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Another I don't know but want to check out. What album is this?   Thanks
  Great find! Thank you. And did you notice James Carville on violin?!  LOL
I added new pictures and descriptions of some improvements to "Simplified and Consolidated Pictorial for DBV #3."  Go to Page 1 in this thread and scroll down half-way.
DBV #3 mod is on the way to my "Brazilian Buddy," DanTGG.
  Hey Brian,   Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy you like how the mod sounds. It was challenging finding a configuration that compensated for the "Naked Drivers" missing stock white driver dampening material. I think I got real close to the SQ of DBV #3 With its stock white driver dampeners intact.  Below are the Before and After graphs.   Best,   BMF         Before: Red=Right. Blue=Left         After DBV #3 with 2 layers of craft felt and 20x25 mm Treble Reflector:...
  Same, here. CEntrance is The Best ---> Great designs and products, super fast response to questions on a personal level (!), excellent pre- and post-sale support, their willingness to let us participate in the design of the M8 final form factors, and they excel in customer support and when dealing with warranty issues. Let me tell you all about my experience with CEntrance.     I had a warranty issue involving a very minor "problem" with my Dacmini volume pot. I sent it...
  I just checked my most recently acquired three sets of T50RP's, received last week from bhphotovideo. They are the latest production with smooth finished metal hangers and non-textured, translucent white driver dampening material. 
  Lead is highly toxic. It can cause neurologic damage, dementia, and death. Don't use it!   Use tungsten powder instead to make your own DIY Tungsten Putty. You can get tungsten powder online or from a golf supply shop. Use your favorite non-drying plasticine, petroleum jelly, and talcum powder. Wear latex gloves. Make plasticine "pancakes." Spread on a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Lightly sprinkle tungsten powder onto the petroleum jelly. Fold and knead to evenly work...
New Posts  All Forums: