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  They are too small to easily install. I've ripped a couple of sets. One alternative is to use 'micmacmo's' "inner tube mod. He cut and sewed on inner tube pad flaps that make installing them easy. They also make a perfect seal onto the cups. Otherwise, you could try mounting them with double sided tape.
  I've noticed this routinely with Shure 840 pads. While they improve overall bass, they seem to overdo it between 70-250 Hz by +3 to +5 dB, depending on the rest of the damping scheme used. Try EQ'ing down by 3 dB, then by 5 dB, between 70-250 Hz, leave 250 to 500 Hz alone, and then take a listen. If this solves the congestion (good description, BTW) you hear, an easy tuning method is to make a "modified bass port" using tape on the outside of the cup vents.   A...
All I did was mod a set of headphones for 'mrscotchguy.' I did not expect anything in return more than a "thank-you." Here's what arrived at my office, today - A Scotch Connoisseur's Supreme Sampler with 25 year-old Scotch and a Limited Edition bottle of Bernheim's. I  am blown away by his thoughtfulness and generosity. Talk about "Give More Than You Take!"   Thanks, so much, MrScotchGuy.   BMF          
  Yes, to both questions. Remove the rectangle of plastic covering the vents inside the cups. They come off easily since they're held in place by a bit of glue.  This takes them from over damped to under damped...or from No Bass to Bloated Bass. I posted something about this a few pages back in either this thread or the T50RP thread. 
Well, that's my opinion about mrpseakers' leather Comfort Strap. I think it's great. Same for his Alpha Pads comfort..."luxurious" comes to mind.   RE: Velour Pads - I've tried numerous mod configs with Shure Velour pads. I cannot make them work. The velour sucks out everything from 500 Hz, down, causing a Very steep roll off of -15 dB and funky humps in the upper mids and lower treble range With My Mods. I applied electrical tape to the inner "walls" of Shure velour pads...
  I made a suspension headband out of leather backed with closed cell foam, modeled after LFF's suspension headband, and held in place using "Hair Ties." It's very comfortable, cheap, and easy to make.   I have MrSpeakers' Leather Comfort Strap and Alpha Pads, too. For comfort, this combo is "Top Shelf" in my opinion and can't be beat. Mrspeakers' Comfort Strap is a steal at $15.00.  The headphones stay in place and there's no pressure points. His Alpha Pads are Super...
Thanks for the transplant surgery guide! Very nice, as usual. How's it sound?
DBV #3 Update: Modding just got easier.   I misplaced my last box of Rite Aid "Natural Absorbent Cotton." I searched everywhere but no joy. As I've previously described, Rite Aid "First Aid Rolled Cotton" performs similarly but requires "preparation."   Over 1 year ago, mrspeakers posted a modification to his Rastapants Mod using cotton balls. I tried different brands, sizes, and numbers of cotton balls in whatever mod iteration I was working on at the time (Not...
Oh, O.K. Thanks for clarifying this for me. I will take a look at the Vamp and compare to the Versa. Appreciate the link, too. I'm guessing the Versa + Metallo case will "win" and I'll have to upgrade to iPhone 5.
Thanks. Do you know if the iPhone 4S Vamp case will dock with the Versa?
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