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I guess that there hasn't been an outcry for high quality equipment like this. We audiophiles should join together and build something that could stream nice audio(Kleer, anyone?) to our headphones. I could imagine Moon Audio building different versions of it for each headphone out there..the M80, Q701, etc.
Sadly, turning a headphone into a wireless headset isn't really possible yet. Products like this just haven't caught on. It's probably because it requires a lot of components in a very small package. You would have a Bluetooth receiver, DAC, and amplifier hanging from your headphone's 3.5mm socket. Eventually, I believe that the technology will catch on, but for now, there are very few options. Try googling: "3.5mm audio receiver" or "3.5mm audio transmitter." Most of the...
If you really like the M50, and wish it were open-backed, you could modify them to be open-backed! Here is a thread detailing how it can be done. If you choose to try it out, I wish you the best of luck.
Somehow, my AD700(okay, it actually is my dad's) got really banged up on the right side. It looks as if he hit it with a pole, leaving an indentation along the entire grill. Still, they sound just as fantastic as ever to me. I don't even notice a difference between the left and right channels. However, there are probably sound changes done due to the fact that the grill is designed for acoustic tuning. I would recommend replacing the grills on your Senns if it is at all...
On a flight to Washington, I happened to notice a person wearing a Parrot Zik. I was fascinated due to the Zik's rarity and newness...until I noticed that just about every electronics store in the airport I landed at sold them. Why is the Zik so rare here on Head Fi?
I (miraculously) saw a guy at my school wearing M50's while sitting on a bench. I had an impulse to sit next to him with my own M50's, but felt it would be a little awkward. Of course, I've also seen my fair share of Beats and Skullcandies lately. People really love the Skullcandy "Uprock" at my college. Maybe due to its compactness, and high probability of breaking?
I spotted an M50 on someone near my local mall today, which was surprisingly my first M50 sighting in the "wild." I wish I had my M50 with me at the time..   Otherwise, it's just the usual ocean of Beats with a couple of cheap Sonys thrown in.
In my Chinese class, I saw someone wearing an AKG K181DJ on their neck, and I was blown away. They are a great looking set of cans! I hope he won't get in trouble for wearing them in class..
It looks like Koss is trying to take the spot that Philips and Skullcandy used to hold, before they moved to make more higher-end headphones. I just hope that they'll sound okay, so we(okay, mostly me) won't have to start bashing Koss.   Anyone want some Koss Kandy?
My earpads became relatively hard not long after I got them. Their softness also varies depending on the temperature of my room, which is weird. Watching an unboxing video of the M50 had me surprised, because the M50 in the video had such soft earpads. Mine were never so soft, even right when I got them. I just wish there was a way to get replacement earpads of higher quality, that wouldn't become hardened after just a few months of use.
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