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LOL! Who Are the other 3?
Super Cool! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more.
 Pads last a lot longer if you turn the "flaps" inside out before installing. Then, just place the pad on the baffle and begin rolling the flap over the cup, holding it in place as you work your way around. I can install/uninstall the pads many times before they are too stretched to stay on by themselves. At that point, I put them away until I'm ready to finalize a build and then use Aileen's Double Sided Sewing Tape to hold them onto the cups. I got it at Michael's Craft...
MG,   I haven't decided about iPhone 5S or 6. I signed up for CEntrance i5 on Indiegogo but wondering if you will allow switching to i6?   Thanks!   BMF
Interesting. What is Coloplast? Can't wait.   Beautiful, as usual. Exactly!
 No worries. In my experience, the T20RP mkII and T40RP can be made to sound just as good as the T50RP with appropriate, simple modifications. The only visible differences have to do with damping material over the bottom cup vents of T20RP mkII and T40RP with its bottom vents sealed...also, T20RP mkII has no cover over the central screw compartments in the bottom of the cups and T40RP has a cover with a 3 mm hole in the center. Speculation suggests that it is *possible*...
I am very happy the winner is a college student!   Congrats and thank you, TTVJ and crew for the opportunity. That was fun.
 Check my head-fi profile for what I call the "Radical Russian Roulette Mod." There are two videos available for streaming or downloading that shows you how to do it.  :-) Be careful using a heat gun on the T50RP (and T40, T20). Too much heat will make them brittle and prone to break. PM me for a replacement diaphragm. Not perfect but will work.  Oh, and it's free of charge + shipping if you're not in CONUS.
PS: Where is everyone?! These are the same guys and girls that crowd-sourced the awesome HiFi M8.   Disclaimer: I have NO connection with Centrance and No financial attachments/conflicts of interest with them.    Support Centrance...They're "The Good Guys."
I signed up for the indiegogo i5 based solely on the reputation and performance of stellar products and top notch customer service from past experience with Michael G. and Centrance...and I don't even own an iPhone 5S.   I'll buy an iPhone 5S for the sole purpose of pairing it with Centrance i5.
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