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 What a coincidence! I'm listening to lower fidelity music on my X2 and totally loving it! Not just loving it because it's low-fidelity music, mind you, haha.I'm blasting my ears with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ6SJd9NgMs And I find the mids to be smooth and natural. I actually love the X2's mids!Maybe I should try getting used to my Q701 again and see what I find.
Ooh, a coworker of mine has a Klipsch S3. She was a little bit freaked out that I was able to recognize it. Apparently she randomly got it for $20 =O! It's funny because my dad also has a Klipsch S3. Maybe that's why I recognized it so readily.
That is a killer deal for the Q701! But Amazon says they're "Unavailable" now. Does it mean they sold out already, or are they just doing maintenance? o.O I need to force my brother-in-law to get them.
Welcome to Head-Fi. Your wallet, let it go..let it go.   You know, I wanna see some abusive burn-in on the Yggy. Could you imagine if it took less than a week to warm up?
It always helps to say this to your cans after a long burn-in session:   After burn-in, every can must chill-out.
This soundtrack is just so fun to listen to on the M50!(Kinda bland on my X2..)  
Yo, Exit Pupil! It's been a few weeks and I'm wondering how the 650 is doing. Did the varimotion(what's Sennheiser's version called again) diaphragm survive? I'm hoping it made it through, and at least didn't start on fire or something. If this works out, it'll be a fantastic headphone!
Yesh, the X2 is a fantastic all-rounder headphone. I actually love how the X2 renders classical music, with its vast soundstage and all. The best thing is when you have electronic music, which the X2 does best at, with samples of classical stuff in it.
Getting a new Woox pair might be tricky. Perhaps you could find a used one in good condition here on Head-Fi. I got mine from a fellow Head-Fier. I believe that Gibson might be getting better at making X2s. Hopefully the issues will all be fixed soon^^.   The X2 doesn't require a lot of power, but standalone DACs and amps can still improve sound quality. It doesn't make a huge difference with these cans, but it just helps(mostly with music.) To be honest, I don't mind...
Just CALM DOWN! No reason to panic! AAHH! Oh, wait, you already did. Good. No problem. If you can get an X2 for $200USD or so, even if it's a Gibson, it will be a fantastic deal.   Do you have a standalone DAC or amplifier yet?
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