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As long as it's not an M50x, oh, snap! =PMan, if giving reps earned you money, I'd be so rich! But if giving bad advice cost you money, it'd balance out for me.
You wanna keep a nice balance, you say? Just gimme the gear, and I'll give you some sweet reps in return ;P.   As soon as I get to use Photoshop, I need to make a Head-Fier Andy meme picture that says: I get ****s faster than I can give them. No, that sounds stupid. I'll think up a better response later.
You're right, it'll prove if something is wrong. Earpads do have quite a big effect on sound signature. I'm going to put some new M50x pads on my M50 to hear how much things change. Edit: Things get simpler, thankfully. I bought the Audio Technica HP-EP replacement earpads and put them onto my M50. And what do you know? It really was the earpads making the difference! The stuffy sound of the M50x has manifested into my M50. I guess I should have expected the change, with...
Uhhhhhh, I still don't get it. I give up! It's probably just a trick, anyway.   Wow, people in the "Show Me Your Rep" thread have some really nice signatures. I see cool quotes all over the place. I particularly like wuwhere's signature. He's the Staxman, lol.
I was testing to see if wink watches Z Reviews. =P But yeah, it's all the same! Earspeakers, headphones, headspeakers, ear pleasure devices. What I hate the most is when people call headphones "headsets". To me, a headset is a headphone with a microphone. Thusly, it's a set.   This doesn't answer my question, though! What is the sarcasm saying?! GAH!
But I don't pick up a penny, unless it lands heads-up.   If I go into sarcasm mode, it seems like you're saying the 770 is not a headphone, or maybe it's a bad headphone. ["I listen to headphones, not the 770."] Is it a really bad can?   But you used the word "still," which means you're perhaps beyond headphones. So you prefer IEMs or speakers? Or "earspeakers"? I see that you have some AKG K1000s.   I's confuzzled!  
Oh, snap! You showed him! Wait..what do you mean, exactly? I'm bad with the sarcasms.
Brownie points are a secret score given to "special" members like myself.   Ouch, I don't wanna get bitten by a donkey. =P But seriously, I'm curious, too.   Your profile picture looks just as surprised as you are, lol.
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