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Because they sound good, that doesn't get old. Head-fi is always focused on the next thing, this is now old hat. People (me included) still rate GR07 and others above the new hybrid trend of headphones, and that's been around for years! I got mine for £12 but that was before it got really popular. it's now not widely available, Ebay is probably the best bet? It depends what sort of sound you want and if you need a remote, there are other options out there for sure.
That's interesting to hear. I think the general consensus is there isn't all that much difference between them all, just slight changes? Interested to see how the GR09 sound compares.
Meanwhile I'm still packing the original, now updated with a Trinity cable 😊
Depends what you can get it for, I've seen some crazy prices for these recently. If you can get it cheap then for sure it's a no-brainer
Got the cheap m50 pads and they are not bad at all. Not made any full conclusions yet but I tried one original and one m50 at the same time so I can hear the difference....they isolate better, appear a little darker with a little less air. It's not not night and day difference, still the same dynamic signature but there is a difference. Although pretty shallow they have firmer foam so sit off the ear a little more....not a lot more but enough to make a difference You...
What do you think is different from your first pair? Mine are a couple of years old so may be a useful reference? On a different note, anyone heard German Maestro cans? There's a pair going cheap and they've peaked my interest before, descriptions of dynamic and lively sound is very much up my street
P.S are you not liking them quite as much as you did the first pair?
I don't think they do, at least from the info on their site. I'll try and go through my local retailer to see if they can help.1st things 1st, if the m50 pads are good I'll report back here
I'm not suggesting buying a pair for its pads silly But they look very similar so, as it is a current model, there's a chance we could pick up spares. The Yamaha website isn't very helpful though.I'll wait for the m50 pads first then if I don't like them try and track down some official spares.I am curious about the shure pads as they look very similar as well
Won't the pads from the current models fit?
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