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  Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R,... (And thinking, "That is a perty HD 800," Between each keystroke.)      
Don't forget that the Sennheiser HD 700 has the same, old HD 650 driver. I believe that the wireless RS 220 might also have the same driver, as well. Also, the Amperior has the HD 25's driver. What about different companies using the same driver? For instance: The Denon D1001 and Creative Aurvana Live!
Oh, the M50 is definitely becoming a monster because of its increasing price. But don't forget about the Monster Beats clones. Soul by Ludacris, SMS by 50 Cent, Ultrafocus by Polk, M40 by Klipsch, and Monster's future headphones. They could still plague the consumer market D=! This thread will eventually be renamed to, "Getting  'called-out' for not wearing Beats clones."
Aw, bogus. I guess that is why they say you should listen to a set of cans before recommending them. Sennheiser even advertised the HD 380 to have improved isolation over the HD 280. Seems that they were possibly wrong?
Very nice write up/review! I wish that every newbie would just come to this thread and read your post instead of having to start new threads.     I have had a similar relationship with my M50(It sounds like I'm getting married to the dang cans because of the way I worded that..=P) I hope you don't mind if I post a review(or a review reply of sorts) here! I have discovered that pros and cons can really change between person-to-person. For instance, I actually...
Don't forget about the Sennheiser HD 380 pro. It is actually an improvement over the HD 280, not only in sound(sounding more balanced), but offering even more isolation. They say it offers 36 decibels of broadband isolation, which is about as much as earmuffs isolate.
Oh, yeah, I forgot about the TMA-1.   There is also the V-Moda M-80, which is known to be almost invincible. Its headband can just bend and bend. And as a plus, it is engineered not to need extra amplification.    
The Sennheiser HD 25 should be everything but fragile o.O. It is made to be tossed around and transported all the time. Plus, almost every part of it is replaceable.
 All I can say is thank you for not starting a new thread. Just posting here, you have helped us all.  The mids aren't very recessed, in my opinion. The middle treble region(where breathing/whispering is heard) seems to be a little held back compared to my Audio Technica AD700 or Klipsch speakers. That, plus the louder bass and high treble, gives them a warmer sound.  The bass and high treble are definitely the center of attention when it comes to the M50.  I would say...
Check this site out: It has a ton of burn-in files, including sine waves, white/pink noise, the works. They even have a program which alternates between each different burn-in track for you. Good luck! Make sure you don't burn them in too loudly. (About as loud as you would normally listen to them is good.)
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