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Too much for the headphones, alone, without the HEV90.
I've got two sets of T30's in very good condition. If anyone wants one, PM me.
Layla, love the song but will pass on the UIEM/CIEM. Same for Roxanne.    Angie, sing to me, baby!  I'm interested in reading reviews and comparisons between Angie, IE800, and SE846.   I love the sound from SE535. I did not like IE8/7/6 at all because they were too bassy but I do like HD800 and HD600. If IE800 is more like HD800, I'd be interested but would prefer removable cables. I like the adjustable bass feature of Angie and wonder how it compares to SE846 filter...
Fantastic! I've been wondering when this would happen.   Sign me up!
I don't know if this has been posted in this thread, or not. I did a cursory search and didn't find anything. If I missed it, apologies.   Last month, I contacted Audeze and asked about buying Fazors to retro-fit my LCD2 v1. I was told there was not enough interest and they are not available for purchase. A friend skilled in 3D modeling took measurements from my LCD2 v1 that I made with digital calipers and designed "wave guides."   Anyone with pre-Fazor LCD2 v1 (and...
 I found the following information posted by Serge44 at: Amfiton N-21C (TDS H-21-C Portable Isodynamic Headphones)Manufacturer: ON "Schetmash" Chisinau Specifications: Frequency range: 20-20 000 Hz Impedance: 32 ohms Sensitivity: 97 dB Nameplate capacity: 500 mW Dimensions: 220 * 205 * 60 mm Weight without cable: 120 g Technical Data : Brand magnet: M15BA300-2 magnetsDimensions: mm - diameter round 15 * 3 - ring diameter of 38 * 23 * 3 Membrane Film:...
Yes, I'll post pix and graphs from tomorrow. They look similar to SFI orthos...but different. The creator currently sells ribbon tweeters for cars. I got several H-25-C headphones retro-fitted with current production Neo mags and super thin diaphragms, but I suspect you may know this ;-))
Endangered Species List   One of two known ТДС H-21C isodynamic Portable headphones from the '80's in existence acquired from a good friend in Ukraine.    Please excuse the crappy iPhone pix that do not do them the justice they deserve!           They are mid-centric with rolled off treble and bass but both are nicely presented without bloat or sibilance. Some simple mods should make them sparkle.
 Looks like open cell foam under pad cushion on the ear side and Paxmate (?) on the under-surface. Thanks for sharing.
 Thanks for the graphs. Your T50 Closed and Open with StratoPad measurements look Great! The Mayflower graph looks like it's bass heavy and probably bloats the lower mids, possibly masks some treble, too. What do you hear? I don't remember if you described your StratoPads.
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