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What about the Fostex? ^
Sold, thanks very much
Selling my Matrix Mini-i with silver facia, owned for about a year, 2nd owner. Good condition and perfect working order. Only issue is a mark to the top cover by the previous owner, apparently the remote had an internal short causing it to get very hot (aluminium case) and left a mark in the paint finish. He purchased a new replacement remote. Boxed with manual. Prefer to keep this to Europe. Prefer to sell but open to trades.
Yeah had my v1 for 2 years now, it's still my hallmark. Changed my home setup recently to try and get the same sort of sounds I get from these on my htc. Amazing earphones
Yeah me likey!
Trade complete. Thanks
Because that's just masking the issue, not solving it. Plus it's probably frequency sensitive.
Yes indeed. What I meant was THEY will probably just send them straight on....depends on the arrangement they have.I really like the Sony actually, not the same sound admittedly but for the money they are amazing to these ears. Don't get me wrong, I'll take the 07's all day.
They will probably just send straight to vsonic, they will definitely recognise it. I gather you've switched the right and left over to confirm? Send them back, get a pair of Sony mh1c's to tie you offer till they get back mind you I don't think they are as cheap as they used to be
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