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I've noticed a 'ticking' or 'clicking' noise every few seconds during playback of tv shows or even music at lossless. It's very noticeable. Do I need to reroll my tubes? Currently using Telefunken E88CC.
So I'm probably going to get my HE-560 within a few weeks after having used the HE-500 and the LCD2.2 for the past 2 years. Do you think the 560 can replace both the 500 and the LCD2.2? I love female vocals and female vocals in electronic music....simply fantastic. Because of these tastes, I had a preference of using the 500s for electonica or top40 music whereas I used the LCD2 for rock, classic rock, jazz, instrumentals, etc, etc. I've been just using a piece of Schitt...
What's the reason for selling?
1. HE-500 2. LCD2 3. MS-1i 4. W4 5. D2000 6. SE215
Sign me up! I'll definitely want to grab the 560s after a few runs and reviews are done. Hopefully it offers something where I can still keep the 500s. Love em!
yes! that perfectly sums up why i like the he-500 over the lcd-2! would the mjolnir be a good enough amp to power the HD800? what kind of recommendations do you have for amps if the mjolnir isn't up to par?
I have the HE-500 and the LCD-2 currently and I honestly love the sound of the HE-500 over the LCD-2. To me, the LCD-2 seems just slightly muddled compared to the HE-500 but has a better sub bass. I think I enjoy the highs from the HE-500s over the pros of the bass of the LCD-2. Should I get the HD800 as a (slight) improvement over the HE-500s? I'm currently looking at the HD800, T1, T5p, LCD-X, or the LCD-XC. Any thoughts? Female vocals, electronic, the occasional hip-hop...
Sorry to dig up old threads but Purity Ring has great female vocals. It'd be awesome to see some more recommendations as well!
 so based on my thread, which flagship should i honestly get? Flagship of Darkness may be too bassy and narrow sounding for me. Flagship of Light would seem to be sibilant with not even a good sub bass.. I am curious about the Flagship of Ecstasy though.... TBH I would love your opinion on my options! (i like the flagship labels, it's awesome lol)
So do we have a list of all the things everyone is bringing? And possibly a time schedule of sorts? I'm hoping to listen to some stax, lcd3, he-6, and the hd800 and I'd love to know when those people will actually be there!   Contemplating on the gear I bring.. -Westone W4? -Audeze LCD2.2 -HiFiMan HE-500 -Mjolnir or EF-5 (not sure yet..) -Modi (not bringing Gungnir..too much stuff by then)
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