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Your position is understandable. I am a French reseller in direct contact with Mr Helmut Becker, designer of  AudioValve products I can say that Eric gets from me or Mr Becker no advantage to promote the Verto box. Ho yes, a little advantage ! Eric has got from me a 50€ discount….and paid 640€  for his Verto. You can believe me. But of course you are not required.   Pierre
It is my pleasure to share my pictures on Head-fi. This is the way to proceed that bothers me.   Pierre
EricYou know the source this photo because it belongs to me.You copy my pictures without my permission while I've forbidden.And in addition you dare to say you do not know the source !Your honesty is the same as on the French forum HCFR, I see !Pierre PAYA
Yes I confirm. I would like to say that I have also listened the Abyss with my new Audiovalve RKV MKIII. So the abyss is even better with the RKV III than when we listened it with the HP-A8 Pierre 
 If I remember correctly, you were about 17 years old last summer !Oh, yes ! You must have years of experience in the high end headphones area !  Pierre
Yes it is.
I do not know, I'm not the first owner. I  changed myself the head pad, the head band and ear pads and the first owner have changed the drivers before selling me the omega
I think my first price (€ 2200) is perhaps  too high. Well, I propose now my Omega for € 1900 or best offer   My SR Omega is in mint condition. Black leather hear pads, Head band and head pad are brand new. This unit is provided with SR 007 MKII drivers, that are also brand new. Sound is superb, very just  and rich and not at all like the dark SR007 MKII since they don't suffer from roll off in the treble. the cups  are made of aluminum and the pads do not have the...
Good day,   For sale is my Beyerdynamic A1 in like new condition. This amp is able to drive almost every headphones with a lot of authority and sweetness. Price is 630€ shipping included in EU. I prefer bank transfer, but paypal is possible if buyer takes fees at is own expense   Thank's for looking ! Pierre 
Hi, I put up for sale this beautiful Decware Zen Taboo for one of my best friends. The amplifier is in perfect working and cosmetic condition. My friend is the first owner and bought this Zen taboo in 2102/03. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I will also give you my friend's email upon request. Thank's for looking   Pierre.
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