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For sale STAX SR007 mk2/sz2. great condition, full accessories. pads are very slightly used. Will ship via EMS (about 40-55USD depending on country). Will accept payment via paypal (please add 4%). I can provide more photos if needed. --RESERVE---
luxman jpa-15000 power cable in 8.5/10 condition. 6ft.
For sale sotm sms-1000U music server. Condition is close to excellent - there are some small imperfections on the bottom. Full accessories. Universal voltage. Version with built-in sotm tx-usb card. 2TB hard drive. OS is vortexbox with preinstalled MPD & LMS. PCM/DSD...
thanks)) ---- Price lowered.
Up for sale silver Headamp KGSS (original build by headamp). 230V. Two output pins (Stax & HE90). Condition is about 8/10 (some very light scratches and small mark on the corner). I think I also should note that I found the power transformer (inside the amp) to be just a little bit humming. Yet I also have the same problem with my 1KW step-down transformer from Aihara. So this issue may caused by some very small DC current coming from the power socket of my house (or...
For sale Sennheiser HD800. Second owner. Was bought about 2.5 years ago, Condition ~9/10 (very small mark on the earcup). Full accessories (except for the outer cartoon box, but the frequency response graph is included). Will ship anywhere via EMS express (~1 week). Shipping cost is about 40USD. PP fees is not included. (please add 4%). Price is FIRM.
firmware version is 1.43
SR007 MKI. S/N 712xx Second owner. 9+/10 condition including pads. I don't see any scratches. Case in very good condition. Price is firm - I do not hurry with this sale. Will ship anywhere, payment via paypal (I can accept a wire transfer but prefer PP). Shipping and pp fees is not included. --reserved---
NAD M51 in great condition. Full accessories. Will ship anywhere. Price is firm right now. Will shipping via EMS / payment via paypal. Shipping and pp fees not included. (I can provide more photos)
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