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Crossfeed, anyone? See Chapter 33 in Post #1 of this thread.   ~ BMF
Look in Post 1 of this thread under the section about making a measurement kit. The Japanese ebay seller with authentic mics is listed there.
I tried those PUI mics when Panasonic discontinued the WM61-A. They measure very differently. Not a problem once you determine the offsets or compensation / corrections And measure relative to your own measurements only.Check the ebay seller I recommended in FIMM. They're authentic and cheap. If he's out, PM me and I'll send you a couple.
 Where / When do I sign up?
 FYI/FWIW, I built a mic Without solder and mounted the "solderless" phantom power supply. I tested it and the kit works as well as the soldered version. Additional pictures at the link, above. ~BMF PS: I will give this "Solderless Measurement Kit" to a "starving student" who really wants to get into measurements...actual unemployed entries, only, please. If more than one person responds, I'll number each as they come in and run a random number generator to select the...
No Soldering Phantom Power Supply and Mics     See Post 1, Chapter 3   It works.
Good question. Up for grabs and testing. See post 1648, page 110 in this thread.
 Grzegorz, You're an artist And a scientist! Care to rank them for predicted sound quality improvement? If no, what are your hypotheses about the effects of the various designs?
 Annotated pictures of solderdude's Dual Phantom Power Supply are now available in Post 1 of this thread. Go to Table of Contents: "DIY Measurement Kit."
Best to build them separately in case the mic fails. Phantom Power Supply can be built Mono or Stereo.  See Post 1 for the schematic by 'solderdude' and phantom photo built in Mono. I will soon upload the Stereo version.
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