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Silverstone probably works about the same as Paxmate Plus. No idea about Claytoon. Just be sure it's not "bake to dry" or it will melt the cups/baffles. Newplast is only available from England. Shipping charges make it expensive but not out of reach. Dynamat "cut to fit" the rear baffle compartments with felt overlaying the aluminum constrained layer is something I've been meaning to try. Add that to Dynamat oval rings on the ear side of the baffle, surrounding the...
I vote in favor of the best components / design and will happily pay for your extra work and sound quality benefits.
Go HERE and post your question. The designer of ARTA, Ivo Mateljan, usually answers such questions. RE: HD-600, I am impressed by their sound quality, especially from a good source and amp.
Some modeling clays melt ABS plastic.Bake to dry clay is known to destroy the plastic cups and baffles.Lock-Tite does the same thing.
It's good to know you haven't lost your mind, you just misspoke. ;-)Croud Funding is a gamble. I signed on for the original i5 for $299.00. That campaign did not succeed but you refunded everyone's money. I signed on for Skyn at a lower price betting on CEntrance to deliver a product that I want for 50% off. That was an easy bet for me based on previous experience with your gear and your team.I always thought of Stretch Goals as optional upgrades for an extra fee, not...
Yes, dB, I agree. HD-600 is impressive.~ BMF
Some measurements HERE.
Sennheiser makes TOTL and Mid-Fi headphones. Having a few on hand, I thought it would be interesting to post some measurements taken during one testing session. Given numerous uncontrolled variables between different testing methods / kits, consider these graphs FWIW / YMMV ---> Compare these graphs Only to one another, not with others' graphs. Understand, as well, that "graphs don't tell the whole story" about how a headphone sounds to You.   HE90 / HEV90 sounds...
 Nice work.  Remove the nut holding the jack. Tweezers may work. I used a set of pliers and twisted the jack from the inside of the cup until its side support tabs broke off, then removed the jack. Use a drill to make the hole the necessary size. On the right cup, use a tiny drill bit to make a pilot hole and then use increasingly larger bits until the necessary diameter is achieved. PM 'cCasper' for advice. He's done a bunch of cup mods.
 I will order a set of each current design from shapeways com for Beta Testing. The cost is ~ $9.00 for 2 of each design plus $5.00 shipping. It will take about 2 weeks to receive / test them. I will post results, here. Of course, anyone else can do the same or download the files and print on your own 3D printer. Thanks "G-Man!"
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