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 I don't remember at the moment. Are HM5 pads the same as FA-003 pads?    I have FA-003 pleathers but not velours. micmacmo posted his FA-003 "Inner Tube" pad mod in FIMM, I believe. Or in Wow...T50RP mod thread. Very slick.
  Props to 'oldidi' on the German site and to you for sharing this information.  After my Trials and Measurements, I agree with you. The Bass Port Mod is also Variable. The effect is "tunable" by varying the size of the bass port.  The Stock Bass Ports covered by the adhesive disks is ~ 2.5 mm in diameter (at the "tube," not at the flare at the top. Punching a 1.8 mm hole in the Stock Adhesive Disk and re-applying it over the Bass Port brings the bass to a level that...
 Excellent tip, Peter123! Thanks. I'm ordering some HM5 velour pads.
The Reversible Bass Mod elevates the bass and slightly attenuates the upper mids and treble frequencies as described by many others in this thread. The sound quality changes are audible and an improvement, IMO.   I'm going to try felt and other materials to partially open/block the bass ports and some ear side of baffle mods, too.   My simple DIY measurement kit is shown and my methods described HERE.   Here are my graphs. Take them...
 Same, here.
...Abra Cadabra...Done!
 Good Stuff!
I've been thinking about trying this for quite awhile. I'm interested in environmental soundscapes and concerts. I've considered Tascam digital recorders and found a site that sells the mics for around $100 to $200. I will DIY some mics before buying any, though.What recorder and mics do you use?Thanks!
Kind of you to say so, Matt.It's been nothing but a holiday.K
 I'm late to the party but look forward to reading all 100 pages in this thread. Truly amazing work and such generosity to share with everyone!   Perhaps this has already been discussed, but I wonder if anyone has found sources for the materials needed to make the 'phones and a good CNC service. Many thanks to Wachara C and all who have posted tips and techniques, BMF 
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