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This is more of a headphone hearing than sighting..o.O Well, hearing of. I x-rayed a patient who is a DJ, and said he uses AKGs. He then went on to say that AKGs are good for gaming. So he must certainly know about quality cans =O!
Have you guys ever wondered what the Modi 2 Uber looks like inside? Now's your chance to check it out, because I finally x-rayed it!
You need to get some tubes to go with that vinyl. It will lead to super psychedelic/retro/edgy(hip) sound. It might make the experience even better.   Ya know, I used to really trance out while listening to my M50(with trance music no less.) But the X2 also has the ability to do it. I just love this can! My favorite thing about the X2 is that I can't find anything bad about it. Well, not unless I get super picky .
Ooh, under effect, eh? Sounds like you're really enjoying your cans. You know, there is something about the X2 that really makes me pump up the volume. With my Q701, I can listen at lower volumes(which is better, as the Q701 is less clean at higher volumes.) But with my X2, I want moar bass and stuff, I guess.   Yeahh, I always use my Modi2Uber. And I love it! It seems to add a little bit of volume to the bass, I guess because it isn't so rolled-off down there compared...
Sheesh, that is quite loud, my friend. With my Magni2Uber+X2, I listen at no higher than 9 o'clock at low gain. But then again, my source(a laptop via USB) is maxed out.High gain with the X2 is just..useless to me, haha. There's such a narrow listenable range.
This little contraption, called the Boompro by V-MODA should be able to help you out:http://v-moda.com/boompro-microphone/   It is like the mod mic, except it actually hooks into the 3.5mm jack on headphones that have detachable cables. The only thing is it might not fit in headphones that have special locking mechanisms..And I'm not sure if the M50x has such a mechanism. Have any of you M50x users tried the Boompro with your cans?
If a headphone can't survive the burn-in, it shouldn't exist at all! Just kidding, actually. But it would be cool if headphones were that reliable. You know you're going hardcore if you are afraid that your cans will burst into flames, though.   I wonder if I could burn in my floorstanding speakers by putting them up to 100db all day... Nah, don't want my house to collapse/burn down/explode/etc.
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