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OPPO recommends waiting at least 30 seconds between On-Off cycles to avoid damage to the circuitry. You can buy a switching box for comparing up to 4 headphones with one amp/dac. You just have to determine the SPL settings on the volume pot for each headphone for equal sound level matching. Alternatively, you can hook up the switch box in reverse to compare up to 4 amps/dacs with one set of headphones.
 That headband cushion looks comfortable!  Are those MrSpeakers' Alpha Dog pads? They're very comfortable, too. Together, they make all the difference.
Yes to your first question. Go to the DIYAH link for details about the components.Not necessarily to your second question. For me, no. You'll have to try them and decide for yourself. Cheers
 Thanks, MasterMech7777. Best Wishes for a successful and pleasing mod.
 Thanks for the feedback and  "+ rep" with Thumbs Up on Post #1. Much appreciated. I hope you find something useful for your mods. I always say, "Take anyone's modification config and make it your own" by adding, substituting, and/or removing various components. I have a Garage 1217 built "filter box" designed by 'solderdude' aka Frans (what a Great guy...thanks for all the help, Frans!) at diyah. I also have an extra PCB board if you want to build your own. It changes the...
That's great to hear! Congratulations on your successful mod. Your persistence and creative application of common materials at hand has paid off. If the sound is good, measurements don't matter.I'm glad the modified bass port helped, too. By adjusting the width as little as 1 mm wider or narrower tunes the bass for your specific damping scheme.Cheers
 The 4 rubber-capped posts make contact with the 4 corners of the driver. Closing the baffle to cup with the 4 baffle screws slightly compresses the rubber shock absorbers. This provides at least two benefits:Decouples the baffles from the cups  Provides positive pressure on the tightened-down baffle screws Good luck!
 I tried opening the top faux "vents" a couple of years ago using a Dremel. I thought doing so might make T50RP sound more open. This did not work for me, though. The drivers were out of control. The bass quantity significantly increased but bass quality suffered, becoming slow and boomy. The mids took a big hit and sounded muffled and too recessed due to bass bloat. The treble freqs ran for cover from the Wooly Bass Monster.  For me, opening the top vents created a...
:-)I agree.
LOL! I didn't think so, but ya never know. The Blue or Red dot goes at the bottom of the baffle:  Orientation does matter if you want to maintain patency of  the baffle port. The baffle port at the top of the driver must align with the top of the baffle, where the baffle port is located.
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