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 Simple Mod: 1. Change the pads: Try Shure 840, FA-003, etc. Pads make a world of difference. You can also modify the pads in various ways. 2. Make a 3 mm temporary external Bass Port: Use masking tape or electrical tape over the cup vents. Use an X-Acto knife to cut the 3 mm (width) hole over the center of one of the 4 vent slots. The tape closes off the rest of the vents. Make sure All the external vents' area is completely sealed right up to the sides and corners. A...
 I'm happy to help a fellow "DIY Modder." Good luck with your restoration. Please post your final damping scheme.
 I should add that Dan "The Man" Clark sent me a bunch of un-needed baffles and cups a few months ago, free of charge.What I will send you are parts he sent to me...sharing the love... from mrspeakers. ~ BMF
:-) Your pleasure is mine. BMF
I will send you spare stock baffles. PM your address and it is Done.
Thanks for the help! If anyone knows the procedure for biasing the tubes, please post. Does anyone have a PDF of the service manual? ... not the informational brochure found on Sennheiser's support page.
Which screw?What tubes did you try and which ones did you settle on?Thanks!
I'm looking for service manuals for HE90 and HEV90. I'm particularly interested in learning how to remove the tube cages. Any help much appreciated. BMF
YH-1000: the sets I've heard are sort of like improved YH-100 --- mid-centric and very nice sounding mids, relaxed bass, and polite treble. The YH-100's I've modified sounded much like YH-1000. Granted, there are a lot of uncontrolled variables at play: aging effects, de-laminated pads, YH-100 modification schemes, confirmatory bias, etc.
Looked like the pads on mine were after market but they were attached behind the baffles.
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