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I started watching HifiGuy's unboxings just because I wanted to know what a few headphones he unboxed were like. Just to ask myself, "Would I want to have those in real life?" I like the way the unboxer(s) can discuss and show their first impressions while they experience them. Especially when it comes to build quality and materials used to build the headphones. Eventually, I just got to like HifiGuy's personality, and wanted to watch more of his videos because of...
I'm sort of starting to regret purchasing the AKG K518, because it just doesn't fit my head very well at all. The headband is too short, and not padded at all =\.
A very good review, indeed. But Quinn seems a little bit wishy-washy about some factors. For instance, he reviewed the M50 and stated that he thought they were very balanced and neutral sounding. However, in this review, he changed his mind and talked about it having a V-shaped sound signature. I guess his mind changed after hearing more neutral headphones. Also, in this review, he says that the M50 has a lot of sound leakage. And that is just false.   The Uptown...
What the heck? It so closely resembles the HD-25, with the split headband, swiveling earcup, etc. But the earcups themselves are weird. They look to be circumaural! I want some circumaural HD-25s!
 Wow, nice sightings. And with pictures, no less.  There is something about the pictures, though. Just the way they are black and white...It reminds me of an old-fashioned horror movie. As if those people with their headphones are going to be attacked or something . Just saying =P.  
  Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R, Control+R,... (And thinking, "That is a perty HD 800," Between each keystroke.)      
Don't forget that the Sennheiser HD 700 has the same, old HD 650 driver. I believe that the wireless RS 220 might also have the same driver, as well. Also, the Amperior has the HD 25's driver. What about different companies using the same driver? For instance: The Denon D1001 and Creative Aurvana Live!
Oh, the M50 is definitely becoming a monster because of its increasing price. But don't forget about the Monster Beats clones. Soul by Ludacris, SMS by 50 Cent, Ultrafocus by Polk, M40 by Klipsch, and Monster's future headphones. They could still plague the consumer market D=! This thread will eventually be renamed to, "Getting  'called-out' for not wearing Beats clones."
Aw, bogus. I guess that is why they say you should listen to a set of cans before recommending them. Sennheiser even advertised the HD 380 to have improved isolation over the HD 280. Seems that they were possibly wrong?
Very nice write up/review! I wish that every newbie would just come to this thread and read your post instead of having to start new threads.     I have had a similar relationship with my M50(It sounds like I'm getting married to the dang cans because of the way I worded that..=P) I hope you don't mind if I post a review(or a review reply of sorts) here! I have discovered that pros and cons can really change between person-to-person. For instance, I actually...
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