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BEATS OFF!  As other posters have mentioned it sounds better on the phone speakers, but is boomy and has compressed dynamics on good music on capable cans.  It eats battery, but the Udac2 is fairly efficient and worth the longevity expense in my opinion.     That said, I am not overanalyzing this setup. I always have the phone with me and the Udac2 is tiny.  Add a cable and some IEMs and you have not that much additional baggage or complexity for good sound on the...
Had the HTC One for about a week now and have been migrating some music to Google Play for on the road listening.  Impressive internal headphone amp, but very happy that it works plug and play with my Nuforce Udac2.  Not a bad little portable rig in my opinion.  
I can get pictures uploaded tomorrow.  I have the box as well.  I have had them for about 3 months.  I would want $225 for just the 550s.  
Selling, preferably as a combo.  AKG K550 headphones (with box) and a FIIO E17 Alpen amp/dac.  I will include a Fiio LOD for 30 apple 30 pin. Both are in fantastic shape.  I bought them thinking that I would use them for business travel, but wind up just using my IEMs.     Buyer pays actual fees and shipping.     Thanks!
Fiio d3 dac.  Purchased to connect a tv to an older integrated amp.  Never used since I upgraded the amp to a modern unit.   Works perfectly.  Comes in original box.    Well reviewed here:
Great little dac/amp.  I used it with Denon D2000 cans and loved it.  Bought an E17 as an impulse buy and no longer need this item.  It is in perfect working condition.  I have replaced the stock usb cable with a sturdier one which is about 6 inches long.  $5 shipping within the continental US. 
Thanks.  Edited to reflect Q701...
I wanted to share some quick impressions on my search for a new full sized headphone.  Practicality and portability are important to me.  I travel often and they need to be durable and able to be powered off of a portable amp and the occasional laptop/iphone/sansa.  I am in NYC this week for work and decided to buy several contenders to see which one best matched my preferences.     I used to use Denon D2000s.  Loved them across all genres, but traveling with them...
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