastic is just so hollow. At least the...
I think I'm going to interrupt the battle with a nice, long type-up!      After 4 months of owning the Q701, I am pleased to say that I am IMPRESSED with it. I'm going to post a semi-review/comparison here for you guys!    Why did I choose the Q701? I wanted to find a blend between the Audio Technica M50 and AD700. I wanted the forward mids, airy soundstage, and detail of the AD700, as well as the deeper/fuller bass of the M50.    So how does the Q701 fare when it comes...
   Doctor offices should give out portable rigs to waiting patients. After all, listening to music is a healing process, is it not? Ah, the headphones would probably get infected or something...So they'd have to go with disposable cans, such as- <.<...>.> ..Parts Express headphones!    How about Rick Astley or Rebecca Black? They'd probably get you slapped, actually.
   Now this is one I can really agree with! Mastering like that really leads to some big annoyances for me. I start wondering if one of my drivers is dying, the cable is shorting out, or maybe I'm going slightly deaf in one ear. If artists could just center the vocals, or perhaps balance the audio with something on the opposite side. It's especially bad when listening to speakers, because I start wanting to move my speakers around to compensate.   This song by my favorite...
No problem! You can use velcro, double-sided tape, or something similar. Here's a thread that demonstrates the headband being applied to a headphone!
Static X Edit: Dang it, didn't make it in. X would have been a tough letter.
A lot of people like to use the Sennheiser HD 650 headband cushion when they mod their headphones. It's not only very soft, but it has a perfect shape for weight distribution. It has a recess in the very center, which takes weight off the center of the head, which is the most sensitive part. You can actually buy it from Sennheiser's website here: For only $7.55, what could go wrong?
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