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What's next, Massdrop? The Beyerdynamic DT 8xx? No, don't get any ideas!   This is madness! You've gone too far, Massdrop. You can't sell every headphone in the world at reduced prices. It's...too good for us! You're going to make us spend all of our money!
Haha! I didn't get the joke at all, because I didn't get the reference. But that was still very deep and relevant, man. I wish I could have seen it while it was in your signature. =\   Now here's one based off of my favorite quote, from 'Fight Club'.    In the Head-Fi I see, you are stalking cans through the broken plastic forests around the ruins of Skullcandy Headquarters. You'll wear leather earpads that will last you until Audio Nirvana. You'll climb the wrist-thick...
Head-Fi used to be so slow on my old Galaxy S3. But on the S7, everything's blazing fast! For some reason, my laptop absolutely sucks with Head-Fi. Gotta reformat that darn thing...
I don't think that any one of us seriously has a clue what we're doing. The more you learn about headphones and good sound, the more confusing things get. @.@ At least your signature is honest, hahaha. Are you visiting Head-Fi on a smartphone? I do it all the time, and I often switch back and forth between desktop and mobile views. Changing my signature isn't difficult, at least on the Galaxy S7 Edge.
Yeah, the driver should be just fine. It's well-protected inside of that grille. If anything, maybe a solder joint got ripped apart.   The cable doesn't feel "wiggly" now when it's plugged in, does it?
I'm actually not familiar with it, hahaha. Is it another anime I need to watch? =P Man, those gifs are really glorious and perty.
Hmm..that's actually how I'd describe modern, mainstream music, though.   Or maybe this song: 
You're spooking me out, man! And I don't mean by lack of signature..I mean by your avatar! It looks like an inter-dimensional portal, boiling feverishly as it grows to consume our world. I really appreciate that attitude, although you could brag about your Mojo and Nighthawk. Anyway, I like your signature! It's really compact, yet full of information. Mine could use some compactness... Edit: Got rid of the x-ray gallery, which I wasn't sure was even showing up in my...
The gray ATH-M50xMG is pretty slick-looking in real life. It's understated, but the plastic has a shiny texture that reminds me of beach sand.
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