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I'm not necessarily a Heart fan but I do enjoy some of their stuff. If you're of my generation, this will harken back to days gone by and put a huge smile on your face. Note the dignitaries in the audience including Robert Plant nearly brought to tears of joy, Jimmie Page lovin' what he heard, The Prez & First Lady, Yo-Yo Ma groovin', and more...   Check it out  
My First Attempt to Modify Amfiton TDS-5M   A few months ago, a good friend in Belrus sent me a pristine set of Amfiton TDS-5M headphones. I briefly listened and generally liked what I heard except for bass bloat into the midrange. I was busy with other projects and put them away. This morning I unboxed my TDS-5M for another listen. The mids sounded pretty good but slightly muffled due to moderately uncontrolled bass. The treble rolled off too early. Time to try my...
FWIW, skip 8.1 and go straight to DBV #3 "Simplified and Consolidated DBV #3 Pictorial Guide" about half way down Post #1 in Incremental Mods and Measurements just past Graph #55.Best wishes.
Brian,I'm taking "Sabbatical" from mod experiments with current production Fostex 'phones because I'm so happy with DBV #3. Anything better develops, I'll post it in Incremental Mods and Measurements thread.I'll be sure to post about Project Sunrise II Tube-Hybrid amp.
All the power hungry Big Guns. Michael mentioned them a few posts earlier.
  geetarman49 recommended the Project Sunrise II several months ago. I finally ordered and expect delivery on New Year's Eve. Jeremy at Garage 1217 was "on it" with super fast replies to my questions and quick shipping. I'm stoked! This will be my first foray into the world of tubes. geetarman49 says I don't know what I've been missing. Your endorsement earlier this week cinched it for me. I've been on a tube research and purchase binge with more NOS vintage and current...
Thanks for the link.   RE: Rite Cotton Balls -That can work. FWIW, I like to start with 2x7x7 cm (1.7 g.)  Rite Aid Natural Absorbent Cotton OR 2x6x7 cm (1.5 g. = 10 separated layers). I use a $20 digital scale with calibration weight I picked up from Amazon last year. Seems to work great and helps me channel balance from Left to Right as well as standardize my mods. A scale might come in handy for you.   RE: Your lack of treble - Could be you don't have enough cotton...
Can you link to the design of your artificial ear canal and your linkwitz simple phantom power supply?   RE: Your mod...What type of cotton did you use, how much, and how did you prepare it?   Please post some measurements and description of your mods.
  The measurements won't match. Yes, I placed the mic in my ear. I didn't use smoothing for incremental measurements unless indicated at the bottom of the graphs. Yes, I used default settings for waterfalls. You can download any/all REW .mdat files from my Google Docs links and run the data analysis with different "time windows."   How did you measure IEMs? I have not been able to get any reliable measurements using the artificial ear canal.       I was just about to...
  I vaguely remember reading about V5.01 beta for Mac in July 2011. I opted for V5.0 because it had been tested. I may dust off my older Dell and try it with V5.01 for Windows.   I did not accurately level-match the Magni and Dacmini for my semi-controlled comparisons made to satisfy my own curiosity. I matched them by ear, only. I like the entry level Magni/Modi combination and the price:performance is impressive.   Happy Holidays to Everyone.
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