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Just a heads up here, the sound in this game is absolutely top notch!  The game is pretty good as well if you like space sims.
get an audio gd 10.32 and you are done. Great DAC, Great Amplifier.   Works perfectly with a balanced HD800 (standard lead).  
I really think you about as good as you get with an audio gd 10.32.   The difference between a cheap audio gd integrated and expensive integrated is subtle.  I think you can probably change the flavour of the sound but highly unlikely to get the sound better.  
The difference between correctly implemented chips is so subtle, its hard to really tell the difference.  I have an low end wolfson chip based DAC (nfb 12) and a mid priced R2R (audio gd ref 10.32) and the difference is there but its minor.  Yes the 10.32 is better but so is the amping on that dac.   Is the difference worth the 1500 dollar difference probably not but we all want to believe there is something better.   I am at my end game now after upgrading to HD800...
I have the Reference 10.32 with HD800 and can vouch its superb.  I do have my HD800 lead balanced.  End game for me !  (Rarely use my other phones HD650)
  with the soundstage of the HD800, this recording is brilliant!  You can really get a sense of the room size etc
I think any of the top end balanced audio gd dacs will be good.  Master 7, nfb-7 or nfb-8 will be brilliant with the master 9.  Very subtle differences between the 3 types of DAC.
I am running the HD800 with the Audio-gd Reference 10.32.  A marriage made in heaven in my opinion, having tried a wolfson amp/ dac which does work well with the slightly brighter HD800 sound, but pcm 1704uk dac of the Reference 10.32 is sublime. The Ref 10.32 does give a very natural sound.  I do have a nfb-8 (wolfson) linked to my speaker system and this sounds fantastic too .  I think the main improvement with these beastly ampsand dacs is the power regulation, it so...
I posted in the other hd800 thread  Anything by Concha Buika is superb  
Just giving you a heads up anything by Concha buika sounds sublime on the HD800.
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