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I posted T50RP and LCD2 stator dimensions over on FIMM.
Here are dimensions for "Wave Guides" for T50RP and LCD2 v1.   T50/40/20RP Magnet Layout as shown:   Ear Side   Ear Side under Flash shows copper tracings   T50RP Magnet and Radical Russian Roulette Modified Frame     LCD2 v1 Rear Side Six, 5  mm x 44 mm Magnets under Stators. Add 5 mm to Left and Right verticals for Frames.     LCD2 v1 Ear Side has Thin Felt overlaying Thick Felt Damping Six, 5 mm x 44 mm Magnets under Stators. Add 5 mm to Left...
Does the foam feel any different compared to 840 pads?  The perforations look pretty large. Based on a series of experiments to ventilate the 840 pads, bass rolls off pretty steeply from 200 Hz with just 6, 6mm cuts in the outside of the pad walls. I wonder what you and others who've tried Alcantara pads on modified T50RPs think about the bass? Did you have to compensate elsewhere to bring the bass up? Has anyone tried bluecell replacement pads? They're likely from China....
Was this in the stock cups or your wooden cups/baffles? I'm guessing your wooden ones since the stock T50/40/20RP headphones have an N or inverted U FR. Removing the white paper on the back of the drivers was always a disaster for me. I ended up having to try dozens of materials in dozens of configurations just to get close to the modified sound that came much easier with the white damping material intact. An alternative approach, though not so readily reversible, is to...
 I wonder why your mids went AWOL? I've always found that a successful damping scheme results in reclaiming/taming bass frequencies and revealing masked treble frequencies. The mids pretty much take care of themselves. Granted, the damping configuration may push mids back or bring them forward.
Thanks for the tip.
Very happy to hear this! Good for you.
Thanks, Peter. I need to order some different velours to try out.
I did some tests, today, using T20RP mkII and venting variations with Shure pleather 840 pads. Measurements suggest that inner wall pad enlargement has less of an effect than external pad wall venting.   I suspect that velour pads may offer the venting "sweet spot" without having to resort to cutting holes in the outer pad walls. Does anyone have any experience with velours on T50RP?
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