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The ENT my brother saw used a metal hook-like device, which is supposed to hurt like a bathsheba close to the eardrum. But it really did the trick. I personally want ponies on the end of my ear picks.
I'm actually thinking about somehow modifying my drone's camera to become a scope for me to see into my ears while I clean them. Maybe I could build an otoscope out of it.
Even if they're a silly who bought expensive gear without even knowing how to appreciate it, they still have experience with the gear. They don't have to be experienced to have experience, if you know what I mean. The signature should simply establish what they have. Meanwhile, post count and reputation should establish their credibility.   I defy this idea with my near 1000 posts, though.
I love filling my signature with junk, just like my posts themselves. I feel that a list of current audio gear in your siggy can help forum members assess your taste and experience with this hobby, thus allowing them to be more confident in your advice and opinions. I personally am not a fan of having to look at someone's profile to see any of their gear. The presence of audio gear in one's signature might also bring about interest from other members, allowing...
I always try to avoid cleaning my inner ear because I'm paranoid of causing problems. My brother once accidentally caused a complete blockage of earwax in his ear, which had to be cleaned out by an ear, nose, and throat specialist. After he had his ears cleaned, he said there was a massive difference compared to how his hearing was before the incident. Namely, treble was sharper and clearer. But his ears must have been really dirty, so who knows how great his hearing was...
I want to see this happen. It would be hilarious!
This trend reminds me of the anomalous duck from SCP Containment Breach. Now you see it, now you don't. What I think needs to happen is a modernization of the rubber ducky design, or perhaps an alternative to the rubber ducky entirely. I'm sure that Disney could work something out.
C'mon, be like Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips! He's cool! Btw, I wear white socks as hand-me-downs, but I always wear pants and shoes.
If it weren't for the risks associated with eating raw beef, I'm sure tartare and such would be much more widely accepted worldwide. This is all a coincidence! I actually felt tempted, eyeballing some nice steaks yesterday. I wondered what they would taste like raw. But I don't think I'll ever actually try doing it, as much as I may be tempted.   When I was young, I was a very picky eater. Well, I'm still picky. But I'm finally trying new things..even if I end up grossed...
Hiya! As a test, while you're gaming with your a900x at night, take your cans off for a moment to hear what they sound like "opened up." This isn't the best representation, but it might sorta give you an idea of what it'll be like. Unfortunately, the AD900x will leak more sound. Hopefully, it shouldn't be enough to wake your fiance. If anything, if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she will hear your audio faintly and fall back asleep. One thing to keep in mind is...
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