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Good luck. Have fun with it and let us know how it goes.
Oh, I would not dream of taking them apart! I just want to test the tubes.The photos were taken with an inexpensive telephoto lens attachment for iPhone.
For Grins:   HE90 driver is fully open = ~ 70 x 110 mm   Hexagonal grille openings are ~ 2.5 mm (inside diameter)   Driver diaphragm grids are mini hexagons ~ 0.83 mm ... 7 per grille hexagon, viewed from the grille under magnification.   Each mini driver diaphragm grid contains 7 "sub-mini" hexagons ~ 0.25 mm.   Each "point" is a tiny wire loop ~ 0.021 mm that forms a "window screen" layout.     HE90 with many 2.5 mm grille hexagons   One, 2.5 mm grille...
1. Tennessee   2. HE-6, PM-1, LCD-2 v1, HE90 and HEV90, HD-800, PS-1000, HD-600, AKG-Q701, Sansui SS-100, modified T50RP, Vixen V3, YH-1000, Amfiton H25C retrofitted with current diaphragms and neodymium 42 magnets, Darth Beyers, RS-1, HiFi M8, HA-1, GS-X MkII, modified Emotiva Mini a-100, Project Ember   3 . Extensive including DIY frequency response measures of each headphone for my archives   4.  Agreed. 
 Purk,   You're the Best!  Thanks so much for the help. I want to test the stock tubes with a calibrated - vintage tube tester.Are you running the original tubes or did you switch them out?  I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has rolled some tubes and would love some suggestions. I've got many NOS 9-pin tubes, none of the larger ones. Happy 4th to all!
 Simple Mod: 1. Change the pads: Try Shure 840, FA-003, etc. Pads make a world of difference. You can also modify the pads in various ways. 2. Make a 3 mm temporary external Bass Port: Use masking tape or electrical tape over the cup vents. Use an X-Acto knife to cut the 3 mm (width) hole over the center of one of the 4 vent slots. The tape closes off the rest of the vents. Make sure All the external vents' area is completely sealed right up to the sides and corners. A...
 I'm happy to help a fellow "DIY Modder." Good luck with your restoration. Please post your final damping scheme.
 I should add that Dan "The Man" Clark sent me a bunch of un-needed baffles and cups a few months ago, free of charge.What I will send you are parts he sent to me...sharing the love... from mrspeakers. ~ BMF
:-) Your pleasure is mine. BMF
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