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LCD-X insured and on the way to Justin via FedEx # 356288915059153   Justin, Thanks so much for the opportunity to hear these wonderful headphones! They hold their own and compete head to head against other top of the line headphones including: PM-1, HE-6, LCD2 v1 with LCD-3 pads, Abyss, PS-1000, and HD-800 that I had on hand for direct comparisons.   Best,   Keith
Justin, I tried to PM you but it's locked up, somehow. Please PM your return address. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to hear the LCD-X. They're wonderful! Best, Keith
I un-boxed the LCD-X this morning before work. They are beauties and super comfortable. I must order some new pads for my LCD2 v1.   I have not yet had time to listen to them. Hopefully, I will get home early enough to listen for a bit.   I've set aside some "quality time" with them, this weekend. 
I received the LCD-X from Lord Tris, today.     The package is in good shape. I won't open until tonight.   Thanks!
Wondering if anyone is interested in borrowing a measurement kit. I have a spare or two I can send out "on tour." You need a PC or Mac with headphone out and mic in. Free download measurement software = REW. See items 2-5 in Post 1 of this thread for details.   CONUS, for now.     PM if interested.
   I finally found the time to take a whack at my TDS-7. The set I have has been around the block many times from the look of them. Still, pictures may help you guys getting inside. Of interest, the outer headband support structure with metal (nickel?) is conductive to the side opposite the cable entry. Both "wire frames" are slotted in a pivoting mechanism and pop right out if aligned properly.  Looks to me like a transplant could work but would require some re-tooling of...
takato, Word on the street is that the GS-X-II should be ready, soon. I have a couple more TOTL amps in bound and may have the opportunity to compare all 3 with a wide variety of vintage and current production TOTL 'phones - dynamic and orthos. BMF
I agree. As with all vintage headphones, variable aging effects and how they were stored over the past 20 to 30 years likely results in sound quality differences from one set to the next. The set of SS-100 I'm listening to sounds very good. The bass is accurate and fast, just not as pronounced as some other vintage TOTL orthos. Then, there is "the look" and build to consider...  Sansui SS-100 may well be the most beautiful headphone I've ever seen, as well as light...
Balsa Wood Mod with Paxmate and Rock Wool - uploaded with pictures.   Item 23 in Table of Contents
Paxmate Lattice Mod uploaded   Select item #22 in the Table of Contents of Post #1 of this thread.   EDIT: I added some photos, explanations for all photos, details about the build, and rationale for the current experiments treating our headphone "listening room."
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