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I agree. As with all vintage headphones, variable aging effects and how they were stored over the past 20 to 30 years likely results in sound quality differences from one set to the next. The set of SS-100 I'm listening to sounds very good. The bass is accurate and fast, just not as pronounced as some other vintage TOTL orthos. Then, there is "the look" and build to consider...  Sansui SS-100 may well be the most beautiful headphone I've ever seen, as well as light...
Balsa Wood Mod with Paxmate and Rock Wool - uploaded with pictures.   Item 23 in Table of Contents
Paxmate Lattice Mod uploaded   Select item #22 in the Table of Contents of Post #1 of this thread.   EDIT: I added some photos, explanations for all photos, details about the build, and rationale for the current experiments treating our headphone "listening room."
I will be out of town for work between April 5 - 9. Please move me to the bottom of the list, if possible. If not possible, I will have to drop out since I'm next in line for the East LCD-X. In any event, Thanks Justin! BMF
Thanks for the tips. No, sir.  At least, 2. 
LOL! It's delicious.A crazy stack that works. The Senn shells are definitely worthy as foster fones. Comfortable. Light weight. Sleek design looks good, too. It's incredibly mod friendly taking only a few seconds to remove the grilles, tweak the config, and put it back on - No screws to lose or threads to strip.
Yamaha YH-1 to Sennheiser HD-600 Transplant   Over 50 modification trials with a variety of materials and numerous SQ checks were completed before settling on this final modification configuration.   I pre-tinned new wires and soldered the drivers to the jacks. The jacks were mounted to the cups with Plasti-Weld epoxy and positioned so the drivers are angled at about 20 degrees to align with a “straight shot” to both ears. Drivers were secured onto the baffles with hot...
 I'm not sure what adjective to use to describe the effect of what I hear from the BMD. "Smooth?" Whatever, it does it without killing the treble details... FWIW, IMO, YMMV, etc.  Tip o' the hat to nick for an awesome mod.
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