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We need to play Airsoft, i think its better than FPS games...more realistic.  
  "Burning heart" - Survivor    
Some people like the 580's over the M50's. I find the 580's more detailed, with impactful bass. (not boomy)  
Hi,    Which kind of music you like, and how much are you willing to spend? 
Here's an interesting thread, most gamers find it useful. 
ATH-A900's is another option. 
The HA-160D is capable of driving the HE-6's. No doubt it will make a nice job with the HE-5le's.    Taken from their blog:
Maybe you can find a second hand pair for around $150.   
I personally liked the RX700's. They have great modding potential too. 
I've heard they are gaming monsters too, you got a nice set of hp's. Congrats for the buy. 
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