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 You can clip the cable leads to the Right driver. Leave a "pig tail" so you can easily solder it back in place. Use your DMM to test resistance. Should be around 50 ohms.
T-30 in great condition. Never modified. Perfect other than missing L and R badges and the plastic piece on the inside of one slider.
^^ That's what I think, too. They're probably headed for East Asia.   Best wishes to Audeze.
Bad Mojo on the thieves!
Crossfeed, anyone? See Chapter 33 in Post #1 of this thread.   ~ BMF
Look in Post 1 of this thread under the section about making a measurement kit. The Japanese ebay seller with authentic mics is listed there.
I tried those PUI mics when Panasonic discontinued the WM61-A. They measure very differently. Not a problem once you determine the offsets or compensation / corrections And measure relative to your own measurements only.Check the ebay seller I recommended in FIMM. They're authentic and cheap. If he's out, PM me and I'll send you a couple.
 Where / When do I sign up?
New Posts  All Forums: