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All I can say is YOLO, Nordkapp! Blast your hearing like I do! Wait, no wonder my hearing sucks. Wanna know what's weirdest about growing up for me? As a kid, I was taught to be well-mannered and call everyone sir or ma'am. But now, people call me sir! Agh! It sucks.
Looking good while bald takes a certain..fashion style to pull off. Gotta have the cool goatee. By the way, this thread reminds me of this song. Just had to say. https://youtu.be/h_mNhZcozZs
Gyyorgeouss! 💘I have a receding hairline, thanks to my dad. But I've shaved my head bald before and didn't hate it too much. I can just wear a wig if I want hair.Oh, and my hearing? It's going downhill fast. =/ I'm growing up too quickly physically, but not at all mentally.
I twist and shout. Because it hurts sometimes!   Hmm... Lemme tell you. Nothing cleans your ears better than an Etymotic triple-flange eartip. Ever tried it?
Everyone who reads your signature will say, "He must have so much gear that he can't even list it all!" You know, you could shorten your signature even more. How about DAP>Cans? I mean, who cares about all this silly, single-tasking audio gear? I knew you were an android, or something invented by someone!
Ew, gross, Music Alchemist! Just kidding. I do that too, sometimes. Do you ever kinda turn your finger so that the top of the fingernail is facing anterior, allowing you to get that really deep earwax?
So you wanna feel a cloud on your head? I can't recommend anything more than one of Audio Technica's signature "3D Wing Technology" based headphones. They're specially designed to basically float on your head, feeling weightless with almost no clamping force. I namely recommend the ATH-AD900x and ATH-R70x as they are great sounding and affordable as well.   But they're not really for everyone. If you have a small head, the headphones may kinda drift down on your head a...
Oh, no, Nordkapp. I can't see your signature because I'm on mobile! *Switches to desktop view* Whew, that's better. Ooh, your signature is perfect. It may not say what specific gear you have, but I can see you use a computer with CDs. That's interesting to know. You also have standalone audio equipment. Nice! This signature is also a bit silly, so it says something about your personality. Nice job! I'm sorry, Alchemist. You are a different kind of Head-Fier, a very humble...
Think about it like your resume. You want it to be simple and organized. But it's okay if you show off a bit. =P [[SPOILER]]
The ENT my brother saw used a metal hook-like device, which is supposed to hurt like a bathsheba close to the eardrum. But it really did the trick. I personally want ponies on the end of my ear picks.
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