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+1Times ticking for me. Nothing about to come out is really grabbing me so I'll either stick with the M7 or go Z3C, but only if I can get more volume without having to jump through 29 hoops to get it!
Are you saying this will indeed make me tea and fetch me biscuits? I'm in!
You are not wrong, for that money I not only want it to make me tea but pop to the shops and get some biscuits in! Nice though, congratulations.
Nice track
If you want a bit more air pack the rear of the pads out as mentioned earlier in the thread, makes them a little less intimate.
Well buy both, take them apart, report back here with your findings.
Thanks James. I had been looking at the rockets, they do appear to tick ask the boxes from what I've read, probably a future purchase once I've had a little time to justify the expense It's mad to think how much value for money the Tenore is when you consider how much more you have to spend to even mildly improve on SQ
I think this is just an assumption based on the very similar design of the M50 and identical specs of the driver rather than any fact.
Regarding the tracks, after more comparisons it's certainly not the fault of the's the tracks themselves. Listened to both on the MH1C and it's the same (haven't had them with me the last few days). The GR07 tend to throw other things forward as well so it's less obvious, same with my Yamaha's at home.Out of curiosity I ran a test tone and I really can't hear much in the way of any peaks, perhaps around 10Khz but not much.You have an extensive collection...
It's the way dynamics work and the size of the diaphragm, they are able to move a lot more air. This is normally at the expense of speed, something BA's are excellent at, but some dynamics manage me this is ideal.Maybe something like the XBA-H3 would suite you or another hybrid like Duno DN1000? You've also got the Dual dynamics from Zero, Duozo.
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