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I received an email message from the seller that said the devices are on back order. I cancelled the order and requested an email notification when they are in stock.
Depending on the density of the foam inside the pads, with all those holes I predict attenuated bass. It will be interesting to hear impressions from you and others who try them.
Oh, I missed that. I'm not familiar with that material. Have you tried it?I have not had a rattle with naked drivers. I think I'd try a vacuum, first. And look for anything that might be partially attached.PM your address and I'll send you some Creatology felts to try.
yes, see nick n's "makeup pad memory foam mod" near the bottom of Post #1 of FIMM :)
^  Maybe my modification of a Mylar NAD RP-18 will help with your Kapton version.     NAD RP-18 Mylar Version: Repairs and Modification June-August 2013   Replaced cables below Y-splitter, re-soldered connections, and added new heat shrink. STAX Micron Glass Wool over back of drivers = 45mm disks. Treble Reflecting Ring with 35 mm opening over STAX Micron Glass Wool (from eBay Germany). 55 mm soft felt disk over inside of grill and new speaker grill cloth. 5 mm...
One of several magnet calculators on-line. Repelling Force Calculator Neo Magnet Information Not OPPO but still interesting: Fostex T50RP magnetic flux  and Another Types of headphones Neodymium Magnets Magnetic Fields
Did your friend say how they are inferior?  When I receive mine, I will post my opinion compared to my HS2. May be a while, though, because the shipping time may be 2 or 3 weeks.
The Fiio HS2 is no longer available for reasonable prices. Online prices range from $50 to $150!   Here's a possible alternative...   Go to:   dx com   Copy and Paste into the web site search window:  LINE5 A985 3.5mm Headphone Output Switcher   This is very similar to FiiO HS2 and has 4 IN and 4 OUT jacks. I bought 4 for $22 each with free shipping. Buy 1 for $25 and free shipping. Buy 3 or more for $22 with discount code:  BULKRATE   Line5 A985 comes...
Any pictures?
Thanks for more great tips!
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