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My mom listening to the Fidelio X2; "These sound very distant." Hahaha!
New ear pads just don't sound the same, man. =P
I'm going to have to agree with our resident alchemist on this one!
Is that because of all the color bleeding and stuff?
Flying from Boston to Florida, it was the usual stuff, at first. Beats Solos everywhere! But there was someone with a Sony MDR10RBT. I thought this would be the best find of the day, until I saw someone with an Audio Technica ES10! Holy crap! It was sadly too late, though..we were already exiting the plane. I didn't get to compliment them. =/
Ooh, victim of the bandwagon? What was wrong with them? I love the original Monster Turbine. I'm just glad mine never broke. For a IEM of their price range, they really ought to be durable! Same with me. All of the headphones I've listened to have had some really good points, even if I didn't fancy them. ..Except for that one can. You know, if the M50x came with Kung Fu Panda, I would have felt a bit better about it.
Christmas is coming. And with that, a lot of regret is sure to follow. I'm going to bring back this thread to prepare for it. I'd also like to confess my biggest regret when it comes to buying headphones. I didn't buy the cans, but I still feel terrible regret. I convinced my half-brother to buy an M50x!
Oh, man, I'm using my M50 while playing hardcore free-for-all in Black Ops 3. And man, these cans are fantastic for gaming! I'm hardly missing the AD900x. Sound positioning/directionality is spot-on, except for when sounds come from directly behind. I won 4 or 5 matches in a row, thanks to these awesome cans. Hey, paraphn, you should try the ATH-MSR7, if you can. I've heard good things about it. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions about the M50, by the way!
  The PS4 Pro is finally here! What do you guys think about it? Are you excited about its ability to upscale games to 4k? Do you even have a 4k display? And even if you don't have a 4k screen, will you still buy it?   I am personally not excited by it at all. I'd rather play games natively at 4k, such as with a modern PC. Besides, I already have a regular PS4.
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