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KOT,I have not tried it as a pre-amp. I'm happy with my McIntosh MX-136 pre/pro but will likely give this a try over the weekend now that you mention it. It'll be interesting to see how a $250 "David" stands up to an $8k "Goliath."
I'm diggin' my new Project Sunrise II Amp!   Upon the recommendation of geetarman49 and chinook9, I recently bought a Project Sunrise II tube-hybrid amp from 'garage1217 com'.  Setting bias is so easy and a DMM is not necessary. All you do is turn a couple of screws while watching 2 LEDs. It's compatible with over 80 tubes - both 6 and 12 volt tubes. Output impedance is adjustable for 5 and 68 ohms via 2 jumpers accessible on the sides. It has a laser cut clear...
  It's been 18 months since I read through REW's setup instructions. I don't remember the specifics about what was recommended, then, and the instructions may have changed. I'll have to check the current setup instructions. I do remember calibrating both ways, though, and saw no significant difference between looping the sound card alone vs adding the phantom power supply in the loop calibration. I chose to go with calibrating the sound card with the phantom power supply...
Just got my Third CD from DanTGG. Flashback! 1970's Latino Acid Rock. I didn't know it existed. Super Cool Sounds. Thanks, Dan!   A lo lejos, hombre!
  I replied to your question in Incremental Mods and Measurements thread HERE. Hope this helps.
Sorry. I should have linked this with the previous one. Go to Post #1 in this thread and you will see links to my Google Docs. There you will be able to see how to configure REW. On this graph, click the Gear icon at top right. Enter -70 in the offset window and click Add to data. Go to left vertical slider to pull the adjusted Graph down until you can see it. Then, adjust your resolution. You're currently at 20 dB intervals which gives an inaccurately flat FR. Click the...
Hard to say without more information. Please:Describe your config in detail.Post pictures.Show the rest of your graph with all scales present.What is the resolution of your graph?Show a stock measurement you made.
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I'm not necessarily a Heart fan but I do enjoy some of their stuff. If you're of my generation, this will harken back to days gone by and put a huge smile on your face. Note the dignitaries in the audience including Robert Plant nearly brought to tears of joy, Jimmie Page lovin' what he heard, The Prez & First Lady, Yo-Yo Ma groovin', and more...   Check it out  
My First Attempt to Modify Amfiton TDS-5M   A few months ago, a good friend in Belrus sent me a pristine set of Amfiton TDS-5M headphones. I briefly listened and generally liked what I heard except for bass bloat into the midrange. I was busy with other projects and put them away. This morning I unboxed my TDS-5M for another listen. The mids sounded pretty good but slightly muffled due to moderately uncontrolled bass. The treble rolled off too early. Time to try my...
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