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Yes, that's what I figured with the cheap Radio Shack stuff they had on hand. What about the watts=10? BTW, I ordered the 5 watt/6 ohm and 3 watt/2 ohm 1% Resistors by Vishay, from Mouser.
 Would a 100 ohm, 10 watt, 10% resistor work?  If using only R2 what does 142+ ohms speaker load do to a solid state amp? Thanks for all the help!
FWIW, here's what I did based on koiloco's idea.    I have a hum from my Mini a-100 that sounds like a ground loop or 60 cycles per second hum. I'm going to add resistors and see if they knock it out. The Emotiva Mini a-100 performs very well, for me, and sounds good. For the price, you can't go wrong.    If you get a Mini a-100 and choose to modify it like koiloco with a headphone jack off the speaker terminals, you have to measure VERY Carefully because you only get...
 So, you went for attenuation but no speaker load matching. What headphones are you using and did it knock out the noise? I have what sounds like a 60 cps hum with the volume pot at 1/3 or higher, with no music playing. Is what I refer to as "hum" the same as others call "hiss?" If so, maybe the 2-resistor network would work best for me: R2 = 5 watt, 6 ohm...R3 = 3 watt, 2 ohm
Many thanks to Velodyne for an easy freebie. This will likely generate a lot o good will for Velodyne. Thanks, also, to Velodyne for Not requiring a Facebook "Like." I don't look good in hot pink, so I'll go for vFree in black. Thank you Ianerhard13 for posting this promo...Tip o' the hat to you.
O.K. Many thanks.
As headphone impedance increases, should the Resistor impedance increase or decrease?So, I simply splice the appropriate Resistors between the speaker taps and the headphone jack?Thanks, Guys
I currently have no resistors installed. With volume set to noon or higher and no music playing, I hear a hum. Sounds similar to the ground loop from my cable. I installed a filter between the cable an cable box that took care of that problem. I don't have any issues needing SPL attenuation. Would a pair of resistors between the speaker taps and headphone jacks knock out the hum? If so, what type and Ohms should I use? Otherwise, I'm very happy with the sound. Thanks
I've got three McIntosh components and love them. If their headphones are OEM'd I'll pass.
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