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Sorry, typo. I can not get over it's veiled sound. Definitely worth to try. Music instruments sound true to me through 7520. String is string, bass is bass.
I totally agree with your Z-7 impression. I do sometime doubt my hearing since so many people sing praise song for Z-7. But I just CAN NOT get over it's veiled sound. Anyway, 7520 definitely has transparent sound but also deep bass. And the bass is we'll controlled and never leaking. These make 7620 a little rough edge and a little unbalanced in tone. It's not a silk smooth " musical" phones but it has its charm. I am not a grado fan, but I really like this one.
 You can ask @sonicelectronix, I got one for the same price without tax and shipping. Highly recommend!! 
If you use only power amp part, don't bother those pre-amp controllers. Focus on the RCA jumper pots (main in RCA) on back and phone jack. If it doesn't work, then try find cold soldering. Hope you find solution!
 Did you only deoxit phone jack? You have to clean the volume, balance, tremble, bass control pots. Especially volume pot, Nak used low quality part here and it needs consistent clean. My SR-2a requires me to do this consistently. Hope this help.
@SpeakerBox,   Is Aragon high brand for Mondial? I know Acurus was low sibling for Aragon, but not knowing Aragon linked with Krell. Or could you let me know which models were designed by Don D'Agostino (or he was involved)?   BTW, why Pass Labs and Bryston aren't in your list? Another BTW, was Don connected with Bryston too? I couldn't google the results. Thanks!!
 Mr Morden, after a long thought, I couldn't help trying to answer some your questions. But first, I must claim that I am not a Pioneer fan (or I don't care Pioneer sound at all) even though I have Sa-9100, SX-1250, SX-727 and another A-?? (and I had SX-1010, SX-650, SX-1050, SX-D7000, Sa-9500II in past three years). Second, I am not receiver fan also, now I go integrated or separate exclusively. So I am more like you. Since we all here, we all know 70's provided excellent...
 The Title is "...integrated/receiver..." which included integrated amp, you are qualified. "Vintage" usually means before 84ish. But our OP moodryn always welcome people talk all the things like separates and new. So just make yourself home!
 I had Onkyo Tx-2500, sold it. It looks nice with real glass panel.Regarding sound, I will quote from Aker wmgwizardIf my remember correctly, it's a tiny bit dark too, but just no involving, Regarding Yamaha, this Aker also did right to me.Warm in LF, bright in HF. You can check I saw you have lot of phones, why not adventure in vintage Iron and decide yourself like your phone journey?. Low models are...
As always +1!! TOTL or emotion attached pieces are collectable. Middle to low end models (except some gems like Marantz 2030,  1060 etc)are just toys. They aren't worth having recapped.
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