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Exactly. Congrats on a good deal for 2. I have no experience with the Foster Fones you plan on using. I can, however, measure the drivers if this would help you
That's a good price for working, good condition sets. 
I have not heard a 5M so I have no opinion.There can be significant differences in sound from two identical headphones. Factor in variable aging, too. How they were stored, etc.I would buy both if in good condition for a resaonable price.Listen to both and buy the set that sounds best and is in the best condition.Good Luck
Amfiton TDS-5M sounds very nice once modified. It's a reverse engineered Yamaha HP-1, IIRC. I've not heard the TDS-5. I've read reviews that TDS-5M is better than TDS-5. TDS-7, TDS-15, TDS-16 Smela version and TDS-16 Kiev version also sound good to me. TDS-7 has bodacious clamping pressure. TDS-15 is my favorite for appearance with a Steam Punk look. I modified only TDS-15 and did a transplant of TDS-15 into Takstar foster fone...the link is in my profile, if interested.
Hot treble And bass bloat? I'm trying to wrap my head around how felt would cause both problems. How thick and dense is the felt; and how much of the rear driver is covered? Have you solved this riddle?
Sorry, I missed that you'd already seen the edits. Yes, there are a few ideas within the edits. Keeping a modification log with pictures and an "Ideas" summary is priceless. Like nick n, I keep detailed records of everything I do (with pix) that has been useful many times.
jgray,I edited that post with more information. The Paxmate disk over the center of the cup\pivot dish + the stock yellow open cell foam created too much pressure directly against the back of the drivers. This squashed the bass and made them too lean in the mids and too bright in the treble.The current stack is thinner with less compression. The Paxmate Ring sits even with the raised ring around the pivot dish. The fiberglass is thin and level with the top of the Paxmate....
Yamaha YH-1 Modification   The first picture shows what did Not work.     Pictures 2-4 show what Does work:   The SQ is really nice from top to bottom of the FR. Lots of Fast bass with good extension. Clear, lush mids with No Boomy Bass Bloat (B3). Lots of treble details/shimmer without sibilance.     This Did Not Work:   30 mm Paxmate Disc in Cup Floor Under Stock Open Cell Foam. This created too much damping pressure against the back of the driver that...
Excellent news, WW!Yes, I know who modified your set and he's a Master Modder.I watched from the sidelines in awe of his determination and creativity.Hearing from you is the final piece needed to appreciate his work.Thanks for sharing.Cheers
 A little extra damping helps tighten the bass which brings out more treble details; I would actually like a bit more treble. The mids are very nice. Speed is average after felt damping but this was a "one off" tuning trial. I'll try a few other things when I have time. Yes, there are white "paper" discs between the ear side of the drivers and baffle dust covers. I did not remove them but will try without the next time I open them.
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