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I believe that using Dolby Headphone and other "surround sound emulators" really helps open up the soundstage of headphones; allowing you to hear far-away sounds more realistically. I don't have the AD700s, but I do use my headphones with a receiver that has Dolby Headphone. There is quite a noticeable difference, even though my headphones have a small soundstage. You should read up this thread if you haven't yet. It has a ton of useful information. Good luck!...
I think I spotted some AKG K702s in the game Test Drive Unlimited 2.
I was watching TV with my mom, and a Chase Sapphire commercial came on that I had seen so many times. But suddenly, I noticed that one of the people in the commercial was wearing Sony XB 700s. I exclaimed and told me mom about it, but all she said was, "'re pretty crazy about that headphone stuff." XP..I guess it is kind of crazy how obsessed I am.   And at Starbucks, I saw some black circum-naural headphones that I couldn't recognize. They looked a little...
Well, if you do spend more money, you will get to hear "cha-ching," right? =P Just kidding, haha.   The toughest thing is how once you hear better(usually more expensive), it's hard to go back.
I would have to say that the primary thing preventing me from feeling audio nirvana is the shape of my ears XS.. My clip-on headphones just don't work perfectly for me, forcing me to find strange ways of getting them to seal.   And like many, money is another obstacle; which goes hand-in-hand with wanting more.   Audio nirvana is, as it seems, in the ear of the beholder.
When if in public, you ever see a pair of headphones that you don't recognize, you just have to find out what they are. And then you post about them in the "Headphone Sightings" thread mentioned earlier in this thread.   When you do countless hours of research learning about all of the different high-end headphones out there. And when you research a certain set of 'phones to the extent that you think you know everything about how they sound without even listening... know, those look kinda like Ultrasone headphones. But I'm not sure of the sound of each model, so I'll just say Ultrasone HFI-580. *Crosses my claws*
The best I have ever seen is a pair of Sennheiser HD 437's at a Teavana(cool tea-related store). They have them hooked up to an iPod so you can check out their "exotic" tunes that they sell..But nobody ever tries them on. Also, I saw a guy wearing Bose QC2's at my local Harris Teeter. Then I walked past some busted Monster Beats "Studio" headphones at Best Buy. The headband was torn in half =3...First, I laughed; then I cried with happiness.   And finally, ...I...
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