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 I agree. Fostex part prices are sky high. The baffle screws were $1.50 each a couple of years ago.I think a single driver was around $70.Stock pads are $25 each. Good luck.
1. Remove the large Phillips head screw that holds Connector B to the headband slider rails.2. Remove the 4 baffle screws. Do not remove the 3 inner baffle screws that secure the driver to the baffle.3. Separate the baffle from the cup.4. Remove the large Phillips head screw in center of the cup. Here's the Slider Holder that you need. It looks like the outside half is not available, at the moment. Here's the Collar that you may not need. It's held in place by the screw in...
^  Nice!   How do they sound, and compared to others?
Chinsettawong,   I'm looking forward to seeing the finished headphones and hearing your impressions.   Thanks for sharing your processes.   I may have over-looked it...what make/model 3D printer are you using? ...and, what software?
I like HD-800 and SE535. I did not like IE-80 because it sounded too bass boomy. I'd like to compare SE-835 and IE-800.
This is one of the Best threads on head-fi because Mython consistently posts novel and very enjoyable female vocalist vids.    Post on, Mython!   Transparency: I do not know Mython.
Mython,   Thank you. Keep 'em coming! Your contributions to this thread give me so much pleasure and joy.   BMF
 I'm with you. My version of nick n's MemFoam Mod sounds good, to me. I don't hear Boom, sizzzzle, or distortion, FWIW. We all have different "ears and gears," though, so there is no "Right" or "Wrong." You like something, or you don't...'nuff said. My "nickerfized mod" version sounds great out of HA-1 and GS-X mkII amps, with HA-1 DAC and Meitner MA-1 DAC.
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