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I will be watching this thread for reviews.  I wonder if they would be a good upgrade from my Denon D200s?
Adding my 2 cents.     I use the E11 with a rockboxed iPod classic loaded with FLAC cd rips.  When traveling I use Shure 315 IEMs with the amp set to low on EQ setting 1.  At home or in the office I use Denon D2000s with the amp on hi and eq to flat.  So far I am very pleased with the setup.  Low cost, portable, and sounds great by my ears.  Although not a high end setup, I compared the iPod/Fiio combo to the Nuforce Udac 2/Foobar setup I have with my laptop.  I...
Just adding to this thread from the summer.  I am running a Rockboxed 6G ipod classic into an E11.  This powers either a pair of Denon 2000s or Shure 315s.  Seems like a pretty enjoyable setup.  I can't identify anything particularly weak about this combo, and don't intend on trying.  Its good enough for me to enjoy the music on the go.  
This thread brings back memories.  I bought a pair of these my freshman year in college (1997).  I used a sony discman to an Audio Alchemy DDE 1.0 (home made portable battery pack) to the Koss amp.  Surprisingly it all fit on the provided Koss travel bag.  My pair ran off 6 D cell batteries, and went through them quick!  I had the squeal problem, but it was easily solved by a quick tap on the offending earpiece.  Also had an issue with "farting" - membrane slapping on...
I have the d2000s and use the nuforce udac 2 with good results. Also use a cmoy penguin and a mirindy tube amp. I think the cmoy offers the best dynamics, the udac the best clarity, and the tube amp some nice warmth. I use the udac the most. I wouls travel with the cmoy more, bthe TSA always gives me hell. Having a fiio e11 delivered this week for my more portable rig. Will give that a go with tje dwnoms.
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