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Thank you, Dan The Man!
Dan,   Your generous gift of open sourcing your Alpha Dogs to the head-fi community is HUGE!  You have given everyone the opportunity to build, custom tune, and enjoy a truly wonderful headphone. But wait, there's more! You even made it easier by providing detailed "How To" guides with links to PDFs, STL files at Shapeways for those of us without a 3D printer, and answering numerous follow-up questions. To quote Beck, "WOW!"   Anyone who uses what you've provided (at...
I received a white set of Onkyo ES-FC300 for $25. Remarkable sound quality. Bass is a bit over emphasized but tolerable. Bass lovers may like the bass. Very good mids. Decent treble. Not very comfortable due to small size. Definitely worth up to $50. Yesterday, Amazon had some violet ones for $40 plus $5 shipping. No longer available. DIY Measurements Calibrated and Compensated Dayton Mic in a dummy head, ARTA, Steinberg UR22 interface, Centrance Dacmin...
To be clear, On Head-fi I am bluemonkeyflier. I use bluemonkeyglider for email.   I have known haarvi for 5 years and can vouch for his honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness. He purchased this amp new and instructed Justin to send it to me Before he laid eyes on it! I provided the details about his amp listed in his ad, above. His amp is in perfect working and cosmetic condition, and sounds great.   ~ BMF
Agreed! LOL I tried another couple of mods that did not work. I'm sending them to a friend for dissection and transplantation into another project.
Clever. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.
  Deleted because copy/paste from the other thread did not format correctly.   Awaiting assistance from Moderators...   For Now, go HERE
 Update: I added some pictures of the inside of Sharkk Bravo and some measurements of my first attempt to modify them...see Post #1 of this thread.
Many thanks for the tips and links.  I have a healthy supply of Sorbothane from a very good friend in Canada and a ton of other damping materials from my modification of T50RP and numerous vintage and current production ortho and dynamic 'phones...so, I'll give it a whirl!
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