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Last I saw were $1.50 each at fullcompass. How many do you need?
It seems that it may take a few weeks for Bake to Dry "clay" to melt and crumble ABS plastic.   Post 7847 for results of using the wrong "clay."   Post 7869 (at the bottom) for the the culprit.     Note, the same thing happens if you use Lock-Tite to help the tiny 2 mm screws grab hold of stripped cup threads. Stripped cup threads can be repaired, melted cups and baffles are ready for the recyle bin.
 Nice! Turning is fun.
There are posts in the other thread about melted cups and baffles caused by Bake to Dry clay. I never tried it and have no knowledge about Bake Shop Clay. As far as I know, Newplast is not available in USA. I previously bought 15 bars from a supplier in England - sorry, none left after sharing with head-fi guys and gals. Newplast works great and it's relatively easy to remove. It won't dry out and does not melt plastic. From Wikipedia: Polymer clays contain a basis of...
Only Fostex knows for sure, But....  I think there's no difference. Parts are interchangeable across all 3 sets. They look identical under close inspection, including the diaphragms and magnets...I've taken them apart many times and looked at them under magnificaiton. There is definitely manufacturing variance Within and Between models:> rear damping porosity> rear damping glue --> some are not fully glued down on corners;  glue partially seals / blocks a grid space> rear...
I'd say potentially but will require testing, listening, and measuring Before and After installation. I suspect that for them to work on T50RP and siblings the rear damping paper will have to be removed and re-configured.
They're identical.
 I tried Dynamat in the rear baffle compartments, yesterday, and failed. The pieces are so small and separated by the baffle partitions. I doubt individual pieces do anything, unlike a larger single sheet around the ear side of the baffle. It's much more difficult to cut, handle, install, and remove than Newplast. Good Luck and let us know how it goes.
Impressive design, MG. Really looking forward to seeing and hearing the finalized device. Maybe offer a variety of skin designs for Skyn. Customized skins for the creative individualist would be slick. Promoting Skyn with a contest for the best skin design would be fun. Choose the best 3 and let the crowd vote? Link the contest to social media for wider bandwidth.
Chapter 30: Incrementally Mass Loading the Baffles with Dynamat Xtreme, Paxmate Plus, and Tungsten Putty A few mods and measurements suggest distortion may be reduced by mass loading the baffles. I couldn't find my stash of Newplast so I used homemade Tungsten Putty. Note that there were no tuning mods, just Shure 840 pads, SenEnCreaTive Wave Guides, and various methods of mass loading the ear side and rear side of the baffles. Add your favorite tuning modifications for...
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