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you mean wuwhere?(Jk)
I forgot to check out the enclosed instruction book. Oops!   So now my desk is riddled with black headphones. Have I become a goth head-fier? o.O You Know You're a Goth Audiophile When you have almost all black cans.
AKA dat-hoe named
Some frequencies can cause one of my eardrums to vibrate o.O. If I turn my head at different angles while listening to cicadas, it only happens to one ear. It's like a crazy, annoying resonance. But why no other ear? O.o YKYAAW you go postal and get the package yourself..for headphones.Looks like your package doesn't have enough momentum. [/Rimshot]
like System Shock2
just like myself
on the freshest
supinator fat pad
Half the volume, half the fun D=. It's like Six Flags.Just...you know you're an audiophile when you're considering purchasing a new can AFTER the SR-009. @.@
half-naked girl protagonist
New Posts  All Forums: