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After researching going rates for this gear, I reduced the price. 
Selling my 2 months old Shure 315s.  These are wonderful sounding IEMs with fantastic isolation.  They were my first BA IEM and convinced me to consolidate my headphone collection to a multi driver custom IEM.  These retail for $200, asking $130.  They come with their carrying case, multitude of tips + some others which came with some other headphones.  As an added bonus, I will toss in a 2GB Creative Zen Stone MP3 player.     Thanks for looking,    
Selling my 160bg 6th gen ipod classic, rockboxed and paired with a fiio e11 amplifier.  It comes with the a Fiio LOD cable, leather ipod case, connection band, and an extra battery and charger for the fiio.  Included will be a usb charging cable for the fiio and an ipod cable.  Rockbox has worked flawlessly playing FLAC and Mp3 files.     This combo sounds very good and can drive full sized cans well.  I used it with Denon D2000s and Shure 315s, both with great...
I am looking in the 400-600 range and hadn't heard of the Heirs.  Glad I clicked on this thread.  I have been leaning towards the 1964 quads, but will start researching these.  Thanks!
I have a Udac 2 HP - the one without the line outs.  They can be had for less than $100.  Pretty good sound, although there are some reviews which critique its technical performance. 
My wife has no interest in sound quality, but enjoys listening to music.  She always asks me to "turn the noise down" - ugh.  That one gets me.  But now that we have a sonos system she is happy to DJ too.  Give and take.  
Thanks for the encouragement.  This is the hobby, right?  Trying new things.  Nothing done cannot be undone.     Going to an ENT today to see if I have any debris that needs cleaning before taking molds.  
Thanks for the tips guys.  From what I have read, even top IEMs can't match the experience of a full sized can.  For my purposes it doesn't really have to.  It just needs to get close.  I think I am going to go for it.  Starting in the First Quarter I have a ton of work travel.  Perfect time to get to know a nice pair of Custom IEMs.  If I regret getting rid of my Denons I am sure there will be other sets out there that I could get as a replacement.  
Hello.  I am seeking some advice regarding consolidating my headphone collection to a single BA-type IEM such as the 1964 Quad or JH 10.     Right now I have three primary setups.  Portable rig 1) Rockboxed Clip + with Shure 315 single BA IEMs, Portable Rig 2) Rockboxed Ipod Class 160gb - Fiio E11 - Shure 315s or Denon D2000s, and Home Rig) Laptop - Nuforce  Udac 2hp - Denon D2000s.     I use the Clip+ and the Shures 75% of the time.  Its just too easy and sounds...
I use Shure 345s, a step down from the ones you mentioned.  While they have only one driver I suspect they have a similar sound up the model line.  The midrange is fantastic, comfort is good, and isolation is without issue.  The bass is there, but not prominent by any measure.    I wouldn't call them warm, but they should meet your second criteria of finding new details in your music.  I love mine for travel.  
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