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I received 2 or 3 CDs from my Gift Exchange partner, DanTGG. He lives in Brazil so I asked him to select some Brazilian jazz artists I've likely never heard before. Dan did a great job with these two and I have another very interesting surprise on the way. I love these albums! Many thanks, my friend!       Left: Maria Rita: ELO Right: Tribalistas: Their one and only album   Dan describes the albums and performers...   Quote:   Tribalistas was a...
  This ad is still problematic to me, too. The "message" is ambiguous. The model's expression does not convey "Nirvana" of any sort, to me. Instead, she looks bored or drugged. The arms coming from somewhere else (maybe belonging to someone else!) look strange and, yes, "creepy".  I don't understand the odd way her fingers are touching her face, either.   I thought placing "HiFi 'M8" so close to the model's face was an intentional attempt to send a subliminal message --->...
I agree. The pose is very odd and the woman detracts from the product.   I have an idea.  Get the everyone to work for you. Have a contest for the best ad. Offer some cool prizes with the winner getting a free HiFi M8, maybe some gift certificates towards the purchase of a HiFi M8; like 75% off for Second Place and 50% off for Third.   I'll bet there are a lot of creative people who would participate and some may be Graphic Artists. This will stir up the...
I missed it.  Where is it?
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band with Cora Daye
Everyone should Re-read Michael Goodman's Dec. 13th Blog. He did not say they plan on using an inferior op amp in order to gain longer battery life.   Here is what he said:   "Now we are looking for alternative op amps that offer the same high performance as the ones we’ve chosen, but don’t consume as much power."
Thanks, Chris. It still looks like 'tnfonic' with my font. Or, maybe I need to get my vision tested!  LOL
Thanks. I must have over-looked it.
This is Great! This one I'm bookmarking for later use.   Many thanks,   BMF  
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