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Brownie points are a secret score given to "special" members like myself.   Ouch, I don't wanna get bitten by a donkey. =P But seriously, I'm curious, too.   Your profile picture looks just as surprised as you are, lol.
Whoa, look at that neato chart thing! Now we can see if everyone's telling the truth! Awesome stuff! Sheez, my total rep sucks...   To Music Alchemist: I'm happy to entertain. And I love it when people are generous, lol. Especially x RELIC x. He's given so much rep! Hmm.. Most of my posts are rather troll-ish, so no wonder I don't get much rep.... And yes, I happen to give you lots of reps, but not because I'm a stalker or anything. >.> It's just that you have a lot of...
I definitely give more than I receive, eh? I'm always out of daily reputation to give out! Now if only I could see my reputation on Youtube...
Edit: So I got a chance to listen to the M50x for an extended period of time. And I was dissatisfied with it to the extent that I made a rage-induced post. I am editing the post because I feel that it wasn't substantive enough; It was nothing but angry thoughts that I threw together.   In a nutshell, the M50x sounds startlingly different than my M50, which I've had for five years. My M50 has rolled-off sub-bass and smooth treble, while the M50x has overbearing bass, as...
Dang it! Not cool, man. I was really hoping for natural, analog, velvety sound or however you described it. Now I'm stuck with an M50x... (And my M50, thank God). So how do you like the DT1770? Have you heard the DT770 as well?
Dear God, man. That is just insane. Two HE-60s among other things?! If only that could fit in a signature.
I was watching a 720p YouTube video, and I had some more Head-Fi tabs open. In other words, holy Schiit, I was pushing the limit. Maybe I should reformat my HDD or something..
Here, nordkapp, I'll buy your stuff, except I don't have any money. Muahaha! Yeah, my profile seriously lacks padding. No wonder it's uncomfortable to read!
I know what you're saying, wink. But I'm not gonna take your advice! Bwahaha! Dang it, I couldn't even conveniently navigate to your profile because my laptop is super laggy right now. =\ So I'll never know what equipment you have.   I see that you finally have some entry-level equipment, nordkapp! Congratulations! Well, it will be entry-level in a few years. =P
I saw an ATH-MSR7 in the wild for the first time. It is very subdued in appearance, and its wearer was moving head-on toward me, so recognizing it was surprisingly difficult. But dang, it looks pretty nice when you actually see it up close. Oh, yeah, and I also saw some Bose, of course, lol.
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