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  Hi Dan,   Whew! Your delivery must have gone around the world a couple of times! Thank you for letting me know you Finally got your Christmas gift. I'm happy to hear you like what you hear from your DBV #3 modded T20RP mk II headphones. I think they sound great with my Dacmini's DAC section (and ODAC, and Schiit Modi) paired with my Project Sunrise II Amp. I look forward to hearing more about your impressions, particularly after you get your DAC and amp. At that point,...
  Yes, I have noticed a difference when tuning with masking tape to secure the baffles to the cups compared to using the screws. IME, going from tape to screws increases the bass which may effect the perceived bass:treble "ratio." I find that I lose some treble and gain some bass when I switch from tape to screws. I don't know if this effect is due to the slight difference in the amount of compression of the dampening materials (greater compression when using the screws),...
Inset. I'll turn them inside out to keep out debris and dust unless I want to impress my buds :)
Looks like at least twice as many components in PS2 compared to the earlier version. There's a protection circuit, what else? Whatever they do, they do it great! Well done Frans and Jeremy!  I'm having a lot of fun "rolling tubes."
Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to the next update. Good luck.
My understanding from discussions with Jeremy is that the voltage jumper must be set for either 6 volts or 12 volts, depending on the tube you're using, then set the bias to 13.5 volts for each channel.  I'll leave it to The Master to confirm or refute.
  BTW, as good as Lana del Rey is...Natalie Lungley's cover is better, IMO.
  An incredible eclectic mix of great music...Thank You!
Better quality, less boom.
  Remove the plastic cover over the central headband screw compartment in the center of the cups. I use an X-acto knife and follow the seam, prize it off. Unscrew with Phillips Head Screwdriver. Careful with the pivot tabs. Each of the 3 components comprising the attachment/pivot mechanism costs $5 to $7.50 each.
New Posts  All Forums: