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Yay, glad they're good!(They're Stax. Of course they're good.) Did you receive the amp and cans from the same person? o.O Hmmm...and can you tell whether it's the amp or the cans clipping?
That's pretty cool, yet inconvenient X3. What he needs is some retractable mechanism that unrolls that cable out to him. Cable management isn't a big thing for me, which is bad. At least the Q701 cable is fluorescent green^^. No way I could trip on that. Careful, Alchemist! One misstep and you'll have 1.21 Gigawatts going through you!
The EL-8 treble is, like, the great divide. Just as the lord has parted the red sea, so too has the lord parted the the treble. Is Audeze going to fix it?But yeah, it's a meh-fest. It would never compete on paper with an HD650 or K700(my new blanket term for every 700 series model.) Your point of view is impressive..I like it. The X2 actually really impresses me. But at times, I don't know if I really like it. So it's backwards for me.
So it's not really a big deal. Just some imbalance. Thanks for your input^^. I see that even Mad Lust Envy had a similar issue with his X2.
You know, ear canal resonance does sound feasible. I do kinda notice that the fatigue is mostly in my left ear, which has different curvature than my right ear. Very interesting.   What's also interesting is that my X2 goes out of phase from 5-5.5Khz. I (Edit:Pretty much only) hear sound through the right side, and then (Edit:Pretty much only) through the left side as the tone goes up. Cable and source changes don't fix it. Is my X2 weird? I'ma read through this thread...
that they couldn't
They need a "Sound Philosophy" forum. It would be the opposite of sound science. XP But them islands.. Some islands are hard to find, some are big. Some are highly populated. Some are warm, others are cold. Sharks and other troubles represent the money spent to reach the can/island. Tools you use on the island to aid your survival are like amplifiers, making things better there. Your friend, the volleyball with a face, is Head-Fi. It's always with you. Okay, this has...
Hahaha, Alpha "Dogs." Is that just a coincidence?I find that full-size cans don't really fit dogs too well =\. Clip-on headphones are the way to go. They're, like, perfect. I wonder if dogs can hear the inaudible stuff from headphones =O. They were probably like, "Wow, I wish he could train my headphones! Audeze, I choose you! Use fazor magnetic flux to increase def!"I bet they could get some nice synergy going with the flagships to the extent that you'd like them^^.
Aw, but Jjacq, your dog is just trying to sing along with, 'Who Let the Dogs Out.' If you listen to closed-back cans, your dog probably won't hear it. Problem solved! Just kidding, hahaha.   That sounds like a trap, Alchemist. They probably want to get revenge on you for not liking high-end cans-'s worse. -For not liking the M50x!
Yeshhh, you are absolutely right- Wait, what are you saying? You mean silver and gold cables? I'm just kidding. I gotcha! And you are right. The journey is the most meaningful part. Except the journey here is more like getting stranded in an endless sea of islands, where each island is an individual can. ...Or maybe I'm thinking of the game, 'Stranded Deep.' Anyway, it still kinda fits .   It's nice to still have my good ol' M50 and AD700 around. They'll always remind...
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