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Many Thanks!
khb, Your pads really do look professionally made...and they you! Thank you for the sewing tips. Tying down the circle at 4 equidistant points is a great idea for managing "the bunch." I received the sewing machine attachment yesterday. Now just have to make the time to give it a try. I've got a dozen modification projects in various stages of development. I need more time! Work keeps getting in the way of my fun. Yes, I want to make suitable replacement pads for...
Wow! All your shots are beautiful works of Art.
 Those pads look fantastic! Did you use a sewing machine or hand stitching? I bought an attachment for my wife's sewing machine that sews perfect circles. Not yet received but I will give it a go.
^ hard to say. They appear to be angled. I don't know if they have been compressed. The OD is 72 mm. The inside diameter is 34 mm, not 44 mm. The thin side thickness is about 5 mm and the rear thick side about 10 mm. No reply from Wang but he has some 72 x 36 mm that may work.
Cheers, Rob.   Keith
O.K., head down, flack jacket on, periscope up...Ready!   LOL
Step One:   FWIW, here's what I did based on koiloco's idea.    Initially, I installed the mini xlr and TRS jacks on the face plate of the Emotiva a-100.    I heard a hum from my Mini a-100 that sounds like a ground loop or 60 cycles per second hum so I added resistors following robrob's schematic a couple of weeks later and the hum disappeared (see Step Two, below). The Emotiva Mini a-100 performs very well, for me, and sounds good. For the price, you can't go...
No, not as good as LCD2 or HD-6. Nevertheless, good bass that's better with than without the stock damping material, IME. To each, his own.
I made a mistake when measuring the YH-1000 pads. The outside diameter of the baffle is precisely 72 mm. The diameter of the ear side driver opening is 44 mm. The diameter of the pad opening is ~ 34 mm. It's difficult to make a precise measurement due to stretching. Wang's pads measuring 72 x 36 mm may fit.     YH-1000 baffle/cup diameter:       YH-1000 pad has de-laminated:       YH-1000 Differential Damping Scheme:  
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