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I am very happy the winner is a college student!   Congrats and thank you, TTVJ and crew for the opportunity. That was fun.
 Check my head-fi profile for what I call the "Radical Russian Roulette Mod." There are two videos available for streaming or downloading that shows you how to do it.  :-) Be careful using a heat gun on the T50RP (and T40, T20). Too much heat will make them brittle and prone to break. PM me for a replacement diaphragm. Not perfect but will work.  Oh, and it's free of charge + shipping if you're not in CONUS.
PS: Where is everyone?! These are the same guys and girls that crowd-sourced the awesome HiFi M8.   Disclaimer: I have NO connection with Centrance and No financial attachments/conflicts of interest with them.    Support Centrance...They're "The Good Guys."
I signed up for the indiegogo i5 based solely on the reputation and performance of stellar products and top notch customer service from past experience with Michael G. and Centrance...and I don't even own an iPhone 5S.   I'll buy an iPhone 5S for the sole purpose of pairing it with Centrance i5.
Hi Alex, Doing great, thanks. I don't currently have a DBVv3 on hand. We all know audio memory is, I cannot say for sure that the Balsa Wood and All Paxmate mods are better, or not. I can say they're easier to build and require fewer components. Based on memory, they're more similar than different. I think these simple mods compete with more complicated modification configurations but the devil is in the (implementation) details. In other words, the only way...
Yes. PM me.
Apex Sapphire
dBel84, iQEM, and nick n: Thank you  for your informative replies, support, and generally helpful attitudes. @ Bel84: Your screwdriver advice for "how to" open the T30s was sublime, parsimonious, and apropos  ;-) I have measured T10, T20 v0, T20 v1 (or v2...I forget the nomenclature), T30, and T50 v1  in stock form; also T10 modified, YHD-1 transplanted into T10 shells, and T20 v1 modified . I'm happy to post/share any of these if there is any interest in my Humble DIY...
 Hi iQEM, Seems that Brian (?) must have asked you about modifying theT30, too. Excellent! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I will be modifying one set to compare with the other in stock form. I agree that the T30 in stock form sounds dark and a bit veiled, especially compared to T10. I have some T10s that I modified a T20 (first release) to modify, as well. It will be fun to contrast and compare these 3 vintage orthos.
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