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I've been thinking about trying this for quite awhile. I'm interested in environmental soundscapes and concerts. I've considered Tascam digital recorders and found a site that sells the mics for around $100 to $200. I will DIY some mics before buying any, though.What recorder and mics do you use?Thanks!
Kind of you to say so, Matt.It's been nothing but a holiday.K
 I'm late to the party but look forward to reading all 100 pages in this thread. Truly amazing work and such generosity to share with everyone!   Perhaps this has already been discussed, but I wonder if anyone has found sources for the materials needed to make the 'phones and a good CNC service. Many thanks to Wachara C and all who have posted tips and techniques, BMF 
I haven't heard the SR-009 but I hear the other two much as you describe.
Seems someone already has started trying that mod...You! Interesting. Are you thinking Hemholtz?Thanks!
 LOL! I thought exactly the same thing. 
 Thanks for the link. Increasing the diameter of your bass ports, or adding a second one, may increase the bass. Determining the optimum size bass port most compatible with the rest of your damping scheme is key.
 Nice! I like the connectors, too. From where did you source them? Edit: Clever bass ports. Are those ~ 5 mm diameter?
You misread my post.30 Seconds, not 30 Hours. :-)
OPPO recommends waiting at least 30 seconds between On-Off cycles to avoid damage to the circuitry. You can buy a switching box for comparing up to 4 headphones with one amp/dac. You just have to determine the SPL settings on the volume pot for each headphone for equal sound level matching. Alternatively, you can hook up the switch box in reverse to compare up to 4 amps/dacs with one set of headphones.
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