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Looked like the pads on mine were after market but they were attached behind the baffles.
Amfiton TDS-7 Disassembly            
 Thank you.  Please update once they are released for sale.
Interesting. What are your impressions and comparison to HD-650? Do you have the specs? Do you have pictures of the diaphragm? Thanks for sharing this.
First off: I don't know if I could reliably tell one from the other, if blinded. Sighted comparisons...Beware of Loosey Audiophile Terms: Ember has plenty of power for orthos and lots of spare headroom. It edges out the a-100 on clarity or definition, for lack of a better term. Very smooth with no grain. I like it better than a-100 with both types of headphones. I think Ember digs deeper with better bass extension, quality, texture, and speed. Ember sounds better than...
Someone a few pages back asked how Emotiva a-100 mini-X pairs with HD-800.   All four of these TOTL 'phones sound great with Emotiva a-100 mini-X amplifier modified with robrob's resistor design....Thanks, Rob!   The OPPO HA-1 served DAC duty.   Garage 1217's (Jeremy and Frans) "Ember" Hybrid Amp on top is also very good and has no trouble driving them, including HiFi Man HE-6 to ~ 90 to 95 dB.   BMF     The first two are on long term loan from a good...
I agree. T10 and T30 sound best to me. T50v1, not so least for the one I heard. The build quality of all three is excellent.
Sorry, no international trades unless I know you
I'm interested in making an even trade of my Grado PS-1000 for your Sennheiser HD-800. These PS-1000 headphones are in perfect condition with recently factory installed PS-1000 drivers, Invoice, factory cable, and box are included. Your Sennheiser HD-800 must also be in perfect condition or I'm not interested. I have not sold anything on Head-fi but I have shipped over 100 modification kits and measurement kits at actual cost. I am well known in the Orthodynamic Roundup,...
Whoa! I missed the boat on that one.Still looks good. Maybe a transplant project?
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