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The Blue and Gold paint scheme was specifically chosen by cCasper for The Paramount "BMF 'Look" And Sound Quality.   Subaru staple...?  
Gents, here they are...cCasper's Custom Painted BMF T50RP cups and slider rails with Alcantara Pads and Custom Balanced Cable....Sweet!   They look much better than my crappy iPhone pictures and, modified, they sound wonderful.   Thanks, cCasper.         
No effect either way, here. I hear no "rattle" stock vs modified.
I'd love to hear the HE-1000. A good friend who's ears I trust said it's the best headphone experience he's ever had. He owns just about everything vintage and current production.
PM me.   :-)
 You can send it to me. I'll replace the diaphragm for you.
 Alpha Pads may work but only your ears can decide. Pads contribute significantly to any mod. Best wishes.
 Beta 2? Consider waiting until you get your set - take a look, install them, and take a listen before making them available. I think there's room for improvement. You could make the base of the 3 singles and the 2 inner wave guides on the main frame a little bit wider.  1.0 to 1.5 mm overall greater width or 0.5 mm to 0.75 mm on either side of each wave guide should work just as long as they don't cover any portion of the 2 mm diameter holes. This would remove rotor...
Heads Up SeEnCreaTive's 3D Printed T50RP Wave Guides pictorial and graphs are up HERE go to Chapter 29.
Hi BSH, Send a PM to SenCreaTive. The ones I ordered from shapeways <.> com should arrive, tomorrow. News at 10:00, BMF
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