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Earl Bostic's version of Poéme by Ernest Chausson   Thanks for the that, nice piece.
The mamas and the papas California dreamin  
I agree with you guys so far, only debate for me would be welcome to the jungle, whether sweet child of mine or paradise city would be the defining track for Guns and roses.  The intro to Welcome to the Jungle is just superb. thanks.
samuel barber - adagio for strings  (yep platoon ost) john lennon  - woman / jealous guy barbara streisand - the way we were pink floyd   - wish you were here
if you like radiohead. paranoid android always fun on the headphones.
I will start this off with the group Roxy Music from their self titled album.       This is a clever song with a mediocre beginning followed by incredible second and third verses.  This would be my defining track of Roxy Music.  Arguments welcomed.
so you could call it  a "royale with cheese" as it is cheesey ;)
presume you are trolling......   not sure where you get madonna has twice as many albums; record sales which include all formats singles etc yes I agree.  Anyway you are off topic we are talking about best female vocals ;)
I will get the ball rolling ........ Talking. Heads. This must be the place [URL=http://[=]http://[=[/URL] [VIDEO[=][/VIDEO] Not only a great song but IMO great mastering
Bowie  The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.     Close contenders DSOM, WYWH.
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