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Yes, I once bought 10 bars to make it economical considering the high cost of shipping. Cool find on the dark matter. PM me if you want to try Newplast.
Closing the cup vents won't increase the bass. It will tighten the bass.
 Get the Newplast from Lewis because it does not dry out. Newclay dries out and you don't want it crumbling away inside the cups. Also, stay away from Bake to Dry clay because it will melt your ABS cups and baffles.
 Newplast from England or make your own DIY Tungsten putty...both better than Blue Tac. http://qualia.webs.com/newdampingfactors.htm visco elastics and soft foams     material frequency damping factor       blutack (white) 15 0.166 closed pore foam   0.151 expanded polyethylene   0.167 foam for glass bricks   0.288 foam board (paper) 94 0.030 polyurethane foam 120 0.054 polyurethane foam block 141 0.109 above,...
Never seen it in these forums. What is it? You'll be the first to report its effects.
Yes, lots of people. Go to this MASSIVE link and use the search function. Ludo Magnocavallo aka ludo on headfi wrote a very useful search engine for searching the "Ortho Megathreads" on head-fi. Seems it is not up and running at the moment.
 Nice work, maul. I've added acoustic foam, felt, cotton, Dynamat, and other materials to the ear side of the baffles for a long time and believe my ears and measurements that doing so can help SQ. OTOH, I've never seen or heard any differences with or without the UltraSuperThin almost non-existent dust covers.
 As you likely know, your measurements are only comparable to your other measurements, not to anyone else's. There are countless uncontrolled (and unknown!) variables when trying to compare one guy's measurements with another guys's measurements. People without measurement experience often make this mistake and jump to the wrong, unfounded conclusion. Without measuring your particular set of headphones in their stock form, it's hard to interpret the meaning of your graphs'...
   Yes, set your graphs at 5 dB increments. If you set them at 10, or 20 dB (!!), there's too much smoothing going on and your graphs will fool you into thinking you're flat when you're actually all over the place.
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