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Thanks for the pad mounting comparison tests. I'm sorry about your flap tears. Did you use tape to seal around the pad-to-cup junction in condition "2" ? Related: As the pad flaps stretch from multiple tuning cycles, pad-to-cup seal is diminished. Once you have them tuned just right and if you decide to put on new pads, get ready for a different sound quality. I find that bass becomes much more prominent and treble more recessed when installing new pads After tuning is...
  Take a look at Project Sunrise II Amps. They perform far above their price point and sound amazing, IMO. There are many low cost tubes ranging from $25 to $50 that sound great in this amp. PM me if you want some recommendations and go HERE for detailed Project Sunrise II tube rolling posts. Pair the Project Sunrise II Amp with an ODAC or Modi for an excellent low cost combo for around $350.
  Take a serious look at Project Sunrise II Amps at garage1217 com. I have one and my modded Fostex and TDS 'phones sound wonderful with a variety of tubes. My current favorite tube is NOS Telefunken E88CC circa 1968. I use my Dacmini for DAC duty. I've also tried it with ODAC and Modi. All 3 sound very good with Project Sunrise II that comes fully assembled for less than $250.00.  So, you could get a DAC/Amp Combo for around $350.00 if you go with Project Sunrise...
  Thanks for this, micmacmo. Wow! The NXZ pads are smaller than FA-003 pads. I wonder how the NXZ pads would perform taped in place with double sided tape underneath and electrical tape around the edges? I'm pretty sure the SQ will change from non-stretched to stretched on, for all pads. Have you compared this variable?
  Nevod,   Very clever. Thanks for sharing this information. Can you post some "how to" pictures?
Could be. I don't know. I'm just the messenger. Don't shoot.
What are the dimensions compared to FA-003 pads? Or, are they Too Big, Too Small, or Just Right?   RE: Cotton balls, rolls, etc - Different weights, densities, dimensions....What you have may work, or not. As you know, there's only one way to find out.  :)
  Good point. On closer inspection, the pleather is different for the 1st and 2nd pads in the top row. I'm sure the first one is FA-003 with soft pleather all around and inside the ear hole. The 2nd one may actually be an HM5 pad. Its pleather is stiffer all around and inside the ear hole. 
Maybe try direct damping the back of the drivers with stiff felt and a temporary modified 3 mm x 1.5 mm bass port over 1 of the cup vent slots using masking tape on the outside of the cup vents? This seems to work pretty well for bringing midrange forward. If bass is too diminished, you could try making larger bass ports in 1 mm (width) increments until you get it dialed in.   If the treble is too "hot," place a bit of cotton or fiberglass over the ear side of the drivers...
  EDIT: I corrected and added information about the measurement method.
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