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Getting a new Woox pair might be tricky. Perhaps you could find a used one in good condition here on Head-Fi. I got mine from a fellow Head-Fier. I believe that Gibson might be getting better at making X2s. Hopefully the issues will all be fixed soon^^.   The X2 doesn't require a lot of power, but standalone DACs and amps can still improve sound quality. It doesn't make a huge difference with these cans, but it just helps(mostly with music.) To be honest, I don't mind...
Just CALM DOWN! No reason to panic! AAHH! Oh, wait, you already did. Good. No problem. If you can get an X2 for $200USD or so, even if it's a Gibson, it will be a fantastic deal.   Do you have a standalone DAC or amplifier yet?
Oh, not at all. Everything sounds natural to me, even coming from my other cans. I can tell where every instrument and singer is. It's easy to tell if sounds are ever so slightly off-center in the song itself. The tonality of the mids is more natural than on the Q701, I'd say. And I love the Q701! But the Q701 has a peak at 4khz that makes vocals sound shouty or "plasticy." I recommend the X2 all the way! Attach a Vmoda Boompro microphone to it!
Don't worry about it, my friend. My X2 has fantastic imaging regardless of the little imbalance. I game with it all the time(Black Ops 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5), and it never lets me down. Directionality and depth are fantastic(X2 has even more depth than the AD700!)
I've got a Woox pair that was purchased around August last year. Using Sinegen, I found that the right channel is favored at around 5500hz +/- 100hz. The left channel is significantly quieter at those frequencies. I ran the same test on my Q701, and the imbalance wasn't there. I also tried different sources and wore the X2 backward to make sure I'm not going deaf.
Here, Amatak, lemme help you out. There's a neat, little program called SineGen that allows you to play any frequency of sound that you want. You can even sweep through them as well. I used it to find imbalances in my X2. Here's a link to it: http://sinegen.en.lo4d.com/
A mobile workstation in the emergency department at a hospital I'm rotating to has a KRK KNS 8400 hanging from it. Just hanging there! I wanna try it out . Meme: When a hospital has better headphones on display than almost any electronics store.   Edit: Mm..beefy.
Lazy Game Reviews just got some fancy, new headphones. No, not the M50, silly! A real whopper of a can, if you will. I hear they have beefy sound quality. And they come with a radio!
I find my X2 to be super comfortable, but I'm always fiddling with it to get the perfect fit/perfect sound. It's an endless battle. Darn mastoid process of the temporal bone!
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