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That's unfortunate. I loved the earlier version when I tried out the 560 in one of the stores here.
Thanks for the impressions. I am actually using my HE-400 with the Fiio E7 straight out of my laptop but have been contemplating getting a better amp for it. I am completely satisfied with the sound, I am just wondering if I am "missing out" because of being limited by the E7.
Hi all. I don't know where to ask but this place seems to be the best.  I managed to demo the HE560 and was very impressed though I cannot upgrade yet, at least in the foreseeable future. The pads however were really good and I was wondering if the new pads were interchangeable with the old ones so I can use them with my HE400 without any problems whatsoever.
I agree. I have been using the TH-02 (extremely light) and iems before I got the HE-400. I was initially put off by comments about the weight but I have been able to wear them for several hours straight throughout the day, taking them off only when I leave my table.
Hi all. Managed to snag a used HE-400 in very good condition recently so I guess I'm part of the club too  
Thanks for all the replies. I'm beginning to learn more about DIY and the magnums struck me as interesting since I read that you get really good performance at a relatively low price ($130 compared to several hundred more for the headphones with drivers they are supposed to replace). This is more of a future goal though but I'll definitely keep an eye out for this. 
Hi all, I am interested in replacing headphone drivers(non-grado) with magnums but i have several questions before I decide on the project. What are the exact dimensions of the magnum drivers? I checked the but couldn't find the dimensions of the drivers. I want to know if they can fit in non-grado enclosures like the Tascam shell or even some superlux models like the 681b. Secondly, would non-wood cups have a negative...
Are there other pads (Shure/Beyerdynamic for example) that fit the Tascams? I mean, we know that HM5/ FA-003 pads work but could there be alternatives? 
That's good to hear. How about the ergonomics? I am currently using the Effect Audio Apollo with my ASG-2s and while I haven't exactly compared them for sound, the ergonomics alone makes it worth it. Much better than the normal stock cables most IEMs come with, and the earguides are easier to use as well.
Alright. Glad to know that there isn't a "definitive" set of tips lol. I'll try to look for similar ones around here. The sony hybrids I have don't fit.
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