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LOL! Thanks.100,019100,236100,541
1) 10,019 2) 10,236 3) 10,541
I asked the same thing a couple of years ago. They're just different kinds of felt guys found, liked, posted about, and shared.Go to the art store and fabric store, buy a bunch of different kinds, and post all about ferrytrainhp1 felt.There are many different materials and configs that work well besides felt.
I haven't yet heard IE800. I'm considering buying it to compare with SE846 which is excellent, IMO.    I sent the following to a couple of friends...FWIW:   I bought Shure SE-846 from massdrop for $780. I've been listening to them for two weeks. I can say without equivocation that this is my favorite Go To set of earphones. They beat out everything else I've heard or own, including vintage orthos. Comfort is great. Noise isolation is very good. Bass is rich, detailed,...
 PM with your address and I'll send you whatever you need. Best Regards, Keith
I've used that several times and works as a last resort. Once I determined continuity, I dabbed on some super glue and sprayed it with accelerator. Still working.
How's your thumb?
I'm sorry you injured yourself! I hope you heal quickly. This hobby can be dangerous.
Yes, I look forward to testing and measuring ZGLISZCZ's new wave guides. As he mentioned, the wave guides I had 3D printed did not turn out as planned.   Very generous of Z* to share his work with we DIY'ers for Cost + Shipping!
 I have both on hand. I like Sansui SS-100 more for their sound and good looks. I need to try the T30 mods mentioned previously, though.
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