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Beautiful.How's the sound? Curious how you damped them.
  I'm no expert, either! From my experiments, when the driver is depressurized by more venting, which allows for greater diaphragm excursion, you get more bass.
 Are the vents damped with felt like Yamahas? Thanks for the pix!
I received the East Coast HE-560, yesterday from kunlun...thank you! Currently testing and comparing with LCD2 v1, HE-6, PM-1, and other headphones.   I will post impressions in a few days.   Thanks Team HiFiMan, for the opportunity.   ~ BMF
 Nice work!  Removing the dust cover from around the ear side of the driver may help Dynamat work as designed. It's easy to remove the dust cover if you have a Dremel with a barrel sanding attachment. Covering the ear side of the baffle with felt or Paxmate (over Dynamat, or not) helps reduce ear side reflections.  For more bass, try removing the stiff felt from the inside of the cup vents. If too bassy, you could try covering 1 of 4 cup vent slots with felt or tape......
ZGLISZCZ, By "bounding box size," do you mean the outer dimensions of the wave guide (L x W) at X and Y? I assume "56" 5.6mm from the the base of the box to the top of wave guides? I downloaded the .OBJ file. If you tweak it, I'll download the new file once you post it. What software program do you recommend for opening the .OBJ file? Beautiful work...Thank you! Edit: O.K., now I understand the dimensions are: X:77mm, Y:3.8mm, Z:56mm ...But, you may tweak it...
 Looks great! The bottom space is 1.5 mm and the top space is 1.9 mm between the edge of the slotted openings and the nuts.  Many thanks
Doesn't have to look pretty, just sound pretty.  ;-)  Go for it!
 Yes, trying various mods is the only way to know. I don't think removing the white material from the back of the drivers and/or opening more cup vents will work with STOCK cups...but I could be wrong simply based on my experience. Others may succeed where I failed. Modifying the baffles like the TH500RP may be required for the T50RP drivers to work in an open back design. Making custom cups that are more open than Stock cups, and with different internal volume and shape,...
GREQ, Is the 1 mm thick, 18 mm disk of creatology felt limp or stiffened?
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