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 Nice work, maul. I've added acoustic foam, felt, cotton, Dynamat, and other materials to the ear side of the baffles for a long time and believe my ears and measurements that doing so can help SQ. OTOH, I've never seen or heard any differences with or without the UltraSuperThin almost non-existent dust covers.
 As you likely know, your measurements are only comparable to your other measurements, not to anyone else's. There are countless uncontrolled (and unknown!) variables when trying to compare one guy's measurements with another guys's measurements. People without measurement experience often make this mistake and jump to the wrong, unfounded conclusion. Without measuring your particular set of headphones in their stock form, it's hard to interpret the meaning of your graphs'...
   Yes, set your graphs at 5 dB increments. If you set them at 10, or 20 dB (!!), there's too much smoothing going on and your graphs will fool you into thinking you're flat when you're actually all over the place.
 maul, Thanks for posting your Mods and Measurements. Great work! I hope others will do the same. BMF
 Hi maul, It's been quite a while and memory fades. A starting point is in Post #1 of this FIMM thread @Pad Rolling. I'm happy to hear you're dialing in your mod configuration. Cheers, BMF
 Amazon has a similar bundle with HD-650 instead of HD-600.Amazon also has HD-650 with a $200 gift card making HD-650 $300.00. These are still available at the moment. http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-HD-650-Professional-Headphone/dp/B00018MSNI/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1451568658&sr=1-1&keywords=hd650
Grounding is not required for it to work, even in a plastic case.REW and ARTA measure in mono. No need to build dual.For definitive answers, ask Frans on diyaudio heaven.
 If the solder pads have broken off the diaphragm, a repair is beyond my skill set. If the solder pads are still attached to the diaphragm and the only problem is that the wires have broken from the solder pads, I may be able to make a repair for you. If you wish, PM me with photos of both diaphragms/solder pads. You can find a suitable digital scale on Amazon for around $25.00.  I use this one.with the calibration weight.
 It's possible there is inherent Left - Right driver SPL variance in your particular set of T50RP which is not uncommon.  If so, you'll have to tweak each side's damping scheme so they produce the same SPL levels. Related, it's important to accurately weigh and measure the dimensions of each component of your damping configuration. I use a digital scale down to 0.01 grams and digital calipers.  Seemingly small differences in weight of cotton or fiberglass etc, and...
Sennheiser HD-650 +$200 gift card at Amazon for $499.00 bundle deal.
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