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  FWIW, IF you still want a bit more bass, you could try:   1. Seal the ear side baffle ports 2. Punch a few holes in the stiff felt over the back of the driver grid 3. Enlarge your 3 mm modified bass port to 5-6 mm, or 4. Remove your modified bass port and leave the cup vents stock with their black felt in place on the inside.
  P.M. me.
  No, the black material over the ear side of the baffle and driver is ultra thin and porous, no more than 0.2 mm thick. It reminds me of inexpensive 1-ply toilet paper.  Look at photo "S" in the first post of this thread to see just how thin and porous it is. The Organdi I have is similar to the stock dust cover thickness. I have another material a Canadian friend sent me that's even better; I think it is speaker cloth.   The black felt over the inside of the cup vents...
Some people have reported improved treble after removing the ear side dust cover. Personally, I cannot tell a difference one way or the other so I keep in place simply to keep debris and dust from entering the driver. Look at Picture "S" near the bottom of Post #1 in this thread. The dust cover is "sandwiched" between two, 1.5mm pieces of stiff craft felt to show just how thin and porous it is.    Organdi "cloth" is a very thin, loosely woven single ply material. It may...
  Could be too much cotton so maybe try a little less and re-test.     Self-adhesive felt will not work in this application, as suggested by micmacmo. The felt I use is from Michael's Craft Store. It is "Creatology Stiffened Craft Felt" and it is ~1.5 mm in thickness. If your felt is thicker and/or more dense, you will lose bass. As pointed out by Nevod, I've found that punching holes in the felt of various sizes and number, overlaying the driver grids on the back of the...
Good advice already from micmacmo, Nevod, and nick n. Also check to make sure your baffles are sealed at the cup rims. If not, tighten the four screws. If stripped, use the super glue method I posted previously. Temporarily, use masking tape around the rims. Make sure your pad flaps seal on the cups all the way around. If loose, try to repair, tape around the pad flaps/cups, use something similar to Alene's double-sided tape (see source list at the bottom of Post #1 in...
  Phill,   Sweet!  You took my mod configuration and made it your own by tuning to suit your ears, preferences, and audio chain. That's the way to do it.   Congrats,   Keith
Chris,    Note that the box/description from your link to the box of U.S. Cotton says .5 oz (.01) gram. That must be a typo but I found 2 items by other sellers on Amazon; one shows .5 oz and the other shows 4.0 oz. 
Yes, I got the second cotton on my list, above, from Amazon.   I suspect you are correct about the Rite Aid cotton and SKU.
  Chris,   See my post about this on the T50RP modding page.   Good luck!   Keith
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