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Yeah, the driver should be just fine. It's well-protected inside of that grille. If anything, maybe a solder joint got ripped apart.   The cable doesn't feel "wiggly" now when it's plugged in, does it?
I'm actually not familiar with it, hahaha. Is it another anime I need to watch? =P Man, those gifs are really glorious and perty.
Hmm..that's actually how I'd describe modern, mainstream music, though.   Or maybe this song: 
You're spooking me out, man! And I don't mean by lack of signature..I mean by your avatar! It looks like an inter-dimensional portal, boiling feverishly as it grows to consume our world. I really appreciate that attitude, although you could brag about your Mojo and Nighthawk. Anyway, I like your signature! It's really compact, yet full of information. Mine could use some compactness... Edit: Got rid of the x-ray gallery, which I wasn't sure was even showing up in my...
The gray ATH-M50xMG is pretty slick-looking in real life. It's understated, but the plastic has a shiny texture that reminds me of beach sand.
As long as it's not an M50x, oh, snap! =PMan, if giving reps earned you money, I'd be so rich! But if giving bad advice cost you money, it'd balance out for me.
You wanna keep a nice balance, you say? Just gimme the gear, and I'll give you some sweet reps in return ;P.   As soon as I get to use Photoshop, I need to make a Head-Fier Andy meme picture that says: I get ****s faster than I can give them. No, that sounds stupid. I'll think up a better response later.
You're right, it'll prove if something is wrong. Earpads do have quite a big effect on sound signature. I'm going to put some new M50x pads on my M50 to hear how much things change. Edit: Things get simpler, thankfully. I bought the Audio Technica HP-EP replacement earpads and put them onto my M50. And what do you know? It really was the earpads making the difference! The stuffy sound of the M50x has manifested into my M50. I guess I should have expected the change, with...
New Posts  All Forums: