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Good for you! Modding does work...sometimes ;-)
I did not remove the screw.Try using micro tweezers or place the tape disk on the tip of a mini flathead screwdriver.
Also Done.
Yes, but not as crazy as a couple of years ago.
Tom,  Thanks. I'll sign up for your newsletter. I would actually welcome more frequent newsletters or a blog about your designs, general technical information, and "how to's." 
My bad. I blame chronic insomnia.   Correction: I'm loving Neurochrome HP-1...sorry, Tom!
 Tom, Please let me know if you do this. I'm loving Neurochrome HA-1! ~ BMF
That's Exotic Bling and looks interesting. I wonder if they perform better than old school valves?
25 hours. I used my DMM to verify every component was the correct value and within spec before soldering. I also tested after soldering for resistance and capacitance where possible and continuity with other connected bits. There are over 700 solder joints, IIRC, so testing took longer than soldering. Hard lessons learned from other builds convinced me it's better to go slow and measure on the front end and fix problems as they occur. I've spent more time trying to track...
Neurochrome HP-1 Headphone Amplifier Build: February 2017 BMF Flyer Pictures, below...   Prelude   I like a lot of different amps. I enjoy building DIY amps and it’s fun “rolling” amps, so to speak…solid state, all tube, and hybrids. So, which one sounds best? Well, for me it depends… on the day, the music genre, the mood, the quality of the recording, and the headphones to mention some of the variables involved in producing “sound quality” and audio...
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