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Ya know, if you're going to listen in mono, you should use a loudspeaker. You'll only need just one, so you'll save half the monies!^^
Also, "Mmm..donuts."
So does King
lasers go "pluhhh!"
As long as they're made using advanced technology, with an option for platinum coating. I just like good-looking cans. And not just good-looking, but custom. I mean, how cool is that.
  I listened to my M50 last night, and I have to say I can hear why people hate it. It is very warm, and the bass isn't exactly detailed. It's not very "transparent" to me overall. But dang it, it's fun. When you get used to it, you might like it..especially because the M50X will be your only can.   Yay, free music! I've been wanting to get those darn albums in FLAC, but my internet is so slow X3. you're voting for the X2. Understandable! I need an open...
Cool, cool. What do you think of their "Vectory" design vs "Victory?" I think I prefer "Victory" because it has more complexity overall.My favorite preset one is the sculpted design though. It's so awesome looking! I would love to get a sculpted design where it has shiny metal on the smooth areas and a matte-looking finish in the "unfinished, carved" areas. Shh, it's a secret..
What kind of design are ya going to make? Remember that it can't be too complex or depthy.
Hoe li fuk, this is some cool Schiit! When I first saw this on the front page, I exclaimed out loud in excitement, even though I was in a relatively quiet classroom. So now we can make custom 3D?! Whoa! Now I want an M-100! No other headphone company offers such awesome customizations!   Edit: It sucks that all of your equipment got stolen, Jude! Those jerks! That seems to be happening a lot to Head-Fiers. Even Tyll got robbed. But at least Val was there...
Doesn't it count?
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