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Thank you.    ***Latest update***   My system has changed a bit since my review. I've replaced my cheap zip cord type RCA interconnects to Audioquest King Cobras, as I've mentioned in my original post I preferred the sound coming from the Centrance DACport however I have experimented with op-amps on my sound card and switched to OPA627's because AD8620's without a surprise sounded too aggressive, in your face type of sound that really didn't suit my style and not...
Thank you.    As for the Genalex Gold Lion tube yes!  You got a good eye.  I recently got a pair and yes the tube sounds great!  I also got a JAN-Phillips 5751 tube to try out however I think I'll stick to the Genalex Gold Lion for now, I'm that happy with the setup.  I do notice that with the Grado's being so efficient, gain is high with the 12AX7 tubes.  I have the volume set at 9 o'clock for most of my listening.  
Over a decade ago I wanted to get a system setup in my listening room to enjoy music.  I’ve been lucky to work for a respected audio distributor that allowed me to interact with some excellent engineers and solid product range.  The system that I had setup provided me with a lot of satisfaction but since 5 years ago I moved and unfortunately found that the listening area wasn’t ideal.  I found it painful to try and setup the system to its optimal position and...
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