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Very little i believe, there is some specific info on the dedicated thread.
Sony MH1C. They are similar'ish. I have both and enjoy both, Tenore is the better earphone but the additional mid bass on the MH1C is actually welcome when walking I find.
Nice tracks appsmarsterx. You've quite possibly heard this before, if not this sounds excellent on the Yammies:
Tough call that one. The spirits are supposed to be excellent but I've not heard them. They will be smoother up top from what I've heard but you may lose out elsewhere. I think you'd be happy with either
@ 30 secs on the 2nd track is a good example of the space you get on the MT220, his vocals move noticeably to the rear
1st track is a pretty crap recording, just sounds off anyway. 2nd tracks is a much better recording but doesn't sound harsh to me on the MT220.
That's a very useful function, not seen that before.
Think he's referring to matching impedance, or damping factor. Would only be a problem with these cans if your source has a high output impedance.
+1 I was awfully fond of the CAL though, often thought I'd like to listen to a pair again
As I said earlier, had this with the s2 and is processor noise, well it was in my case. This is largely down to poor circuit design and/or lack of appropriate isolation. Not had it with any other phone since
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