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As I said earlier, had this with the s2 and is processor noise, well it was in my case. This is largely down to poor circuit design and/or lack of appropriate isolation. Not had it with any other phone since
I don't think you'd regret it. SQ wise my advise is to turn off all the 'enhancements', see my post a couple of pages back. I mean have a play with them and you'll see what I mean.I just hope Sony's Compact devices don't start creeping up in size, I don't like this 5"+ trend....where does it stop? 4.7" is probably ideal for me, I don't want anything bigger.
I'm an agreeable kind of guy I'm only vociferous when i smell BS or I'm accused of something incorrectly. As I said before, I'm not on here with any agenda and certainly not a fan boy, I'll buy whatever I think offers me what I want for the money I want to spend. I was split between just keeping the M7 for another year or going for the Z3C, and I don't regret the move. Sure, I wish it had more volume, but it's just about loud enough for me (and I do listen to music...
Yeah I had the z1c for a short time, very quiet. I can't compare directly but id say this is slightly louder from the headphones and about 200% louder from the speakers. I had exact issue with the galaxy s2, essentially it was picking up processor noise, you could hear it working when just using the screen, awful. Thought Samsung would have sorted their game out by now. And regarding the Wolfson DAC, I won't go into this in detail again, but there are more important...
Unfortunately there's not a lot of choice for smaller screen phones. There's the HTC one mini 2, had the one of the loudest and cleanest outputs until the M9, and of course the original M7 (which I have for sale by the way) Z3C is very good quality, just not very loud
If you're going to drive the Beyer's definitely go HTC, the Z3 will not have the power.
Owned from new, about 4 years old. Perfect condition and working order. Great value for money and amazing power for the size. Comes with upgraded 12V 4A PSU with UK power lead. Price includes shipping to the UK, for European shipping please request a quote.
2 years old. I'd say it's pretty good condition, screen will be mint as I've always had a screen protector on, but had a couple of small knocks (see images) nothing major. Other than that it's perfect working condition and comes with all accessories and charger. Price includes shipping to UK, if in Europe I will need to quote for shipping.
My work mates Carbo Basso. Only had for around 2 weeks and prefers my Tenore's so looking to sell or trade for a pair. Price includes delivery to the UK, please ask if elsewhere in Europe.
Interesting to hear you referring to the soundstage preference in this way. I have a personal taste that probably aligns with your thoughts here and do not like it too large. Generally I find HF tends to regard soundstage as bigger the better, which make me chuckle: "this new 'x' earphone soundstage is huge, it's like I'm listening to the concert whilst still at home....100 miles away. Amazing".I do at times think the Tenore can lack some intimacy when I want it, but...
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