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   Hiya, guys! I finally got a Modi 2 Uber, and I am loving it. However, the wall wart it came with is very annoying. It emits a constant hum/whine whenever it's plugged in. Darn coils vibrating at subharmonic frequencies.. Do you guys get this issue with any of your wall warts that came with Schiit?    I guess the problem is that it is, well, cheap and crappy. It's ****, not Schiit. I'll probably just buy a new wall wart that is rated the same electrically. Or maybe...
Dang it, okay, it's not neutral. I agree that it is warm. But the treble sounded different to me than the measurements indicated. It's probably just me...and my ears(lack of seal?) The warmth should help with Michael2200's EDM, ya know ;3.
As a long-time AD700 fan, I know how you feel, Stylomax. The AD700 is amazing in so many ways. It's super comfortable. It's built well. It has "ethereal" sound. But as surprising as it may seem, there are other amazing headphones out there.    The AD900X is a natural upgrade as far as sound and comfort go. It's got softer earpads that actually have room for your ears. And its sound is much cleaner; less diffuse with more bass presence. It even has the fantastic depth! But...
   I thought it sounded quite neutral. Probably because I compared it to my M50. The Momentum has more mids than the M50, and its bass sounds more linear. To me, the treble was fine in level. Not as forward as the M50's treble, but not as recessed as V-moda treble.    I just like dat Momentum, man. For being a super portable can, it is great.
   The original Sennheiser Momentum has a very neutral, detailed sound with deep bass. It also has fantastic separation and soundstage depth for a closed can. It sounds great! It is also built well. Very durable, and it isolates lots of outside noise. However, its fit is very odd. It has the smallest diameter earcups ever to be put on an around-ear headphone. If you have medium to large ears, they'll be uncomfortable.    The Momentum 2.0 is said to be an improvement in...
There's going to be so much Schiit there. You'll be saying, "I didn't know they could stack Schiit that high!" And I think I know why those Schiit pants are black. ...It's a reference to the Schiit Bifrost B-Stock! Right?
Photoshop I mean REAL picture is being made now. The first early announcement from Schiit is their new smart phone, the 'iSchiit.'It is the first smartphone to feature Schiit's patented circlotron amplification topology. It can also output balanced and unbalanced audio!Finally, you can bring your high-end planars with you during your daily commute.(Notice: May not fit in your pocket. May have sharp edges. May cause burns.)
Finally, Schiit is launching their free amp/DAC program! Free hardware for everyone! ...Or not >.>.   I like the ideas of DAC/amp combinations, and upgrades to the Bifrost and Gungnir. Could you imagine if they were upgraded to Yggdrasil performance? O.O Hmm..what about a Schiit soundcard for PCs? Forget about USB. Nah, too much software.   I would laugh if Schiit decided to make their own headphones. I think I'll use Photoshop to show how I'd imagine they would look.
to the end
A UNIX system O.O
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