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  I think I would go back to the DBV #3 config and first remove the treble reflector, then test. Then try either additional holes or larger holes in the stiff felt. Last, tweak the cotton thickness +/- 5 mm thickness and try both ways.    Did you "Prepare" the Rite Aid Cotton; no, wait...you have "Natural Absorbent Cotton." So, try 5 mm more vs 5 mm less thickness.   You should make only one tuning tweak at a time.   I find that once I get the bass:treble "right," the...
FWIW, I'm listening to a tuned DBV #3 (using "Prepared" First Aid Rolled Cotton) paired with my Dacmini (Amp + DAC) and Dacmini (DAC) + Project Sunrise II Amp. Both combinations sound perfect for my ears and preferences. Bass goes very low with "layers" of texture, impact, and speed. I listen to Patricia Barber's "She's A Lady" and "Ode to Billy Joe" and Donald Fagen's "Morph The Cat" for sub-bass and it's there in spades between 15 - 20 Hz.  I listen to Patricia Barber's...
  Your pleasure is mine :)     Prepared First Aid Cotton in this mod reminds me of baklava and sounds just as yummy.
Sorry 'bout that! LOL I corrected the link.   HERE it is.
  I don't know about the reliability of the data HERE (Corrected) so take it FWIW. Scroll down to next to last section.  If accurate, plasticine is about twice as effective as blu-tak. Newplast is about 4 times better than blu-tak and twice that of plasticine.   There is a new product for sale in this link but I've not tried it. 
  The adhesive on the felt will over-dampen the drivers and cup vents, tiny holes or not.  You could try it, though. Maybe it will work for you. Be careful of adhesives applied directly on the back of the white driver material. Some adhesives react with and "liquify" the stock adhesive that secures the white material to the back of the driver.
  k00zk0,   mrscotchguy used non-drying bake to harden clay and it melted his cups and baffles. I'm not sure of the brand he used, but it may have been Sculpey.  Get some plasticine if you can't get Newplast.   Soft or "limp" felt does not have self-adhesive backing. Don't use any self-adhesive felt on the back of the drivers or over the internal cup vents because it's impermeable and will "choke" your driver and cup venting - killing your sound quality. Get some...
Update: I edited and added additional information and pictures to "Simplified and Consolidated Tutorial/Pictorial for DBV #3." Go to Post #1 of this thread and scroll down past Graph #55. Included are photos and step-by-step instructions required for preparing Rite Aid "First Aid Rolled Cotton" so it will perform like Rite Aid "Natural Absorbent Cotton."    I hope this helps.
  Which vent(s) did you seal?   I've tried polyfill - a small amount to over-stuffed with and without cotton and/or fiberglass. I could never get it to work for me but YMMV.   Did you try the paper over the back of the driver and under both layers of stiff felt?  What size paper?
  I bought a calibrated Galaxy CM-140 SPL meter and a styrofoam head. I removed part of the back and drilled a hole for the SPL probe. I tried some measurements with it but found it to be unreliable. I think the problem with it was that it was almost impossible to position the headphones in the same place. I have an idea to correct this problem but have not tried it, yet.   Yes, that's the "Naked Driver" mod I mentioned. It sounds real good and very close to DBV #3 with...
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