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 I'm with you. My version of nick n's MemFoam Mod sounds good, to me. I don't hear Boom, sizzzzle, or distortion, FWIW. We all have different "ears and gears," though, so there is no "Right" or "Wrong." You like something, or you don't...'nuff said. My "nickerfized mod" version sounds great out of HA-1 and GS-X mkII amps, with HA-1 DAC and Meitner MA-1 DAC.
Those look Great!
If anyone is interested in my custom wood carved "Double Dragons" Thunderpants by Smeggy, PM me for photos. They Thunder.
 I agree with you, alphaman. Graphs do not necessarily correlate with perceived sound quality. Psychoacoustics is a complicated phenomenon. Many variables come into play: hearing acuity, personal preferences, various forms of bias (positive and negative expectation), placebo, file type, audio gear chain, etc.  Graphs cannot tell us if the headphone will sound good or bad but can provide a peak into the effects of various modifications, if used properly. My graphs (and...
 I tried a 10x10x3 mm square of camera repair open cell foam over the ports. Pivoting the the cups in the vertical plane caused the edge of the foam near the bottom of the driver to "flap" upwards. This essentially opened the port, negating the desired effect of a partially open, "tuned" bass port. I placed double sided tape under the bottom edge of the foam and it stayed put with cup pivoting.
The Q701 Bass Port is actually flared similar to the B&W Nautilus Bass Port. The flare diameter is ~ 2.5 mm and the "tube" is ~ 2 mm. The stock self-adhesive disk covering the Q701 Bass Ports looks impermeable to me and the glue is very strong. I tried to modify the tube effect with thin craft felt, 3mm open cell foam, and punching various hole sizes in double-sided tape vs silicone furniture bumpers. The felt and open cell foam had no effect, functioning pretty much like...
Reads like a horoscope and almost as valid! LOL Gaming? Never. Congratulations! Here are your results. You're a Mystery You're glued to your mobile's games. There's no level you can't master, no cheat code you don't know. You love to explore new things. You're inquisitive and have a really vivid imagination. You really pride yourself on being the first person you know to find out about cool stuff, and when you do make an awesome new discovery no one is going to be...
P.S.   Super Cool web site!   It'll be fun to explore it all.   K
Same, here x 2 or 3...just don't want to Bogart.  ;-)
  Fred, You're a mensch.  I'm interested. Count me in for a set if you decide to proceed. When/If ready, PM your Paypal ID to me and I will send payment + shipping, immediately. Best, Keith
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