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I just bought the Mikros 90 and have had a chance to compare that at home with some others I have.  My initial impressions are the same as at the Best Buy listening station -- these have plenty of high end and a really nice refined, articulate bass that is not at all boomy.  I would say they are similar to the sound -- specifically the balance between high and low end -- of my AKG Q701 with lots of crisp high end (but not as much as those--the Q701 is very very bright)...
I was at a Best Buy today testing these at the same type of listening station.  I came away with completely opposite impressions.   The MLs were bright and very detailed but still had plenty of low end, but in no way boomy.  On solo piano and solo string material, you could hear the resonance of the strings.  It was beautiful.  The ATH-ESW9As sounded anemic by comparison -- no detail and very bland.  I went there to buy the ESW9a, but changed my mind after this...
Do the pads still fit snugly when you flip them?  Looks like the channel for the cord connection will now be on the bottom and the cord connection would prevent a snug fit.
Does the comment above ("little HD650s") imply that these have the full range sound of the HD650s?  From everything I've read so far on this thread, it really seems like the P5s are lacking in high end detail, and the HD650s have plenty of high end detail.  
I posted above about the + and - keys not working on my remote using my Iphone 3G.  I tested the remote on my son's iphone 3Gs and it works fine on his, so I guess the remote does not fully function on the iphone 3G (as was suggested above by someone).  Thanks for the help in solving my problem.   I thought I would post a review of the phones now that I've used them for a week.  These phones have surprisingly strong bass for such small phones.  And midrange is...
I just bought these, but I don't understand what the in-line remote does.  There are 3 buttons.  The middle one clearly is a pause/restate for the ipod function on my iphone.  What do the + and - buttons do?  They have no effect on the volume.
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