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Update: I edited and added additional information and pictures to "Simplified and Consolidated Tutorial/Pictorial for DBV #3." Go to Post #1 of this thread and scroll down past Graph #55. Included are photos and step-by-step instructions required for preparing Rite Aid "First Aid Rolled Cotton" so it will perform like Rite Aid "Natural Absorbent Cotton."    I hope this helps.
  Which vent(s) did you seal?   I've tried polyfill - a small amount to over-stuffed with and without cotton and/or fiberglass. I could never get it to work for me but YMMV.   Did you try the paper over the back of the driver and under both layers of stiff felt?  What size paper?
  I bought a calibrated Galaxy CM-140 SPL meter and a styrofoam head. I removed part of the back and drilled a hole for the SPL probe. I tried some measurements with it but found it to be unreliable. I think the problem with it was that it was almost impossible to position the headphones in the same place. I have an idea to correct this problem but have not tried it, yet.   Yes, that's the "Naked Driver" mod I mentioned. It sounds real good and very close to DBV #3 with...
Which ones??
  What's really great about it is not just its "Kool Factor" but its beautiful sound.  And, the price is Right!
  Still show as "available" at Amazon, fullcompass, and bhphotovideo.
Dang. They are beauties.
Then you are a "veteran" modder!  Have you tried the "Naked Driver" mod?   That's a real good price for T50RP's. The cheapest I've seen for months is $99 at Amazon.
Beautiful work on the mods. I'd buy them if I didn't already have a set.Do you have any extra DIY leather pads?
KOT,I have not tried it as a pre-amp. I'm happy with my McIntosh MX-136 pre/pro but will likely give this a try over the weekend now that you mention it. It'll be interesting to see how a $250 "David" stands up to an $8k "Goliath."
New Posts  All Forums: