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 Really? They all sound different enough to warrant keeping all three without needing a different type of sound signature for you? It seems like each would be an upgrade from the others.
This post helps me a lot as I'm deciding which one to purchase next. How would you describe vocals, specifically female vocals, in regards to both cans? I listen to mostly electronic music and I've found the HE-500 more enjoyable than the 560 and the LCD2. oh yeah almost forgot.. HE-500 HE-560 LCD2 D2000 W4
So there was a recent post on Reddit about what is considered the best three headphones to own and I'm wondering what Head-Fiers consider to be the three 'must-haves' in their collection? (I'm also curious as I'm looking at the HD800, TH900, T1, and Alpha Primes to add to my collection of HE500, HE560, and LCD-2.)
Aida Nikolaychuk  
What's the next step up from the HE-500 in terms of crispness and clarity and definitely the mids and highs and yes, the subbass too. Every other headphone I've listened to so far (granted it isn't a lot) did not make me want to get rid of the 500s. Instead I would probably get rid of the LCD2 and the HE-560 before the HE-500.   Any ideas on a he-500 "part 2" upgrade pair of headphones? Fostex? LCD-X? LCD-XC?   Thanks
The 560 seemed too plain to me whereas the 500, I enjoyed the highs and mids quite a bit more. Of course it helps that I listen to a lot of electronic music with female vocals. My question is this: I'm looking for a permanent (HAH!) upgrade from my 500. Would the TH-900 give me more of the 500? or the 560?
I've noticed a 'ticking' or 'clicking' noise every few seconds during playback of tv shows or even music at lossless. It's very noticeable. Do I need to reroll my tubes? Currently using Telefunken E88CC.
So I'm probably going to get my HE-560 within a few weeks after having used the HE-500 and the LCD2.2 for the past 2 years. Do you think the 560 can replace both the 500 and the LCD2.2? I love female vocals and female vocals in electronic music....simply fantastic. Because of these tastes, I had a preference of using the 500s for electonica or top40 music whereas I used the LCD2 for rock, classic rock, jazz, instrumentals, etc, etc. I've been just using a piece of Schitt...
What's the reason for selling?
1. HE-500 2. LCD2 3. MS-1i 4. W4 5. D2000 6. SE215
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