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It's just so hard to take it easy when a special opportunity like this comes up. I'll start with what she thinks of the headphones. XP
She is quite cute. Maybe I have a little crush on her. And you know what they say; If a woman likes headphones, you MUST marry her. So maybe I can convert her into a Head-fier! Wait..if I did that, she would read this message and...Dang it!
For the first time, I have lent out a headphone. One of my classmates was saying that she could use a pair of headphones. I leapt at the opportunity! I brought in the M50 the very next day, and let her borrow it^^. Hopefully she won't mind that it's 3 years old..and the earpads are incredibly stiff. As a non-audiophile, I'm sure she will like it. ..I hope. I wonder if the in-your-face sound will bug her D=.
You are tearing me apart, Philips! If I had black hair, I'd actually like the ink bleed. I wouldn't have to worry about grey hairs when I get old!Oh, and my pads aren't bleeding yet. Does the bleeding start right out of the box?
It must really be based on the temperature of its environment. I had it going all day playing music from my PS3, and it was only about 106 degrees externally, with some 121 degree hot spots. So time and source/DAC don't appear to be big factors. It's all environmental!
My current chain is: Laptop>USB>Modi2Uber>Magni2Uber. And even right now, it doesn't feel like my hand is uncomfortably hot when I touch it! It's about 100 degrees fahrenheit, 25 degrees cooler than it got in this setup: Playstation 3>RCA>Magni2Uber. But I've only been using it for half an hour today. Wait, it's getting warmer.. 105 degrees at the hottest point on the exterior.   Tell ya what. I'll do an experiment. Today, I'll run my Magni 2 Uber all day with my...
Just because Mad Lust Envy is here, how about a Schiit Headphone Surround Sound Virtualizer? ..Can't think of a clever title...>.> As for Schiit whisky, Schwiisky!   I think a speaker amp that could push 100 watts into 8 ohms would be fantastic!^^
I, too, would love some cheap NAS Schiit, man.
The only ways I can think of to reduce the Magni 2 Uber's heat are to install a fan on it and use it sporadically(on and off.) This thing gets darn hot. At times it's almost hot enough to cause pain if I keep my hand on top of it. But I've found that it doesn't run as hot when it's using the Modi 2 Uber's input o.O. There are probably other conditions affecting things. Or maybe it's my imagination XP. I'll investigate it further.
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