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3M Transpore tape.
Take a look at garage1217 amps. Great sound at any price and great price:performance. I have Project Sunrise II and Project Ember. Both are terrific. Ember is my preference.
Cat Power - Sweedeedee Reminds me of Cowboy Junkies.
OK. By "extra ground connection," I meant extra as one not shown on Cavalli's wiring diagram. No offense intended. Maybe I should try your scheme to see if it helps my hum issue.
OK. It may not matter, but weird ground eddies may be at play. Cavalli's Alternate Wiring Diagram shows the amp Out ground terminals are not connected. Instead, the amp In star ground terminals are connected to the star ground. It's worth a shot in the dark. BTW, I edited my earlier post to clarify a few comments. Good luck!
Sorry, I didn't mean the Amp Out terminal. I meant the ground terminal from the Amp Out Terminal Block.  Yes, I see the picture. What is the purpose of this extra ground connection? I have the Amp Out ground terminals from both amps to Star Ground.
 I have Epsilon 12 powered off the +30 and -30 rails. It doesn't engage until the amps heat up and stabilize.I'm using the standard wiring diagram, not the alternate one....it made no difference in hum at higher volume pot settings. A ground loop breaker helped a bit. What is the purpose of the star ground connection from the amp output terminal?Do you have the star ground from the amp input terminals connected to the star ground? BTW, I had a problem with two Epsilon 12's...
He's in the NW + he's an Av Ninja + he's a cool guy = hmmm
 Looks great! Congrats. I'd love to see some pics of your transplant. Beyer driver wires a ultra tiny and very fragile.
Your friend is also my friend.     :-)   All I have left are the NPNs, larger caps, and ICs.  All those SMDs, my eyes are crossed. His Build Guide is a life saver.  Just hoping the solder gods smile on me and vanquish cold joints. ~BMF
New Posts  All Forums: