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Looks real good. Please post final pics.
Yes, the tips that came installed were Too Big for my ear canals. I replaced them with the included small memory foam tips that seal perfectly for me. I'm really surprised to hear such great sound quality for this price. Impressive bass punch without bloating, forward mids, and very nice treble extension. These are not U shaped.
Previously posted (thanks!) is the KEF M200 for $69.00 and still available from KEFdirect. I own a lot of headphones and IEMs including Shure SE846 that I love. I picked up these KEFs on a whim and I'm glad I did. The sound quality is very good, especially at such a low price, free shipping, and accepts returns if you don't like 'em. They sound pretty balanced to me with very good details and controlled bass so there's no bass bleed into the mids.
I've built several amps and other DIY projects. In order of easiest to most challenging to build:   Cavalli Bijou amp AMB Epsilon 12 protection module AMB-Cavalli CK2III amp Meier Porta-Corda III Amp/DAC Cavalli EHHA Rev A amp Sjostrom QRV-08 amp and another PCB and BOM on the way   I've also built several Crossfeed modules and numerous headphone measurement kits with mics and phantom power supplies for myself and others. My next build will be Frans' Kameleon II...
 I've replaced diaphragms for several people whose headphones rattled. In each case, the diaphragms were warped making a sort of hump which moves the diaphragm closer to the magnets on one side. I think the rattle is caused by the hump vibrating against the magnets when there is a lot of bass producing greater diaphragm excursion. I don't think adding Newplast or similar material will have any effect but there's only way one to find out. Loosening and retightening the...
Read page 1 in this thread for numerous ideas to try, a description of the typical results from various modifications, and tuning tips. Note: these mods were applied to T50RP mkII, not mkIII. Trial and error testing of these methods with mkIII will be necessary given the changes Fostex made to mkIII: 1 of 9 rear grids has the white paper cut outcontrolled venting of the baffles venting on the ear side of the baffles via side slots where the lip of the pads are...
Looks like you may have a small puncture on the lower left side and the lower middle section. If so, adjacent traces may be shorted. Difficult but not impossible to repair.
I agree about HD-600. A very good headphone. I like HD-650 better because of a bit more bass. Both are excellent. Look for BF deals. I got both with DT-990 last year for around $525 after $200 gift card. I like the a DT-990, too.Check your email for the ARTA Guide.
Darin, How does M560 sound compared to the others, and to other orthos? Glad to see you're beginning to make some diy measurements. I think you will get more consistent measurements as you gain experience with your gear and standardize your technique. Cool! You might want to try ARTA software for comparison. I put together a HOW To guide I can send to you and anyone interested. ~ BMF
I've had nothing but great service and products from Massdrop. If given the opportunity, I will snap up HD-6xx.
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