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You're gonna love it. She's A Lady, Light My Fire, Silent Partner, Constantinople, and Let It Rain. Her covers, original lyrics of her on tunes, and band are excellent. The bass lines in She's a Lady and Light My Fire are deep, textured, and musical; Great double bass, drums, piano, and other instruments.
Agreed. k.d. lang's "Ingenue" album is beautiful. I have several of her concert movies and they are wonderful, too. There's another song of her's that I really like, too, called "Pullin' Back the Reins."  I also love Melody Gardot. Norah Jones' "The Fall" album is excellent; so is her duet album "...featuring Norah Jones."   If you like these, I guarantee you will love Patricia Barber's albums: "Cafe Blue" and "Modern Cool." Simply exquisite. 
  You Dog!    I look forward to your impressions.
    Cue up "West Side Story" Maria singing "I Feel Pretty."     Nope, "this pose detracts from the M8 message"!  HaHaHaHaaaaa
  Yes, Thank You for the Wonderful Brazilian jazz!   RE: Your BMF DBV #3 headphones, they should be arriving soon. I shipped about 10 days ago..... I hope you like them.
I received 2 or 3 CDs from my Gift Exchange partner, DanTGG. He lives in Brazil so I asked him to select some Brazilian jazz artists I've likely never heard before. Dan did a great job with these two and I have another very interesting surprise on the way. I love these albums! Many thanks, my friend!       Left: Maria Rita: ELO Right: Tribalistas: Their one and only album   Dan describes the albums and performers...   Quote:   Tribalistas was a...
  This ad is still problematic to me, too. The "message" is ambiguous. The model's expression does not convey "Nirvana" of any sort, to me. Instead, she looks bored or drugged. The arms coming from somewhere else (maybe belonging to someone else!) look strange and, yes, "creepy".  I don't understand the odd way her fingers are touching her face, either.   I thought placing "HiFi 'M8" so close to the model's face was an intentional attempt to send a subliminal message --->...
I agree. The pose is very odd and the woman detracts from the product.   I have an idea.  Get the everyone to work for you. Have a contest for the best ad. Offer some cool prizes with the winner getting a free HiFi M8, maybe some gift certificates towards the purchase of a HiFi M8; like 75% off for Second Place and 50% off for Third.   I'll bet there are a lot of creative people who would participate and some may be Graphic Artists. This will stir up the...
I missed it.  Where is it?
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band with Cora Daye
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