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Yes, I look forward to testing and measuring ZGLISZCZ's new wave guides. As he mentioned, the wave guides I had 3D printed did not turn out as planned.   Very generous of Z* to share his work with we DIY'ers for Cost + Shipping!
 I have both on hand. I like Sansui SS-100 more for their sound and good looks. I need to try the T30 mods mentioned previously, though.
That's the reverse of what I would have predicted. I have some extra HP-1 felt if needed.
LOL  Good call...and GREQ, nice shot!
If there is a tour unit for auditioning, I'm interested.
 fleasbaby, Thanks for the pad pix. I look forward to seeing the inside of the TDS-16. You have the Kiev version. I have TDS: 5M, 7, 15 (black and silver versions), 16 (Kiev and Smela versions), H25C, and H21C (portable ortho:) Some of my mods with pix are listed in my profile including transplanted TDS-15 drivers into a Takstar donor (thanks, leeperry for the suggestion). Tip: Look for a 3' x 3' sheet of double-sided adhesive and an X-Axto "compass cutter" at your local...
I've never seen the Red before...very cool.The foam has deteriorated and turned to goo. nick n has successfully repaired and replaced the foam.You can mod TDS 5 much like a vintage Yamaha. I would hesitate doing so if I had a rarity like yours in perfect condition.You can tune bass on the TDS 16 model you have by sealing most of the vents with tape on the Outside. You have to open them for repairs so please post pix of the process and what / how you tuned them.
How does Turbo X compare to B&W Zeppelin Air and B&W Zeppelin Mini, and any others you heard?
+1 See the pictures towards the end of Post 1 in this thread.
Go to the link in my signature.
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