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Here, Amatak, lemme help you out. There's a neat, little program called SineGen that allows you to play any frequency of sound that you want. You can even sweep through them as well. I used it to find imbalances in my X2. Here's a link to it: http://sinegen.en.lo4d.com/
A mobile workstation in the emergency department at a hospital I'm rotating to has a KRK KNS 8400 hanging from it. Just hanging there! I wanna try it out . Meme: When a hospital has better headphones on display than almost any electronics store.   Edit: Mm..beefy.
Lazy Game Reviews just got some fancy, new headphones. No, not the M50, silly! A real whopper of a can, if you will. I hear they have beefy sound quality. And they come with a radio!
I find my X2 to be super comfortable, but I'm always fiddling with it to get the perfect fit/perfect sound. It's an endless battle. Darn mastoid process of the temporal bone!
I sighted some weird bluetooth on-ear cans on a classmate. They're, like, something you'd get at a mall, I guess? She let me listen to some K-Pop on them. They're called "Jam." o.O Dang, they don't have any bass =\! But K-Pop needs bass!
Ooh, I didn't even see that you posted a picture earlier(I was on my phone.) I'll actually reply this time instead of adding reputation! Were all of these people with the cool headphones on the same train at the same time?
That dip in the upper mids appears to be opposite of the Q701, which has a peak there instead. It would be nice to not have that peak, which makes vocals kinda shouty/plasticy. But grr, I don't want a dip either! Why can't it just be flatter there on either can? I need to try some EQ! (Actually, looking at the HE400i's raw frequency response, it looks like they might have tried to keep it flat, but used a different target curve than Tyll uses.)   Anyway, uhh..What...
All of this talk has had me wanting to listen to my Q701 again(I've been glued to my X2.[Edit:HAHA, GLUED! Anyway..]) So I hooked it up and relived the greatness! If I had to describe the Q701 in one word, I'd call it sharp. But not just sharp by having a hot treble. It sounds very clear, very fast, very..palpable. The Q701 is just fantastic at imaging numerous sounds coming from different directions at the same time. It never gets congested!   I definitely want to get...
Oh noo! That one coworker of mine with the Beats... He walked in with Bose QC25s the other day! I think he's a Best Buy-Fier .
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