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Which screw?What tubes did you try and which ones did you settle on?Thanks!
I'm looking for service manuals for HE90 and HEV90. I'm particularly interested in learning how to remove the tube cages. Any help much appreciated. BMF
YH-1000: the sets I've heard are sort of like improved YH-100 --- mid-centric and very nice sounding mids, relaxed bass, and polite treble. The YH-100's I've modified sounded much like YH-1000. Granted, there are a lot of uncontrolled variables at play: aging effects, de-laminated pads, YH-100 modification schemes, confirmatory bias, etc.
Looked like the pads on mine were after market but they were attached behind the baffles.
Amfiton TDS-7 Disassembly            
 Thank you.  Please update once they are released for sale.
Interesting. What are your impressions and comparison to HD-650? Do you have the specs? Do you have pictures of the diaphragm? Thanks for sharing this.
First off: I don't know if I could reliably tell one from the other, if blinded. Sighted comparisons...Beware of Loosey Audiophile Terms: Ember has plenty of power for orthos and lots of spare headroom. It edges out the a-100 on clarity or definition, for lack of a better term. Very smooth with no grain. I like it better than a-100 with both types of headphones. I think Ember digs deeper with better bass extension, quality, texture, and speed. Ember sounds better than...
Someone a few pages back asked how Emotiva a-100 mini-X pairs with HD-800.   All four of these TOTL 'phones sound great with Emotiva a-100 mini-X amplifier modified with robrob's resistor design....Thanks, Rob!   The OPPO HA-1 served DAC duty.   Garage 1217's (Jeremy and Frans) "Ember" Hybrid Amp on top is also very good and has no trouble driving them, including HiFi Man HE-6 to ~ 90 to 95 dB.   BMF     The first two are on long term loan from a good...
I agree. T10 and T30 sound best to me. T50v1, not so least for the one I heard. The build quality of all three is excellent.
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