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I had a minor issue with only one of over 25 sets I've modded. A bit of alcohol on a Q-Tip took care of drop outs that were present on just one set.I tried the V-Moda cable...Meh. It tangles more easily than the stock cable and offerrs no improvement in sound, IMO. I like the stock cable better than the V-Moda cable, by far.
  Excellent! Happy to hear you're happy.   I have not tried Fiio gear. I use a Dacmini with 1-ohm output impedance mod.
  No, I haven't tried either. DBV #3 (and variations) were tuned for 840 pads, only. Using different pads will change the FR. Basically, pads with deeper/larger interior volume will decrease bass quantity. See the incremental mod graphs for an idea of how each component performs using 3 different pads: Stock T50RP pads, Shure 840 pads, and Fischer FA-003 pads.
  My pleasure.   I have duplicate DBV #3 mods. Some have Dynamat and some do not. I cannot tell any difference with vs without Dynamat.
  The notch keeps your options open during tuning. If you want to close the baffle port temporarily, stick on a tiny piece of masking tape. If you want it closed permanently, use hot glue, silicone, self-adhesive felt, or Dynamat.
  I suspect there's a good chance that your highs are too high because your cotton is still too dense. Maybe you can separate them into more layers? The "fluffier" the better.   Here's what I'm using now in place of Rite Aid "Natural Absorbent Cotton" which has been discontinued:   Rite Aid "First Aid Rolled Cotton"        Separated into 20 individual layers. You can see 1 layer at the bottom of the ruler:       Preparing "First Aid Rolled Cotton" for Effective...
  Great find, Chris! I will order some, too. Edit: I won't be ordering, after all. The shipping for 4.5x1 foot ranges from $39 to $75.   All: Rite Aid Natural Absorbent Cotton has been discontinued according to Rite Aid reps. Their online store web page shows only Rite Aid First Aid Rolled Cotton is available. This product is dense and matted out of the box and won't work without a bit of preparation. You can separate the cotton into 20 thin layers by delicately pulling...
  What 'wje' said....below:   Or:  Laurel and Hardy, Curly and Mo, Abbott and Costello...Oh, No...I've just "dated" myself!  LOL
  No, Tyll measured an older mod configuration in April 2012, Not DBV #3.     Ditto...as above.     Most of the tuning tweaks I've posted are listed in Post 191, above. The rest is up to you.    Best wishes for success. Have fun!
Off topic, and.....   May not be your 'thing,' but I'm really diggin' her voice...Natalie Lungley, unsigned talent from England with Little Bro, Matt...O.K., here's the "tie-in"...sounds great through modded T50RP's:     Natalie Lungley   Be Quiet and Drive (Deftones):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow58_ocIJL8&feature=channel&list=UL   Change in the House of Flies (Deftones):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLpNyNL36gw   The Greatest (Cat Power -...
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