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...well, the hype train just keeps on rolling on the indiegogo Sharkk Bravo Comments page. I'm going to try to modify them to see if I can damp down its loose and wooly bass. If this can be accomplished, it may reveal a bit more treble and help to de-bloat the mids. The kicker is that I do not see any external venting that I can damp so it will require internal damping experiments. No way to know if it will help without trying.
Bryan, Look at the elevation of the CSDs in the bass register and the FR Magnitude graphs. Sharkk Bravo's bass response is much more emphasized and the treble rolls off much more than Senn HD650. The result on sound comparisons is that Sharkk Bravo delivers a muddy frequency response and no treble details. The midrange is horribly bloated making the sound quality is muffled, veiled, and blah....to my ears/experience...Others may like it. I definitely do not.
Yes, 1000 Pardons. I did not notice the inappropriate category when I posted this thread.  @ Mods, is it possible for you to move this thread to the full size headphone impressions category?  If not, I can delete it and post the correct category.
FYI/FWIW   I added measurements to Post 1 in this thread.
 Hi Dan, Wonderful!  Many Thanks, ~BMF
Circumaural cups and pads fit around your ears. Inside = 4cm x 6cm Outside = 6cm x 9cm
I just received my Sharkk Bravo headphones from Indiegogo, today, and searched the forums for an impressions thread. I didn't find any and decided to start one.    These closed-back headphones are a hybrid of electrostatic and dynamic drivers with the electrostatic energizers built-in to the cups. They are advertised as "High Definition" and "10x Better Sound Quality." The marketing documents also describe them as, "The most affordable Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones®...
Same, here.
OK. I'm glad you were able to retrieve the copy/paste files before I deleted them. I did not try the Cavalli files to see if they would open. I saw them listed on Alex's website and assumed they were active...and then deleted my post. Let me know if you need anything else.
I deleted my post because Cavalliaudio dot com > Projects > Bijou has detailed build information.
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