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Ok so why is it only the right earphone though? And what about the static that is only in the right ear phone even when nothing is playing? And how come even with the bass all the way up in onboard drivers with the volume also high I do not get any distortion and I also get no static?  
Hello, I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my setup. I have ath-m50 headphones plugged into a creative x-fi xtreme gamer soundcard. I have two problems, one is that randomly I will get static in my right earphone, that has never happened before until a week or so ago (i have had the soundcard for probably 5 years and the headphones for 2-3), I can't tell what causes it and it seems to pop up and leave randomly. The second is that if I turn the volume up too loud...
Hey I know its been awhile since I posted last. Just wanted to say thanks for recommending the sony xb60ex, I got them in the mail today and wow I am really impressed. They are way better than the brainwavz I had before. I was concerned about the shape because it looked weird but they are hard, light, super comfortable and the bass is wonderful!  
Hey I have been looking around for some new IEMs, and I am a bit overwhelmed with everything I have read. I mostly listen to Rap(With mostly electronic beats)/Electronic. Naturally both rap and electronic music have a lot of bass so I definitely want good strong bass. I see the soundmagic e10 and brainwavz m2 recommended often along with some others. I previously had the brainwavz r1 which were pretty good but they broke and I want to try something else.   Some songs...
  That's fine, there are plenty of people that will.     It really has nothing to do with the sound actually. Its more of the fact that the SF4 were not comfortable at all, and they stopped working after a few months. I would rather not risk going with the same brand again when there are plenty of alternatives. That aside, it still seems like the tf10s don't get as many recommendations for rap as the mg7s and MTPGs do.
I actually mistyped in the first sentence. I am deciding between the mg7 and the turbines. Honestly from reading around it seems like they both end up being better for rap which I listen to more than electronic music. Also I have had a pair of ultimate ears IEMs before and was not happy with them, so I would rather avoid them.
Well I am mostly leaning towards the mg7 or the monster turbines. Any particular reason to throw the eph100s into consideration over the other two? From what I have read they don't seem to be as bass heavy as the other two. Also I have some concerns about the tf10s, I had a pair of superfi 4s and really didn't like them very much, and they stopped working after a few months.
I am guessing you are talking about the m7 (http://www.amazon.com/Atrio-Future-Sonic-010-046-Technology/dp/B0016ZGKAW) and not the m5? They seem to get a lot of praise for good bass, do you know how the MDREX600s are and how the m7 (or m5 if that is what you mean) compare to them?   I also see the monster turbine pro gold / Miles Davis tributes get a lot of talk in terms of bass. How do they stack up to m7/mdrex600? I am a bit hesitant about them because they are made by...
Is that a brand or a model?
Hey Head-Fi! Last time I wanted some headphones you guys helped out a lot and I couldn't be happier. Here I am again looking for a pair of IEMs. I mostly listen to Rap, Trance, Eurodance, pop, and just about every other genre of electronic music (hardstyle, glitch, ... you get the point). Things I am looking for: strong build quality, I will mainly be using these around campus and they are bound to get tugged on or caught on something occasionally. Obviously the music I...
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