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 It's difficult to get glue to stick to the stock rubber headband, for sure! I installed an HD-600 headband cushion on a set. The best I've been able to achieve is by using high viscosity super glue plus super glue accelerant. Other brands probably work just as well. You just have to accurate when joining them And fast because the bond is Instant...so, no easy adjustment if you get off center. Good luck.
  Hey maul, Great to see some new mods! Thanks for sharing. Your mod configuration and hypotheses are very interesting. A question: Define "vents are open" and "the bass ports are currently closed."Are you referring to the single, small round hole at about 1 o'clock on the ear side as the vent?Are the 4 bottom vents in the cups with stock felt over them on the inside as the bass ports?...Or....? When you get your measurement kit you can make some objective measurement...
I have all the current Shure IEMs. 846 is significantly better than the rest, including 535, in the bass and treble freqs.
Thanks for this post!   I own HD-600 and like it more than HD-650. This bundle is basically buy the HD-600 and get the other 2 headphones for free + free shipping with Amazon Prime. Amazon was out of stock, earlier, but back in stock now. I just ordered. I'm planning on trying them for gaming by adding an Antlion ModMic 4.0 uni-directional mic.  
Re-cable them, dual entry...can be balanced or unbalanced...and make the cables detachable. Search this thread, and others, for "How to." There are guys that offer this service who post in this thread and the the Wow T50RP thread. PETEREK (formerly cCasper TFG) does beautiful re-cabling and custom painting.
The only way to know for certain whether or not the diaphragm is warped is to separate the two halves of the driver frame in order to lift out the diaphragm. It's tricky and not without risk. I linked a video in Post 1 of this thread showing how to do it. This should be considered the last resort for a problem you can't live with. Good luck which ever way you go!
Measurement Kits   For anyone interested in measuring their headphone FR, distortion, CSD, etc, I have available 3 measurement kits I built, tested, and never used. They are the "Frans (solderdude) Improved Phantom Power Supply" (Dual Stereo version but works in Mono mode) installed inside Altoid tins. They are described at the top of Post 1 in this thread. I'll include a genuine "unobtainium" Panasonic WM-61A microphone with Etymotic IEM triflange tip and soldered 3.5...
This is a PITA, for sure. Let me know.
iAmBMF   Sennheiser HD-800   I've bought several items on massdrop including Shure 846 and AKG K7xx. Great products, Great sound quality, and Great service.
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