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    Century's End has amazing soundstage. Fagen's Snowbound, Trans Island Skyway, Janie Runaway, and Gaslighting Abbey are great tunes for top to bottom testing. I find that all of Fagen's stuff is well mastered.   The Patricia Barber tunes I mentioned because of their emphasis on double bass, not necessarily female vocals but her vocals are to die for.   Krall's recordings offer a complex mixture of double bass and drums to midrange guitar/vocals, and high hats/cymbals...
    No, sorry.  That would be a copyright violation. You can go on their website, though, and listen to samples from many of their recordings which are superbly mastered; I don't know, however, if their samples will sound as good as their recordings.   For soundstage look for a good recording of Donald Fagen's Century's End.   For Bass: Donald Fagen's Morph the Cat (thanks micmacmo - the whole album is great).   For Bass: Patricia Barber's Light My Fire and Ode to Billy...
    3 weeks ago I ordered Chesky Records: "Various Artists - The Ultimate Demonstration Disk"  Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, some jazz recordings, and their 5.1 Ultimate Demo disk.  The 30-second samples of Vol. 2 sound excellent on my modded sets.    
Gorgeous "functional art."     When I get mine back from Smeggy, I'll post a picture of his unique creation. I don't know how he does it.        
You're absolutely correct. I should have noticed that because I have 2 sets waiting for mods. Hmmm...I wonder how much they'll be worth....  
Me too, at first. That's the subliminal intent of the ad. It works.   Demand will go up with ads like that; so will prices.   Are those T20's or T40's? I'll have to look when I get home.
Both straight and angled.    
Brilliant!  Thanks for doing this.   Sign me up for 3 sets of FA-003 adapters. Same if you do Shure 840's; I'm tired of dealing with stretched out flaps.
  T50RP is porous with fibers clearly present, running throughout.         T20RP dampener looks thicker and less porous without fibers running throughout.       Blue light behind open cup of T20RP shows that the mesh covering the cup vent serves only as a dust barrier, not as a dampener.   Note the stamp on the diaphragm - "Foster dp29 sz1d"  This is the sames stamp on all my T50RP's purchased in June, September, and December 2011.    
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