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Audio Affair offer worldwide deliveryhttp://www.audioaffair.co.uk/yamaha-eph100-earphones
Change in sound based on cable is highly overrated, I noticed zero difference in mine. The science behind it means you'd have to have a very poor and highly resistive cable for it to make a difference. Only thing to look for is oxygen free (OFC) other than that I wouldn't worry too much
Yeah don't let it die....I know how you feel as I was in exactly the same position. The cable I purchased was pretty cheap off ebay, you can search for all kinds of Shure or UE replacements. They'll come with MCX or dual pin connectors on but it doesn't matter as you'll cut them off anyway. You don't need to spend a fortune
Never seen the sugru stuff before, looks useful.Unless the strain relief (triangle piece) has perished or broken completely I would still use it. I used silicone RTV around the cable exit to ensure it's sealed and slid the strain relief into place and left to cure. If it is completely broken then I reckon you could use sugru to mould something useful.
I don't think the smallest tips are much bigger than the bore of the earphone. Sony hybrid tips don't fit as the bore size is too small.
Heat the casing up with a hair-dryer to release the glue and gently pry open using a scalpel or blade. They came apart quite easily. Leave the glue on if you can so you can do the opposite when putting them back together.
Don't let the GR07 die, I assure you you'd miss them terribly!
I did mine a little while ago and posted pics on this thread:http://www.head-fi.org/t/552132/vsonic-gr07-impressions-thread/6945#post_11812008Maybe useful as a guide. You don't have to be a wiz with a soldering iron but basic skills are needed.
Just repair them yourself with a new cable or send them out for repair. It's worth it even if you decide to get something else as well
Yeah the timbre of the tenore is superb
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