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The Beats design is really simple and durable(when nice materials are used.) And it is kinda tried and true, just like the Beyerdynamic design, which many companies also use. It's crazy how many copycats out there! But it's nice that they can save some money on R&D. It keeps the cans lower in price.   Sci-fi looking headphones must exist for a reason. Their creators must have seen them as very functional, otherwise they'd keep 'em simple to save money. Or maybe they...
Greetings, fellow X2 lovers. I am now among you, as I got an X2 today! First off, this thing is so flipping comfortable! It's like a pillow on my head... The comfort, paired with its more relaxing sound(albeit with some brightness) really makes me...sleepy. When I listen to them, I end up laying down on my bed. Good thing they have a long cord^^. If X2 sound is so relaxing to me, I bet an HD650 would make me fall asleep instantly.   Now onto the subject of...
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Here's my abridged critique of these Denon cans:. . .they have that ******* Beats build style. I hate every headphone that resembles the Beats. And not just because of their sound.It's all about that big, monolithic headband that has earpads, like, grafted onto it. It's like they sunk the drivers inside. There should be a, "The Most Functional Headphones" thread!
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