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Google waybackmachine. Type cavallaudio.com into search window. Try various dates between 2007 and Feb 2016. Most of the information is there but I cannot find a saved page for PSU schematic and a few others. Better than nothing.
 I second that. I have a kit from glassjar/Jeff ready to go. I can determine most of the caps but not the resistors. I've searched this thread and with Google but no joy. If anyone has the v2.0 BOMs for the amp boards and PSU board, parts designations, and schematics, I will be grateful and in your debt. ~ BMF
 Get amb.org epsilon 12. Otherwise, don't turn on the amp with headphones plugged in and don't turn off with headphones plugged in or you risk zapping 30k mV into your headphones. I fried a set of Koss PortaPro when I forgot to unplug them before powering on. The epsilon 12 will protect your headphones in the event of a surge or power failure. I'm interested how you laid out your star ground.
 Looks real good, FA. Here's what I did based on guidance from experienced builders: For the hum, you could try shielded cables from RCAs to the pot and tie the shield to the RCA ground terminals, not at the pot. Maybe moving the pot to the TRS jack position and moving the TRS jack to the pot position would help by shortening the distance from RCAs to the pot. I had spaghetti wires all over the place so I cleaned up the mess with the shortest wiring configuration possible...
 Guys, I've read the entire thread. I have my EHHA Rev A up and running on a rectangle of plywood. I FUBAR'd one channel by boogering the power supply trying to remove/replace a faulty LED. Ordered another 1/2 kit from Jeff and built it in lightning speed compared to the snail's pace the first go round. I had horrible snap, crackle, and pops from the new build. I finally narrowed it down to the V+ side of the amp MOSFET. Whenever I applied any kind of force on the amp heat...
Yes, I once bought 10 bars to make it economical considering the high cost of shipping. Cool find on the dark matter. PM me if you want to try Newplast.
Closing the cup vents won't increase the bass. It will tighten the bass.
 Get the Newplast from Lewis because it does not dry out. Newclay dries out and you don't want it crumbling away inside the cups. Also, stay away from Bake to Dry clay because it will melt your ABS cups and baffles.
 Newplast from England or make your own DIY Tungsten putty...both better than Blue Tac. http://qualia.webs.com/newdampingfactors.htm visco elastics and soft foams     material frequency damping factor       blutack (white) 15 0.166 closed pore foam   0.151 expanded polyethylene   0.167 foam for glass bricks   0.288 foam board (paper) 94 0.030 polyurethane foam 120 0.054 polyurethane foam block 141 0.109 above,...
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