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My (second) diy cable for lcd's. Neotech UPOCC/Stranded Copper, 16AWG/Teflon.
For sale Weiss Minerva DAC/Pre in excellent condition except small mark on the right side (shown on the photo). This is a latest version of this dac. There is a lot of reviews on the...
1) Audeze LCD2 r.2 vegan (recabled) / Sennheiser HD800 2) Beyerdynamic DT911 3) Audeze LCD2 r.1 early batch (stock cable) 4) Denon D7000 5) Hifiman HE4 / Beyer DT931 6) Beyer DT880S (80's) / Beyer DT990 (80's) 7) AKG K340 (bass light) 8) Beyerdynamic DT880 (ed.2005) 9) ATH AD700
I mostly used an original (black) earpads:A pair of DT990s that sound lile HD650 have had original pads, but another pair that sound like modern-880 also have had original ones.Just forgot, that I also have heard a pair of Revox headphones, which a clone of vintage DT990. And it was sound very bright!Yes, a different diaphragm AND different filter (damping) in front of driver.Here a pic of (broken) driver from old 990:Another driver from old-990 have had white plastic...
I've heard about 4 pairs of old DT990 and actually all of them sounds very different - two pairs had tonal balance close to newer-DT880, third pair - close to newer DT990, and another pair sound like HD650. And not only damping material was changing during production, but also drivers was different!Technically, both DT911 & DT931 superior to the old DT880 & DT990 in my opinion - both has greater resolution, dynamics, more deeper bass, better treble extension then pre-1990...
Just got a second pair of Beyer DT911 from early run. it's was very hard to find them nowadays! The first pair (left) is from early run & second one (right) from late run (both with original earpads): Surprisingly, but even with same earpads, they sound different: DT911 (early run) has slightly better resolution, sound more natural & somewhat more euphonic. Also it's even more mid-forward then DT911 from late run.
Well, it's not actually an all-gear-in-one-photo, but... (Weiss Minerva, Luxman P1, Audeze LCD2 Bamboo/Leather Free w/Metal Headband & DIY Cable)
everybody needs this!
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