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hey guys, i'm looking for new tips for my CK10's. any suggestions?. Thank you
bump!  I picked up the r8's love them so far, however i am getting a buzzing sound. Any solution ?  i am using an Imac for now/   thank you
hey guys,    I'm in need to upgrade my speakers.  I have been doing a little look around in stores and currently have my mind made up on KRK 8's.  Speakers will only be used for listening to music, mostly hiphop and techno. Will be using Imac and a macbook pro.  Are there any other speakers i should be considering ?.  Currently i only have found them at sale for $499 combined.  and lastly is there anything else i would need to make this system complete?   thank you
thnx i got three pairs...was well worth gonna cut one pair and try double filanges
Quick Question about the monster knockoffs...are they all the same size?
thank you! monster tri flanges/sony hybrids where should i get them from ??? any other tips i should try?  
i got them yesterday....i don't feel any bass... :/ what tips should i try?? i feel like it's not going in enough in my ear and i have pushed it but i think different tips will be better...feels like stock tips don't isolate well for me
i just ordered these as well!...can't wait to get my hands on them!...these will be my first IEM's :)
hello all, i'm in the market for pair of IEM's...So New to It   Looking for: Comfortable (i have been using stock IPOD headphones) $300 is the Budget Isolation Durable (The will be used for Gym Most of the time) Bass Mids Sharpness Do Not want to run an Amp with it    Also: what should one look for in IEM's...Tips?..Drivers? i feel there should be a sticky for New people. Thank You
hello all!....first post!...just received a pair of M50 after much reviews i decided to take the plunge...not disappointed a bit...yoyo ma never sounded this is perfect, very comfortable...two thumbs up!
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